NF- 15.1

Free time in the Common Area [Part 1]

MTL & Editor | Ashes

I am weak to heat it seems. So what do I do? keep far away from it.

I scowled at the flames that danced in the fireplace that was built in the corner of the lounge while thinking such things. The knights whom finished their dinners gathered in the lounge that was attached to the dormitory to enjoy their little leisure time before going to into dreamland.  Nevertheless, they aren’t the main focus of today as they’re normally delving into books, playing card games or telling obviously tall-tales of themselves. That reason would be…

Because I’m here!

Just so you know, I’m not being egotistical. I’m thinking truthfully because everyone has been paying attention to me every moment as if they’re hawks watching their prey. With every move I make, their eyes follow me. Well, I guess if there’s an animal in the room you’d pay some attention to it, more so if you weren’t accustomed to it.

After the meal, the one-eyed knight had planned on taking me back to the room but Tina, Knix, and the other scary Knights protested. I guess they hadn’t had their fill of fluff yet and wanted a little more, which was fine with me. Everyone is dead tired from their duties today, I guess they’re thinking along the lines such as ” Getting heal by watching the fluffy animal.” or something. Their hearts are in the right place.

I nodded to the one-eyed knight my approval, so he put me down and decided to take a bath. He left some parting words about being careful, he left the common area. Because of the ink incident, I’ve found that he’s is worried about leaving me alone. His concern seems to be more about me getting injured rather than things being broken.

There were plenty of knights in the common area, but none were in armor. They all wore casual outfits while relaxing. Un, it seems that their scariness halves when they’re out of armor.

Tina and Knix were in the room along with other familiar faces such as the knights I had seen at lunch and the Aniki who took those pesky snowballs out of my fur. The people on the sofa were ones I’ve only seen while passing by in the corridors and the ones by the fireplace were ones I’d see at breakfast. I thought a fort would have hundreds of people but it appears to be less to the point I probably remember everyone’s faces after a while.

By the way, it seems that the bath here in the fort is a large communal bath connected to the lodgings. I wonder if Tina enters alone after everyone has gone or does she get a special timing? In a modern sense*, it’s natural to take a bath or shower every day, but it seems the knights don’t. I would assume it’s because of the cold. It’s probably okay if they only shower on days they get sweaty, maybe like when they train?

*[TLNote: I honestly hate when they say “Because Japanese or something” Like they’re the only ones who know how to be decent. *Rants*SO I CHANGED IT ]

Even with that, the one-eyed knight drew hot water after training this morning and wiped his body in the room. It seems he views it as troublesome to even the bath every day. After listening to the knights’ conversation, it appears the hot water in the bath is similar to a hot-spring.  However, there seems to a strange smell in there like a “Rotten Egg”. I wasn’t interested in hot springs in my previous life so I really don’t understand if that’s good or bad.


A palm was suddenly thrusted in front of me while I was in my thoughts. It was Knix. If he was wanting me to place my paw in his hand, I can do it; but I refuse.


That arrogant face.

It seems Knix doesn’t understand much about wild animals. If it was trained animal they would certainly do as ordered, but I’m a young fox who isn’t accustomed to human beings without any training. Suddenly coming up to me and saying “Paw” while holding your hand in my face is being unreasonable.

I just ignore him as he scratched his head with his free hand.

” Is it no use..?”

No, it’s unreasonable. I will not do. Refused. Declined. It’s strange.

People around Knix start lecturing him

“If you don’t train an animal, it won’t do as ordered”

” But I thought I could do it!”

Knix refuted while a vein appeared on his forehead.

“Yeah yeah, it seems stupid.”


While my opinion of Knix is certainly improving, his behavior still is intolerable. Like now, as he reached out and tried to grab me, so I fled in a hurry.

“Hey! Don’t run from me!”

“Knix! Haven’t you learned your lesson?! If you try to be so forceful, she’ll only hate you.

Tina’s face expressed her displeasure.

“Really? I’ve never had dogs or anything. I don’t know how to handle one, but I’ve been wanting a dog for a long time…”

His eyes shined as he looked at me. No. I. Am. Not. A. Dog. Ah, I’m troubled by this child. Even if you’ve had such a desire for a long time, it’s a heavy thing for me. For the time being though, Knix seems to have quieted down after hearing Tina’s advice. I was able to relax now and wondered the room at my leisure.

Whilst avoiding the area near the fireplace, I sniffed around the floor. I could smell many people. I caught the scent of the one-eyed knight and followed the trail that lead to a closed door. My tail started to sway uncontrollably, Nah? He still in the bath. I felt the curious gazes of the other knights so I continued to sniff around along the wall from the door. It was fun since you could get various information from the scents.

Oi, what is this? It seems like the smell of another animal?

After I smelled the scent of another animal my tail tensed up. Was there another animal besides me here?

Oh, what is this smell?
It looks like the smell of a beast,
It is said to be a bit dusty …



22 thoughts on “NF- 15.1

  1. While I’m with you on the Japanese not being the only ones who bathe thing, from a Japanese person’s point of view, it’s more like they’re speaking for themselves specifically because they don’t want to make assumptions about other people whom they don’t know anything about. Japanese culture is very isolated and very little varies within said culture – even with the internet these days. Also, I believe in this case, it was referring to “baths” specifically, as all Japanese soak in baths after showering/washing their bodies whereas other cultures just take a shower.

    Thanks for picking this adorable LN up! =)

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    1. I understood that, but I feel JPNovels have gone overboard with it. Respect to the author but since I’m translating and editing I’ll be removing those references in the sake of being annoying.

      Most people would get it anyways

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      1. Yeah, the JP author favourite “because I’m Japanese” can be quite stupid at times.

        I have seen one author go to the extreme and write “as someone with the consciousness of a Japanese person, I can’t do something like killing my sisters and eating them”, as if it’s common outside Japan (the setting was reincarnation into a race whose offspring eat one another to become stronger – Arachne).


  2. Thank you for the edit.

    I was also getting annoyed with their recent trends cause of “cause im japanese i need to do this”.


  3. Thx 4the chappy!
    Lolz! In the middle of fluffyness kingdom, a wild n’ pissed TL was found… Oh god, I laughed so hard…


  4. Thanks for picking this up from where the original translator left off, idk why it was dropped but it went over a year totally abandoned.

    I can’t wait to see how she ends up growing, and how her mother will react to her new friends…


  5. Rotten egg smell, doesn’t that mean that there is nitrogen gas? I thought that that was like really dangerous …😐😐
    I hope they’re all right


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