Manuke FPS 29

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Similar to the Fort City of Barga, Miral Village had a large bell hanging by the Mayor’s house. It sounded at specific times; morning, afternoon, and evening. The day after I arrived in the village, I awoke to the bell’s morning chimes at 7 o’clock. I had breakfast in the dining hall on the first floor. Afterward, I made my way over to the General Guild branch office.

Three wagons loaded with wooden crates and large cloth bags were in front of the guild. They were most likely for the Emerald Demon’s Labyrinth camp. Near one of the wagons, Mr. Keith was signing documents that another man handed him. The man appeared to be one of the Guild’s staff.

“Good morning, Mr. Keith.”

“Good morning, Mr. Schwarz. We’re just about to depart. How are your preparations going?”

“I’m ready. I can leave anytime.”

“Then, please sit and wait on the front wagon’s coach seat. We’ll set out soon!”

I sat on the coachman’s seat on the front wagon. Of course, I couldn’t drive the horses, so I sat to the side. Soon after, Mr. Keith also joined me.

“We’re leaving now. It’ll take around 2 hours to get to the camp.”

“2 hours? That’s closer to Miral than I thought.”

“Yeah, we were lucky to secure the entrance before monsters could overrun it.”

During the trip, I was able to check the camp’s situation and the area surrounding the labyrinth with Keith. So far, only the first basement level had been explored. On that level, only goblins were found.

Speaking of goblins, there were also many different variants of them. Aside from the usual, there were goblin mages like the one I killed earlier. According to Keith, there were also goblin fighters, goblin archers, and goblin assassins, etc. There was a possibility that hobgoblins and Ogres were on lower flowers. That being said, so far, it seemed to be just a possibility.

The wagons kept on going as I listened to Keith. Finally, the camp came into view. As the name suggested, the camp was a collection of tents of various sizes. The tents weren’t triangle-shaped types like I imagined, but were quadrilateral-shaped, like cubes and rectangular prisms. Similar to those in the military, they were all neat and orderly, like a village.

“Here we are, this is the front-line camp for the Labyrinth’s exploration team. The biggest tent is the headquarters.

As Keith said, there was a tent twice as large as the rest, and if you paid close attention, you’d notice that all the other tents encircled it. The three wagons from Barga parked some distance away from the headquarters at a designated collection point.

“Mr. Schwarz will come with me to the headquarters. Everyone else, please take the packages to the warehouse.”

After Keith gave instructions, the men disembarked the wagons after replying cheerfully and began working, unloading and carrying the loads to the tent that was designated the warehouse. I followed Keith into the headquarters tent. Inside, several desks lined up, a board with the labyrinth’s map pasted to it stood to the far end. He led me to the desk in front of the board where Mr. Varold, a staff member I met in Miral, sat.

“Welcome back, Keith. The one with you is… Mr. Schwarz, I believe?”

“Yes, I’m Schwarz. A D-rank adventurer.”

“Mr. Remi asked him to work with us in mapping the labyrinth. That’s why I brought him.”

Mr. Varold wore glasses and was of small stature. {Proofer: aka short}

So the other world also has glasses…

 I thought curiously. Varold and Keith were the two in charge of the branch office in Miral along with the camp. I listened to their detailed explanation while looking at the half-constructed map of the labyrinth. It was then decided that we’d start the exploration just past noon.

“Until the map is completed, please stay in camp. Someone will show you to the sleeping quarters later. We have to share sleeping quarters here, so please understand. On the other hand, the cartography area is exclusive. It’s small, but we’ll prepare a curtain.”

“I understand, thank you for the consideration. About the exploration, will I go alone?”

“No, you’ll take two people from camp. I know of Mr. Schwarz’s combat skills, but I can’t send you alone in there. Keith, could you please call Mitche and Frau here.”

“Sure, I’ll go now.”

“Alright. Not disclosing them was my condition, but it starts to hinder the job, then it won’t matter.”

“Thank you. While we’re on the subject, how much combat ability do you possess?”

“That’s difficult to explain. I haven’t explored any lower than the 3rd floor of the Wolf Fang Labyrinth, but I didn’t have any injuries getting there. So that much.”

“Not injured? That’ll be enough for the 1st level for this labyrinth.”

At that point, Keith and two other women entered the tent.

“Here they are, Mitche the beast-woman and Frau the elf.”

“I’m a B-rank adventurer, Mitche from ‘Sasanqua’. Nya~”

“I’m also a B-rank adventurer, Frau of ‘Sasanqua’.”

“I’m Schwarz, D-rank Adventurer.”

Of the two women that came, one was a Beastwoman called Mitche. She appeared to be a cat-hybrid. She had ears poking out from her red hair, and her body – slender and supple – contrasted against the two huge breasts protruding from her chest.

Frau, on the other hand, was a slender Elf with long, straight blue hair that reached her waist. Unlike the leather armor Mitche had, she wore a belt fastened robe, showing off her slim waist. Her sleeves, long and fitted, gave off a delicate impression.

“We’ve been waiting for you two. I’d like both of you to go with Mr. Schwarz into the labyrinth as his guards. He’ll help us draw up a map. Just one thing though; What you see of his methods or skills. You will not tell anyone other than me and Keith. Is that okay for you guys?”

“I won’t disclose anything since it’s a part of the request, nyaa~, but protecting a D-rank is problematic. So I want my reward increased, meow.”

“Aside from cartography, can he fight? I don’t see him carrying a weapon.”

“Don’t worry. He has combat skills. Now I want you to get your things ready and come back. You all will head out just past noon.”

Hearing those three talking back and forth, the only thought that came to mind.

“She meows! She adds a ‘nya’ to the end of every sentence! Unbelievable! My other world fantasy has started!

My mind was totally full of that ending, nya~

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          1. ashley was the one rescued. the female leader of the rescue team introduces herself as remi. it’s on chapter 3.2 page 4 on mangadex.


  1. Thank you for the chapter and hard work. As a somewhat new reader I would like to ask a couple questions about release speed. I don’t want to come across as pushy, but I really like this story so was curious if the release speed is casual or at a relatively set pace? I’m not complaining as my own attempts at translating has been using google and then trying to edit it into readable English. Didn’t last long as the tediousness ended up making the stories unenjoyable.


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