Manuke FpS – 23

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I dived down into the third floor of the labyrinth. Following the same procedure I did above, I left the mapped path that headed down towards the 4th floor. After studying the map ahead of time, I found there was a room called ” Spring of Purity” which was the only safe zone in the labyrinth on the 3rd floor.

In this world, a labyrinth attracts monsters into them to use as their life force. Despite this attraction, it had a restroom where the monsters couldn’t enter. I wondered why it had such a thing, but there is an old tale that labyrinths were created by an ancient evil spirit. Apparently, the reason was to destroy all the living races above ground. Although the tale doesn’t say why the demon wanted to do such a thing.

Even why such an entity that wishes to destroy all living beings, a being against God, would have a thing such a safe room in its trap. Many Labrinthologist has also given up on this point. Maybe there was a reason somewhere but was lost to time. Even in the end though, the labyrinth constantly supplies mana stones and if you managed to conquer it, you’d get a large dungeon core.

With these thoughts, I headed towards the safe-room while making contact with several monsters along the way. That was the plan, but…

“Oddly.. I feel a little hungry, but I don’t feel tired. I’ve been running around and fighting since I got here though…”

It started to nip at the edge of my mind about why I haven’t been getting tired. What is going on with my body? Was it that so-called “cheat ability” you get for going to another world or was it a unique “skill”? Out of curiosity, I pulled out my combat knife that was attached to my right leg. I hesitated for a moment before I took the knife and made a small cut across my fingertips. Crimson blood overflowed from the cut, swelled up and began to drizzle down my hand.

“I feel the pain and I bleed…”

However, the blood stopped flowing. I put one of the fingers that had blood on it in my mouth. When I did, I tasted the expected iron taste of blood. I was slightly relieved that it was actually blood and not something else. Staring at the wound, I noticed something…

“The wound… Is closing itself?”

The laceration I made with the knife healed itself, not even leaving a scar in its place. If I hadn’t done it myself and watched it, I wouldn’t have ever believed I cut it. I didn’t speak about it anymore. This body isn’t my original body and even then. I couldn’t call this body human. I felt a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach and my legs began to tremble. Then my one of my legs gave out, leaving me kneeling on the floor…

I couldn’t feel fatigue and my body had a quick regenerative ability. It wasn’t a cheat ability or a skill. Neither was it something I acquired the moment I was transported into this world… It was simply this body.

Not limited to just VMB, in most basic FPS games, your character would auto-regenerate health over time. Granted there was Hardcore, which one you couldn’t recover health, but that wasn’t the base setting. Players never run out of stamina, your arms and legs couldn’t be amputated; health lost from taking hits and falls would eventually recover so long as you didn’t die. VMB had a lot of things going in it such as acrobatics, precision shooting, and even large-scale fights. In order for all this to happen, the game never implemented Stamina stats so players to dash and jump as much as they wanted.

Even now that I’m in this world, the character parameters are still the same. Thinking about it, I never had a date with someone in years, but if I can’t return to my old world. I may end up settling down here and try to start a family, but now another question was… Could I even produce offspring with this body? Could I even have sex?

In the first place, I didn’t even understand how I’m even still alive.

While I was distracted by all this revelation and the shock of it, a goblin had come upon me. Seeing me kneeling, it thought I was but weak prey. The club in its hand was raised and then swung down at me with a cry


The club made contact with my CBS or Circle Barrier Shield and from the bottom. I thrusted the muzzle of the P90 into its unprotected belly before squeezing the trigger. It died quickly after that and fell to the floor. I watched the face of the goblin as it faded into the labyrinth, leaving behind a single mana stone. I honestly was startled. I had to stop thinking. Undoubtedly, whatever this body was, I was alive. I felt hunger, I felt sleepy at night and I felt pain. I was still living and breathing. Logically thinking, it was a convenient trait to have

I cleared my mind and continued on towards the Safe room.

◆ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◆

Entering the safe room, I noticed it was quite small. Only 6m x 6m. Even then, it still had a different atmosphere from the rest of the labyrinth so far. In the center of the room was a small spring that kept boiling up.  This was the Fountain of Purity. There wasn’t a single light flower growing anywhere in the room, but it was still well lit.

In my original plan, I should have arrived here by the afternoon, but I already past that.  Each level was wider than the previous one, which I didn’t expect. It took much more time to map out the floor completely. With that, I had to alter my plans a little so that’s why I decided to come here.

” I guess I should get some camping equipment…”

Although I didn’t build up fatigue while fighting, I don’t believe I’d be immune to sleep. If I didn’t sleep, it’d affect me drastically. Causing my aim to be off and eventually, that would cause a fatal misstep. Calculating the number of floors, which was 26. There was a transfer gate every 10th floor. Each gate needed its defender killed with its blood and a little bit of magic to activate it. Since I couldn’t use magic, that meant I wouldn’t be able to use those gates. Thus I would be even longer and would need to pack accordingly.

There’s also the fact that the 25th-floor boss hasn’t reigned undefeated, so no one knows how much further the labyrinth expanded. If it did that is. It’s said that when a new floor has been added, you could feel the vibrations, but so far no one could confirm if it’s happened or not.

Wouldn’t that mean it’s impossible for me? No, I felt a desire to conquer this dungeon. Like it was calling out to be, sparking something in me… I felt like I’ve finally found a purpose. A clear goal if you will.  With the power I gained in VMB, I could clear this Labyrinth. For a normal human, it’d be suicidal, but not for me. With this resilience, I could conquer it…

I sat down by the edge of the spring, staring at it’s rippling water that kept coming up. I spent about an hour or so in silence, thinking about all of it. After that, I decided to set aside the Labyrinth for now. Getting up, I turned back the way I came and decided to return to the city.


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  1. TYVM for translating this! I really enjoy it, I like it very much!

    I’ve often wondered about gamer avatars in-game, its good that they have added this feature, in stories like Log Horizon, they had infinite lives, couldn’t die, always rezed. The natives of that world saw the horror of a players existence… one likened them to zombies/undead… incapable of dying, they would have zero ability to do anything to players… if they went to war with them how would that turn out? They kill a player they come back while their people don’t. He is just one player, but who knows how many are in that world… Other stories like Overlord the MC always thought that it was possible others from the game were here with them, he was always on alert for other gamers. I like those facets being explored, makes it interesting.

    If you are interested in stories like that a translator Yukkuri has an original story that might tickle peoples fancy, although it has not been updated in a while. he translates a few stories, mainly Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki… his story is similar to Overlord in parts. I liked the way they tested various things, and how they used their abilities from the game, seeing what was true of this world and the game one.


  2. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    *poke self* …i’m healing?!
    …what is the meaning of life? … oh a rat passed by..
    *goes to a nearby lake to contemplate*


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