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The entrance of the Labyrinth was a large cave on the side of an unnatural looking mountain with guards keeping watch around the entrance to deal with any monsters that could wonder out. Ashley and I greeted the guards as we passed them on the way in. Inside the cave, we were greeted by the sight of many small bright white flowers that often grew in goblin dens. I kept note of it as we continued on through into a small room, inside there were stairs leading down to the lower levels.

“Down these stairs is the first level of the labyrinth, you ready?”

Ashley stopped for a moment to check with me. I held for a moment as there were signs of others on the map. Using the T.S.S, I unequipped and stored my long coat. Keeping that this was a D-Rank promotional exam, I swapped out my H&k-MP5[*1] for an FN-P90[*2] Submachinegun. The P90 is the Five-SeveN’s big brother, both made by FN Herstal company. Its ergonomics are fairly great which make it easy to handle while employing FN 5.7x 28mm caliber rounds[*4], boasting exceptionally flat trajectory and armor-piercing of level IIIA Kevlar vests that stop other small calibers. Even though it’s armor-piercing, it’s ability to pass through a body is limited by design and even if I were to miss, it was also designed to limit ricocheting. This with its bullpup design made it must use in the labyrinth’s narrow spaces since I want to avoid hitting other people as much as possible.

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After setting up the P90, I test out the sights by peeping in and returning, so forth. The integrated reflex sights were removed and in its place was iron sights[*5]. After confirming that there wasn’t any discomfort in transitions, I took out a flashlight attachment and attached it to the P90. Then I took out two surpressors[*6] from my waist pouch, attaching them to the P90 and Five-SeveN.  I returned my pistol to its holster on my waist.

“Ready. Let’s go.”

I said to Ashley, who was smiling at how I was checking my equipment before we both headed down into the first level. Read this at

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As the name suggests, Wolf’s Fang Labyrinth mainly had Grass Wolves and other monsters living in the forest to the east. The first-floor’s path was continually changing from 6 to 10 meters, so inside of walking side by side with Ashley, I decided to take point with Ashley watching the rear. While keeping an eye on the surroundings, I detected movement coming up from a bend in the path further up.

” Ashley, back up a little. There seems to be a bend coming up and about three things coming towards us”

“Ah, yes, please take care.”

From the sounds of the footsteps, it appeared to be a Grass Wolves. I switched the safety off, switching it to automatic, on the P90 with my finger while taking a knee and aimed it at the bend in the path that was about 20 meters ahead. After a few moments, the footsteps got louder and louder, then a wolf head popped into my sights. The moment my crosshairs aligned with its body, I pulled the trigger for a split moment, firing off around five shots. Then, a second and third one came around the bend, both quickly slid into my crosshairs and I pull the trigger again.

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With the effect of the silencer, the concussive sound wasn’t so loud and with that, our first fight in the labyrinth was only a lasted a few seconds.

“Mr. Schwatz’s skill is amazing! Beginners normally struggle with the Grass Wolves since they have a hard type fighting as a group in these confined spaces. If you fight this way, you can take them out before they even have a chance to reach you!”

Despite what she said, I didn’t take my eyes off the wolves and still had my weapon aimed at their bodies that laid on the stone floor while I slowly approached them. As I approached them, their bodies began to be wrapped in a black fog and slowly faded only to leave behind three small mana stones where their bodies once were.

“Ah, those mana stones have wind attributes.”

“These sized stones are pretty great for me since I won’t need a bigger bag and since these paths are narrow, it makes it hard for them to avoid my attacks. I think this labyrinth pretty great.”

While saying that, I collected the mana stones and put them in the bag hanging off my belt.

“Certainly an adventurer can make an incredible amount of money, especially for someone as strong as you, but you have to be aware that it’s also extremely dangerous if you are by yourself. You could get injured with no one to help you and you’d never make it home…”

“Well, there isn’t anyone who’s willing to part up with me and considering my fighting style, having anyone who uses melee would only put themselves in danger. It’s fine so please don’t be anxious..”

I turned around to Ashley with a troubled smile. In the beginning, when I first arrived in this world, I didn’t know anything else. So I fought. I’m sure there are other ways of life in this world, but with my skills; this is the only thing I can do for now. In this world though, it’s not such a bad thing.

“Well… Let’s keep going. Since we still need to finish the exam.”

“Yes, that’s right. Let’s go on.

We both wrapped up that awkward situation and continued on with the exam, keeping a lookout for more monsters and when we did. Each time we detected them, we waited for them to approach us before I would wipe them out the moment they came into range then collect the dropped stones. Then when we about reached the center, we found a large room.

“Mr. Shwartz, ahead in that large room, there should be around 10 demons. How do you plan to deal with them?”

“Ah, there are demon beasts in this room? is it true they won’t attack unless you enter?”

“Yeah, the monsters in there are resting rather than keeping guard of the pathways.”

Then that would mean there were high ranked monsters in there then. This level of the labyrinth, a passageway, and a large room. There didn’t seem to be a lot of monsters in the end, but the large room would probably be a little tricky. In this situation, the best course of action would figure out how to reduce the difference in numbers.

“I have a tool I want to use, but it’s loud so I ask that you cover your ears before I throw. When I throw it into the room, please don’t look at it either or you’ll go blind.”

“Sound? How does it make a loud sound? What do you use it for? “

“Well.. to put it simply, it causes them to become disoriented and then we can swoop in and deal with them while they’re panicked.”

“Sound can do such a thing?”

“Yes, if you look at it when it explodes, you’ll be blinded and you’ll hear a deafening sound that. Both of these combined will disorient.”

The thing I was going to use was a special hand grenade called an “M84 Stun grenade[*6]” also known as a flashbang. For my basic loadout, I always carry two of these, but until now there hasn’t really been a situation where I could use it since every battle had been in the open. This time though, the enemies were in a big room, so I thought I would try using this to see if they would effect monsters.

The Flashbang is meant to temporarily stun the opponent’s sight with the flash and hearing with the bang, which is around 175 decibels. Because of the MMO’s P.v.P had gear such as head googles and earpads, it wouldn’t affect the player very much unless their character didn’t wear those, but this would be considered PvE or Player vs enemy. So of course, they’re not wearing any sort of protection for their eyes and ears so that should make it quite effective against them.

Ashley and I approached the entrance to the room while I explained the flashbang to her. I could hear a kind of bizarre voice coming from the room and with the entrance to the room on the right side of the pathway, Ashley had to wait behind me as I took cover right next to the entranceway.

“1.. 2.. 3.. 11 monsters. Appears that they’re all ordinary goblins “

In my head, I confirmed the number of monsters that were in the room; cross-referencing it with the number of red dots on my Map’s Display. I peeked inside and saw that they all were huddled close to one of the walls, resting. They appeared to be socializing, but I couldn’t understand what they were saying. Since I confirmed my targets, I had Ashley cover her ears while I put on my earpads and took a flashbang from my grenade pouch on my belt.

Doubled checked that Ashley had covered her ears then I pulled the pin from the top of the grenade and threw it into the room aiming for the center of the group of goblins. There were many types of grenades in the MMO, but most of them would explode after around three seconds. Bang~!. I heard it explode and could see a faint flash from the entranceway so I rushed in, quickly taking aim.  When the goblins came into sight, some were standing up and some were huddled on the floor, but all of them had their hands covered their ears and their eyes closed

The mouths were open like they were screaming, but no voices came out. As I didn’t know how long they would be stunned, I pulled the trigger, dispatching them one by one with the P90. Because I was afraid that one would lash out, I kept my distance at the expense of accuracy. Because of that, I spent the fifty rounds in the box-magazine and switched to my Five-SeveN sidearm, finishing off the goblins I hadn’t killed yet.

” I’ve never seen magic like that could that… I felt the air tremble and I still heard the explosion even though I covered my ears. To be able to deal with so many monsters, so quickly…”

Ashley, who came in after I killed all the goblins, said towards me. One by one the fallen goblins dissipated, leaving behind their mana stones. After I collected all of them I turned to Ashley

“Well, it’s that I came up with a Plan of Attack as soon as I had enough information. I simply made small adjustments to my plan of attack to suit the situation I found my enemies in, thus allowing me to do this alone.”

“Well… Yes, but please do be careful.”

“Yes, I will. Well, let us go on.”

With that, we continued on and made our way to the second level. We continued the same plan. Detecting the monsters first, let them come to us and then dispatch them quickly before they can reach us. Thus after finishing up this labyrinth, we walked back to the surface. After today, it would take a while for monsters to respawn so we didn’t encounter anymore after we cleared it.

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