Manuke FPS 27

The General Guild’s archive didn’t have a detailed map. It wasn’t too clear on locations of stairs, nor the safe room, as well as other small details.

The General guild archive employee confirmed the labyrinth’s map, but it wasn’t very detailed in that it needed icons, but we only needed to add icons for the stairs and safe room. The labyrinth wasn’t that detailed so we had to mark the map with icons, indicating the stairs and the safe room.

I only knew the Wolf Fang Labyrinth, but there seemed to be other underground labyrinths that are like the outside world above, but the Wolf Fang Labyrinth isn’t like that. That’s why they wanted the notations on the maps too.

So I borrowed a private room in the archives. I decided to draw out Wolf Fang Labyrinth’s basement levels, purchasing paper, special ink and a writing utensil. Bringing up the map on the Tactical Support System within the room, I looked up the first level in Wolf Fang with a map search.

The size of the TSS screen could be scaled freely, even with the map. I scaled the screen to the paper’s size and overlapped them. All that was left to do was trace the map onto the paper. In my original world, I worked for a PC peripherals manufacturer as a salesman, but sometimes we were involved with assisting the design team. I had often used CAD, but sometimes I drew collages and very basic designs by hand. So I was accustomed to drawing free hand.

With the above, I was able to trace beautiful straight lines with a steady hand. The floors themselves weren’t that large, so I was able to finish the map within an hour.

“I want you to see the map I drew.”

“You already drew the map? That’s quite fast, but I won’t take a poorly done map.”

When I presented my map to the archivist, he thought I was too fast and had the map prepared in advance. Comparing the two maps, the line seems to left and left and left and left…

“It’s wonderful workmanship! Is the distance between this pathway and this one the same distance?”

He wanted to know if it was scaled properly, but I traced it with the TSS Screen overlapping the paper, so there may have been some distortion

“Yeah, I don’t know how far it is actually on the map, but the distance between the two rooms are the same.”

“I’ve never seen such a wonderful map! I’ll definitely buy it. Unfortunately, the money and guild points for the map remain the same. Although the content is wonderful, I can’t change the remuneration, is that okay? If this was a nomination request, it would change. ”

“I don’t mind, I just drew it as a test.”

“Sorry. That will be 50 silver coins and 100 guild points for the map. Please give me your guild card.”

I handed the card over to the Archivist and started to think of the future while he processed my reward. The amount per map wasn’t that much, but even dust can build a mountain over time. For just exploring the labyrinth, it was perfect. When I return to the Inn, I’ll also draw up Wolf Fang’s level 2.

While doing such a quick calculation, the Archivist returned with my card. I purchased plenty of map paper and ink, then I returned to the White Flower Pavilion.

By the time I had finished drawing up level 2’s map, it was lunchtime. However, the people of this world had only 2 basic meals. Although there’s plenty of things to snack on for lunch, the inn’s fee only covers breakfast and dinner. Lunch is a separate fee in of itself.

I paid my lunch fee and entered the dining room. The room was vacant. I took a seat while I waited for my meal and Remi, not the cook, came in.

“Hey Mr. Schwartz, the stay here is pretty nice.”

“It’s been a while, Mr. Remi, how you’ve been?”

“There’s something I wanted to ask. Remember that map you drew in the Archive? I wanted to borrow your mapping skill.”

“My mapping ability?”

 Remi looked around the dining room after a long pause. He then asked if he could take a seat after seeing anyone nearby. Since there wasn’t a reason to refuse, I agreed and he began to give me the details.

A new labyrinth, the labyrinth of the Emerald Demon, was discovered. It appeared west of the first village I visited when I first fell into this world. However, it seems that the first floor was quite large. The mapping couldn’t keep up.

Furthermore, there was a shortage of maps and people who could map. It’d been decided to hand out nomination requests for adventurers who could map. So he had looked at the map I drew and brought a favor rather than a nomination since he couldn’t nominate a D-Rank.

So it wasn’t a formal request via the guild, they’re asking for a favor. This meant that I wouldn’t receive guild points for accepting, but they’d purchase the map at a premium price.

“I don’t mind, but there are some conditions.”

“I’m saved, thank you. The conditions are?”

“One, I want your name as the map creator in the future. Two, I want to explore the labyrinth with only one person or a small number of trustworthy people. Third, I don’t want it getting my kills and methods getting out.”

I didn’t dislike what he was asking itself, but as similar requests would probably increase in the future – it’d make it hard to accomplish my goal. The creation of a clear map, of course, leads to suppressing the labyrinth. It’s just I want to do it with my own power.

I didn’t want my powers from VMB getting out too much, thus my thoughts with the second and third conditions. Of course, something other’s will see it in the labyrinth, but I didn’t want to show off too much.

I never thought that map would stand out so much. So much that I already received a request within a matter of hours. In the future, I’ll need to be careful. The performance of the gift box, as said by Mr. Malta, could be used to help transport merchandise for merchants sometimes. With the Map creation, it was convenient since I wouldn’t have to move along with the merchant. So it’s probably better I don’t move from D-Rank.

“I understand, I accept the conditions.”

Remi seemed a bit worried, but he accepted all three conditions. After that, while eating lunch. I confirmed the schedule and other details. I then told him I’d head to the village immediately and stood from my seat.

“You’re going now?”

“Earlier the better.”

“Before you leave, go to the general guild. We’ll give you documentation of the request. Give it to the staff at the village’s branch.”

Remi was surprised, but he still arranged what I needed right away. What a smart person.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    Based on past releases it seems that you were putting out a chapter weekly, but this one took over a month. Is it going to be back to more of a weekly schedule or are you still looking for a steady translator.
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    1. Sorry wasn’t paying attention to the dates, Time was more like 3 weeks, not amonth. Give credit where credit is due. 🙂


  2. Thank you for the chapter!

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  3. Isn’t Remi a girl, tho? But you use a He pronoun
    I…don’t really know cuz I’m here after reading the manga and I just jump to the latest chapter and not reading the novel from the very start >


  4. remi is a girl.. how come here you call her “him”? in early chapters already make clear who is remi and how she images.


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