Manuke FPS 26

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The 7 o’clock morning bell resounded over Citadel Balga. I welcomed the morning in this other world, as I had done for the past month, from the room I booked at the Inn “White Flower Pavilion of the Labyrinth”.

I crawled out of the wooden bed. The bed was a little small even sleeping alone. I poured myself a cup of water from the jug sitting on the table beside the bed and drank it. Soon after, Mrs. Mirna brought the hot bathwater up.

“Did you drink too much yesterday…?”

Yesterday was the celebration of my D-Rank promotion and Ashley’s promotion to an official Guild Investigator while having dinner. We met by the General Guild in the evening after I had booked a table at the “Cenote”, a high-class restaurant.

The upscale cuisine of this world was rather good, but not as refined as my original world. Being able to enjoy a delicious meal with Ashley was more than enough. We also drank wine after eating our meals.

As an FPS Player, it was naturally prohibited to play while drinking so I didn’t drink much. I limited it too social drinking for celebrations such as team victories, with colleagues, or with my boss. So only once in a while, I guess.

While we enjoyed our after-dinner drinks, I spoke with Ashley about different topics such as the Labyrinth, the guild, and the fortified city of Barga. There wasn’t an end to the topics, but we never touched on our pasts. I’m not interested in Ashley’s past, however, if I listen without thinking, I may end up poking a hornet’s nest.

No doubt it was a fun time with good food and conversation with a good companion. Furthermore, I was overjoyed because I realized that I was drunk. After we talked and drank enough, Ashley was able to walk herself back to the General Guild’s Staff Dormitory.

Moving on, the plan today is to create a map to sell to the Guild for their archives, adding in the sections I explored the other day. I was annoyed by the poor quality of the map I got from the Guild’s archive, but when I was talking to Ashley she said I could get guild points for bringing in a better version.

I’d rather spent my time exploring labyrinths than taking on requests so I was thankful that I could earn rewards by just mapping. As an adventurer, if we don’t take the form to receive our rewards from the guild, we’d have to pay tax separately.

Therefore, I went to the General guild to look at the specifications for the map.



“Remi, what happened with that newly discovered Labyrinth?”

“Ah yes, the underground labyrinth found west of Miral Village was called ” Labyrinth of the Emerald Demon. We already sent a survey team that entered the first floor, but we’ve yet to proceed further.”

All we could report right now was the location of the Labyrinth and that the first floor was complex and wide, unless the other Labyrinths.

“The labyrinth also only appears to have goblins. I’ve been exploring the first floor for around a weak, but I’ve yet to encounter anything else.”

“The labyrinth of the green demon, which appears in the basement first floor seems to be only a subspecies goblin, I have been exploring the basement first floor for about a week, but I have not encountered any monsters other than goblins ”

At the same time as this labyrinth’s discovery, there was a Gatekeeper subjugation in a different labyrinth. Because of that, there weren’t enough people to proceed with this labyrinth. Gatekeepers are the names given to powerful monsters that defend the entrance lower level entrances, but only every 10 levels and in front of the last floor’s entrance. Once a gatekeeper is killed, it won’t appear again. In that same respect, it won’t leave its post until its killed. Subjugating the gatekeeper is necessary if to capture a labyrinth.

“What a pain. Give out a nomination request to the adventurer who can draw a map. We have to collect a team before more adventurers rush to go ahead.”

Following the life of the General Manager, I headed to the archives. It’s up to you to issue nomination requests to adventurers, however, the Labyrinth near the Fort city of Barga, there hasn’t been a gatekeeper subjugation all year. Already the upper floors have been mapped out.

“This morning, I had an inquiry about map creations this morning. I gave them the specifications for maps and arranged the tools. They gave me a complete map of Wolf Fang’s first level. It’s quite a splendid map, do you want to see it?”

“Oh? Definitely.”

The map brought out by the employee in the archive was a pristine map. The lines were orderly and cleaner more than any map I’ve seen so far. The lines were straight, the routes were uniformly scaled, and gave an easy understanding of distance. Such maps weren’t something that could be drawn with just a “Skill” earned, but a learned skill.

“Please introduce me to the one who drew it!”

“I can do that, but he’s a D-Rank, so he can’t take nominated requests.”

A D-Rank drew this…?

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