Manuke FPS 25

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VMBs system regarding Giftboxes is like a miniature item box. You can buy any items and then put them inside the box then you could send it to another player. You could also just leave it in your inventory. By the time I noticed, it was about noon on the day I promised to go to dinner with Ashley. Before I went to pick her up, I stopped by Marida’s Trade Company to pick up equipment.

Since I didn’t have to worry about carrying equipment now in regards to the amount and size. Since items can be stored inside the gift boxes, I can just properly prepare things I’d need.


“Welcome back, Mr.Schwartz.”

Greeting the employees, which have become more familiar with me. I for Mr. Malta and went into the, back towards the usual room. Since this was a Fortified city, with a nearby Labyrinth, there were plenty of weapon shops, supply stores, and others. Even so, I’ve only ever used Marida Trading Company after I met Mr. Malta.

Well, it’s not to big of a deal. I get to drink delicious tea every time I come by. As I thought this, an employee brought in tea for me. It was a dark-green tea that was sweet and savory.

“Do you like today’s tea? It’s high-quality leaves that have been carefully steamed!”

Mr. Malta came into the room while saying that. His large round belly shook as he smiled.

“The scent is pretty good.”

“So did you come to sell some Mana stones? It’s fine if you just came by to drink some tea.”

“Well that too, but I also came to buy camping equipment.”

“Ah, yes. I have all the necessary tools and I even got a Waterbottle that can replenish its water with a magic stone. It just arrived from the kingdom.

Food and water are necessities that one must have when exploring a Labyrinth. They’re also the more important expendable items. You have to have meals and you have to drink to keep your body healthy, so you need to have a good amount. However, for me who couldn’t use magic, meant I couldn’t use a tool bag. So that meant I had to prepare special order equipment like a water bottle that can automatically fill itself by using water-attribute mana stones. They were popular with Adventurers but had to be special ordered from the capital.

I sold the mana stores I gained from yesterday’s Labyrinth exploration. Then used it to pay for some equipment right now, but kept it tame. I had to hold onto some money to pay for the dinner date tonight. So that would have to wait for another time.

When the equipment was brought, I asked Mr. Malta to dismiss the other employees in the room and when they left, I took out the gift box in the room.

“Is this Mr.Schwartz… Toolbag?”

“Yeah, there’s another name for it though. For now, lets just call it a ‘Toolbox’.”

“Where did it come from..?”

“Please just think of it as a skill…”

“I’m surprised.. How much does this ‘Toolbox’ hold by the way?

“Well, there are 30 slots. Ignoring size, it can hold one item per slot. Each slot can hold 99 of the same items.”

“What?! That’s too much for such a little box!”

On top of all that, I could have multiple gift boxes. So I technically have an infinite item storage. Mr. Milta had listened to my explanation with the sharp eyes of a merchant. I was told Mr. Malta possessed a high pedigree for a merchant, his skills allowing him to read between the lines. However, that was just Mr. Malta. I refused to deal with anyone else.

“Mr. Schwartz, you were still a D-Rank, right?”

“Ah, yes. I’m going to be focusing on the Labyrinth in the future, so I don’t think I’ll be taking on much work as an adventurer. Ranking up would probably be far in the future.

“That’s a shame. When you become a C-rank, you can get nominated requests. Those are requests where someone can request a particular adventurer. With your toolbox, I definitely would have liked to nominate you. Ah. Such a convenient box. You wouldn’t have to worry about the weight or quantity of the delivery. You’d also be targeted less. If you ever rank up, please let us know. We’d definitely love to cooperate with you in the future regarding transporting goods.”

“Well… If the opportunity presents itself…”

Having given my answer, Mr. Malta kept his wolfish eyes on my “toolbox” until it disappeared into light particles.


At the largest tower in the city, there’s a large bell that rang out three times a day. Morning, noon and evening. Our dinner date was promised for the evening bell. So I ended up waiting in front of the General Guild just before the evening bell rang out. Having waited for about 30 minutes, the evening bell rang out across the city. The time on his HUD displayed 17:00. Watching the flow of people in and out of the guild.

It seemed that human beings were common, but there were other races as well. I wondered if I could live in a world had so many different races such as Fey like elves and dwarfs and others. While contemplating such a thing, I saw Ashley’s blonde hair shining beautifully in the sunlight as she stepped out of the guild.

“Did I keep you waiting?”

Ashley’s tone was chipper than usual. While taking my eyes off her hair, I responded in the same tone.

“Nope lets go eat. ”

“Okay, but where are we going? As soon as the evening bell rings, almost every shop gets crowded. ”

“I asked Mr. Malta for a recommendation to a shop with good food. I made reservations just before coming.”

That said, Ashley and I walked together off to eat.


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  1. Aww wanted to see how his date went 🙂 she of course probably doesn’t think of it that way 😛 lol

    Id way the pros and cons of ranking up, if he becomes too good he might gain unwanted attention, if he just plods along thinking of how to live in this world there isn’t a need for that, but then we might get a slice of life story instead of a more exciting one 😛 so he will probably just rank up for the sake of a more interesting story 😛 (not that slice of life isn’t interesting because I absolutely love stories like Barakamon!)


  2. Thanks for the chapter. Yeah, I know it has only been one update and three days. I just happened to notice that there was an update, while I was browsing my reading list, so here I am.
    I wonder if his gift boxes are able to be sent to the inhabitants of this world… and if they would, even if only temporarily, “infect” them with VMB systems/abilities…….


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