Manuke FPS – 24

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Returning to the inn, I didn’t bother to change out of my combat gear and just fell into bed with it all on. I had a date with Ashley for dinner tomorrow night, so it’d be nice if I had a set of this world’s clothes, but it just left me in a weird mood thinking more. I only ended up going to bed feeling a little sick.

The next morning, the inn’s maid had woke up be for the bath service. I took my bath and ate breakfast. After breakfast, I returned back to my room and decided to test out a concern I had for a while now. No question that the TSS system came with me when I fell into this world, with the only change being how I gained the currency. Though it took me a while to figure out the conversion, it ended up working out in the end.

But that wasn’t just the only function for the TSS. It also had an Inventory section. In the beginning, it didn’t have much space to store items, but investing a small amount of real-world money I was able to expand it. As a note, it didn’t have a limit.  As such, I had plenty of items stored away. With that in mind, the concern was… Could I store items from this world in it?

I held a wooden cup in my hand and dropped it on the inventory screen. Instead of being absorbed in, it only fell through it to the floor.


It would be great if I could store items from this world into it. Disappointed, I tried the other sections of the TSS screen such as the top menu, mail, and news. None of them accepted the cup.

“Even after changing the function of the currency system to accept magic stones, you can’t even accept a little cup?”

Currently, it seemed impossible for me to put items from this world directly into the inventory. Changing pace, I went back into the TSS and entered the shop tab. I began to look at fashionable items that I could wear out with Ashley tomorrow night. They say that it wouldn’t snow in winter in this town. Even then, it’s still going to be cold so I want to get a thick coat or something similar in case.

Although I have this coat, there was plenty of clothes in the shop, making me want to try them all out. While I was selecting items to buy, something popped up that caught my eye. “Gift box”. It was an icon to put said item into for giving it to other players. By attaching the gift box, it was possible to gift other players. Another interesting part was that the box actually appeared in the virtual space, allowing multiple people to put items into the box.

Having an idea. I picked the gift box and finished my shopping. Afterward, I summoned the gift box onto the inn’s floor. Particles of light gathered in front of me, glowing brighter as it converged into a single point forming pink gift wrapping paper.

“Well, the design is a little… But the gift box still comes out..”

The gift box was a rectangular box about 150 cm x 90 cm x 60. If you pushed the button on the side, the lid would automatically open up. Inside the box was like an endless void. Almost like there was a different space inside. Moving on to the experiment, I placed the 5.7 inside. The catalog screen on the backside of the lid came up, displaying the 5.7. So far it was like in VMB.

Moving onto the next part. I tried inserting the cup into the gift box. I stared intently at the catalog. Instead of cup, it was displayed as “Unknown”. Well, I guess it’s to be expected if you put an item that wasn’t in VMB inside. However, it was possible to rename the items in the box so I tapped the name on the list and renamed it to “Wooden cup”. I was also able to pull it back out.

“Huh, so I can pull it back out too.”

I then put it back in and found that it displayed the name I had put in on the Catalog screen. It seemed that the name was saved properly in the TSS. Next, I closed the lid and placed the gift box into my inventory. The box disappeared into light particles. I then resummoned it and opened the lid. Inside was my 5.7 and the wooden cup.

“Fuu… It’s a bit inconvenient, but it still a solution to my problem.”

I took out the items, placing the 5.7 back into the holster and the wooden cup on the table.

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  1. TYVM for the update! now that he has a means of storage he can go ham on all the crap he can gather in the dungeons 😀 maybe living things as well?


  2. Thanks for picking up this novel.
    Thank you also, for all of the chapters. Delicious chapters. Much reading was done.
    I’m a binge reader with a too-large list of things to read (plus a too-large list of games and then there’s the rest…) so I might be a while, but I’ll be back.


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