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After the light flower bloomed, I could hear heavy footsteps ahead of me. Neither Goblins or Grass wolves were heavy enough to have such steps, leaving the only possibility…

A Red bear.

That guess, unfortunately, was right. A large monster with large red eyes slowly stepped out of the shadows, it’s large body and flame red fur, stared at me. It didn’t look like it was going to attack yet, but it had me in its sights. A threatening snarl appeared on the bear’s face, but the bear was already in my attack range. Quickly, I went down to one knee while readying my weapon, taking the initiative to attack first. With my sights trained on the Bear, I fired the P90. The bear, as if knowing what was going to happened, turned its head to the right and the bullets made contact with the left side of its face. Even though it tried to protect itself slightly, I managed to take out its left eye. The bear let out a deep roar in a mix of pain and rage as blood began to gush out of its obliterated eye, it’s roar echoing through the hall before charging at me.


Its speed was faster than I thought it would be, but before he reached me, I ran towards the right wall of the hall, just like in VMB, I wall ran over the charging Red Bear.


The bear, blinded by rage, tried to change course to catch me, but only ended up crashing into the wall. I landed behind the bear with the help of the Powered suit, taking advantage of the bear’s mistake and I unleashed a rain of fire onto its rear end, managing to disable its hind legs. It didn’t let out a roar of anger, but more of a cry of pain this time as its legs buckled, it’s read half crashing into the floor under all its weight. I didn’t give it a chance to catch its breath though as I ran up to it and jumped onto it’s back, landing just behind its head. I pressed the suppressor attached to the P90 to the neck area just behind its skull and held down the trigger.

I emptied the rest of my magazine into the back of the Red Bear’s head, and for a moment the only sound in the hall was that of the spent casings falling and rolling. Then as if a spell released the bear, it’s body fell straight down with a loud thud then fading away, dropping me onto the ground. I had some grievances in my heart there, I didn’t actually know if that would work like it did in VMB, but it did. I kept those thoughts to my self though as I picked up the Red Bear’s stone. As I replaced the spent magazine in the P90, I heard the familiar heavy footsteps coming from in the dark again, on the map it actually show two bears!

I could feel from the steps that they were rushing my way. Their spend was way faster than I thought there even could be a possibility of a monster that was faster than my reaction speed and could kill me the moment I met them, but I quickly clear these thoughts from my head as I had two monsters heading my way and I only had a few moments to set a trap.

Before they could reach here, I summoned the supply box with M18 Claymore [*1] Landmines in it, in front of me, light particles instantly converged and formed a box that held the Claymore mines in it. I quickly got to work and set one up in the center of the corridor. These Claymores were one directional use Anti-Personnel mines used by the United States Of America military and they were box-shaped with a slight curve with a with of less than 20cms. On detonation, it unleashes as many as seven hundred iron balls that are held inside in a fan shape.

That said, it’s rumored that the real thing can even reach up to 250 meters, but in VMB, we didn’t really have distances like that. In the labyrinth was a different story though, it should be enough to cripple or even kill the enemy’s feet and stop them from escaping. The mine had two ways of detonation, by wire or remote control by a handheld trigger. Unfortunately, VMB’s Claymores could only be detonated by remote control. Even so, I would have reservations about setting a wired trap since anything could set it off and I didn’t get unknowing adventurers in the mix.


I installed the claymore and stayed back a little bit to wait for them. The sounds of the heavy footsteps because louder, shaking the floor slightly. In the game, waiting behind your trap was actually quite dangerous because once it went off, everyone within earshot would be alerted, but it had its pros and cons. Suddenly, the footsteps got quicker and quicker! Did they detect me? …


In that case, I readied myself for a fight. They footsteps got closer and closer until two bears plunged out of the darkness at breakneck speeds. Click. The detonation trigger was squeezed. The claymore exploded almost instantly and shook the entire hallway sending dust everywhere, obstructing my view. Crap! There was never any dust that would roll up in VMB! Dust lingered in the air, making it almost impossible to see the bears so I quickly turned my heads-up display to Thermo-vision.

Two giant bodies of red and yellow appeared in my eyepiece, the chest areas were burning a deep red, possibly because that was where the mana stones were located. The two bears’ faces were covered in blood and so was their front legs. They had couldn’t move at the moment due to shock from their injuries and the explosion. Without giving them a moment to catch their breath, I lined the first bear’s head in my crosshairs and squeezed the trigger. Deep red floors bloomed in the thermo-sight, my guess from the blood splatter before it slowly began to cool off as the bear dropped down. I then quickly switched to the other bear and finished that one off in the same fashion

Afterward, both the bears laid lifeless on the floor, but then a dark fog began to wrap around them before they bodies began to sink into the labyrinth, leaving only the mana stone in their places. I picked those stones up, but sadly they weren’t attributeless. They were red as fire.

I took out some of the mana stones in my pouch and found that the attributeless had no head signature, the wind was slightly red and the bluish had a slight signature. This was interesting information and after looking over the stones for a while, I placed them all back in my pouch and finished up with mapping the second floor before heading down to the third floor to map it.

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