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It had taken me about half a day to come to Fort City Barga from Miral Village by wagon, and it was already noon time now. Even if I were to go right now, it would still be around midnight when I reached Miral Village, but…

“Mrs. Mirna, I have to leave Barga for a while due to some work, so I will check out today.”

“My, such a sudden departure! Thank you for staying with us! But are you leaving Barga right away?”

“Yeah, I want to start the job as soon as possible.”

“Is that so? Please take care then. I’m looking forward to having you stayed with us again!”

I handed back the key to Mrs. Mirna at the reception, and, leaving behind the room at “White Flower Pavilion of the Labyrinth” that might as well be my home in this other world, I headed for the Marida Trade Company.

“Good afternoon~”

“Welcome, Mr. Schwarz! Unfortunately, the Chairman has left…”

“Is that so? Then, please tell Mr. Malta that I’ll be leaving Barga for a while on a job.”


While asking the usual staff at Marida Trading Company to pass on the message, I also bought a large quantity of non-attributed mana stones. CP (Crystal Point) would be difficult to purchase in Miral Village, so better to stock up while you still could.

I then turned up at General Guild’s HQ, and after exchanging some greetings and having my identity verified with the Guild card, I received the letter Remi had left for me. Seemed like it would be enough just to pass this letter to Mr.Varold or Mr.Keith at the Guild’s branch in Miral.

Leaving General Guild, I wanted to catch a wagon to the west gate, but there was no time so I walked instead. At the gate, I let the guard checked my Guild card, then saying goodbye to Fort City Barga, I headed for Miral Village.

I walked for a while, then after checking the surroundings to ensure that I could not be seen from the gate and that there was no one else close by, I activated TSS and selected Support Weapon.

There were several support weapons in VMB: stationary remote-control heavy machine guns like the “Sentry Gun”, small unmanned reconnaissance planes like the “RQ-11 Raven”… Offensive weapons, reconnaissance machines, even mobile vehicles like what I was about to summon, all were available.

There was not much use for support weapon summoning in the Labyrinth, but it was a big help for traveling and complete quest in nature. When I first fell into this other world and did not know how to obtain CP, I avoided using support weapons since they cost a large number of points. But the thing I bought during my VMB gaming time only consumed CP for fuel, so I thought going to Miral Village would be a great opportunity to use it.

I called up Support Weapon from TSS menu, moving to the Garage, and among the mobile vehicles I owned in there, I picked the military motorcycle called “Kawasaki KLR250-D 8”.

There were no military vehicles among VMB’s support weapons, but mobile vehicles were abundant, both 4-wheel and 2-wheel types. I especially liked running around VMB’s map with a 2-wheel. Ahhh, I had never ridden a bike in the original world – that was why I wanted to run around in the VR world riding one. And so, to travel in the vast land of this other world, it had to be a 2-wheel, not 4-wheel!

After KLR250-D8 was selected, light particles similar to the Supply Box materialized, and as they convened, a dark green off-road bike, the KLR250-D8, appeared before my eyes. I got on immediately. There were two meters between the handles, and in the middle where you usually inserted the key, there was a starter button instead. Pushed it, and the engine would start.

Vehicles summoned through TSS had the same shapes as those in the real world, but their control was absolutely game-like. In other words, there were no components to control gear change; it worked like an automatic transmission car instead. Twisting the throttle would increase the speed, and gear would change automatically.

I twisted the throttle, and together with the engine’s roar, still loud despite being suppressed by the muffler, I made a run for Miral Village on KLR250-D8.

“Uwaaahhh the feeeellll! Ohohohoho—-wa wa woaa!”

KLR250-D8 was running on the road as if tearing through the clear air of nature, but it was still quite bumpy even with the suspension working properly. Moreover, as I got caught up in the moment and went full throttle, the speed gradually picked up and ended up at nearly 100 km per hour. Going at such a speed without a helmet, and on a bumpy road to add, was really frightening.

Even after slowing down, I was still heading to Miral Village at a speed overwhelmingly fast compared to that of a wagon. It took me only two hours to reach the village vicinity, and I overtook two wagons on the way.

Approaching from the back, I was mistaken for a demon, and while I passed the wagon with its hard-whipped horse, I caught a glimpse of the coachman’s dumbfounded expression from the side mirror. But he couldn’t see my face, so it probably wouldn’t cause troubles even if we ran into each other in Miral.

The helmet could be equipped through character customization, but you could get various functions from the head goggles in VMB – that was why not many players wore helmet, and I also didn’t. But I did wear the once-popular “Tactical Kevlar Mask”, a Jason mask with only eye holes that were used by Taiwan’s and Bolivia’s Special Force before… This extremely intimidating mask was bulletproof and could withstand 9mm FMJ bullets as well as magnum bullets. In the real world, the eyes parts were empty, but in VMB, lenses similar to those of the head goggles were put in place, and so you could have the same functions as the goggles. But the mask limited vision field, so less and less people were using it. By the time I fell into this other world, it was hardly seen anywhere.

Miral Village could now be seen from the road. I moved KLR25-D8 to a place where it wasn’t visible from the gate, then put it back in TSS’s Garage. Vehicles could be repaired and fueled in the garage by consuming CP, so I let the bike be brought back to its perfect condition and walked into Miral in the twilight.

When I arrived at General Guild Branch Office of Miral Village, the person inside was… Mr. Keith, if I was not mistaken: tall, short hair, with a gentle aura. He was wearing leather armor, same as Remi and Ashley. So it was standard for Guild’s investigators and personnel to have the same equipment as adventurers?

“Good afternoon. Are you Mr. Keith? I was asked by Remi to come here from Fort City Barga to take part in some work.”

“Oh, you helped Ashley before…”

“I’m Schwarz, D-rank adventurer. I’m entrusted with this letter from Remi.”

I handed the letter I received at the General Guild to Mr. Keith. He immediately opened it and read the paper inside.

“I see… Thank you for your collaboration, Mr. Schwarz. First of all, please take a room at the village’s inn today, and please let the landlady know that accommodation fee will be taken care of by the General Guild. To explain the situation simply, the mapping of Labyrinth of the Green Demon has been suspended for the time being. We are currently working on subjugating the demons and sub-humans that are drawn to the Labyrinth’s vicinity. I was told that the mapping should be for one person, maybe more if can be trusted, so I’ll bring two from the camp in front of the Labyrinth. Please come here at 8 tomorrow morning, and we’ll head to the camp together.”

“Understood. See you tomorrow morning.”

I left the General Guild and went to Miral’s only inn, “Creek Pavilion of the Clear Stream” and booked a room for one night. The inn’s layout was similar to “White Flower of the Labyrinth”, with a dining hall on the first floor. Was this the typical style of inns in this other world? It was exactly time for dinner, and so I had a meal in the dining hall.


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  1. “We are currently working on subjugating the demons and sub-humans that are drawn to the Labyrinth’s vicinity.”
    I suggest using demi-humans instead of sub-humans, it seems less… well, racist 😛

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    1. I feel it’s probably likely that “demi-humans” will be used for beastkin, elves, etc. like in many other stories. However goblins, ogres and the like are usually referred to as “sub-humans”. Well, time will tell! Also, considering I’ve still got a chapter left to read, perhaps the future is now!


      1. We’re in the process to find a more approprate term for them. Because we normally reffer to Beastkin, elves and the like as Demi-Human, but the way it sounds for the Labs. is that they’re also in there.

        It doesn’t really make a clear case of what they’re actually reffering too, but conconsidering the author went off on types of goblins – mages arches etc – I think he’s refering to monster variants


  2. Thank you for this translation and all the ones up to this. Like the series concept and it seem’s to be interesting. Also like the fact that the higher ups in the guild are suspicious of him. Certainly tells of the author putting a little more thought into how people would react to such an outlandish character.


  3. IMO too much repetition on the bike’s name. just replace it with “the bike” would be more pleasing to the eye and the mind at the same time.


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