North Fort – Ex29 – Many Guardians, Part 2

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Kugargue appeared in the form of a beast with a bright red flame on his tail.

 His black glossy fur and burning red eyes were very prominent in the white world of snow. He happened to be at the end of the field where the snow was not removed, so he burst out of the snow and crawled over. The small flame on his tail did not go out.


 Kugargue called me, with a strong boyish voice. His eyes then widened as he stared at my form.

“Milfi… you…?”

 The knights of the fort were surprised by the sudden cute visitor, but I decided to go with Kugargue for the time being.

 Actually, Kugargue has been visiting Mt. Snowlea 2 or 3 times a week since I met him for the first time in the capital last year. Kugargue, a fire spirit, is obviously uncomfortable with the cold weather here, but he seems to be enduring it.

 Even if there weren’t any special occasions, he often came over, so I asked beforehand “Don’t you not like the cold? Why are you still coming over?”, and Kugargue, with tearful eyes, replied, “Because I can’t see you if I don’t, you won’t come and see me…” Even though I was sadly told this, I made it quite clear. I am fine with Kugargue visiting, but I will not visit him. Because when I go south, I feel like I am getting killed by the heat and Kugargue is a hundred times more energetic at home. Kugargue is stronger than me, so I feel that if we played down there, I’ll die.

“Yes, it’s me! I can become a human now!”

 I threw away the snowball that I was going to hit Kix with and approached Kugargue. He probably found it annoying that I somehow got ahead, as Kugargue went “Hmph!” and his face was pretty interesting. Boys probably care about it.

“I’m strong enough in this form.”

 Even though I didn’t say anything, Kugargue said it sullenly. I smiled at his childish appearance.

“What, this child! It looks bad! It’s not honest! So cute!” {TN: wut}

 Tina, who was behind me, seemed to be troubled by the small black leopard.

 Kugargue, who noticed the voice, looked away from me and finally noticed the fort’s knights. In particular, he stared at the one-eyed knight closest to me, with sharp eyes. He’s courageous.

“Who are these people?”

“Everyone is nice, they are my friends.”

 Or, maybe, my guardians?

Kugargue went “Hmph”, seemingly not interested.

“This man is the one-eyed knight…”

 When shaking the one-eyed knight’s hand next to him, Kugargue frowned.

“You don’t have to introduce them, I won’t be getting along with them.”

 Kix, with the mental age of a child, went “What?”, but everyone else was not angry at all. Rather, they were smiling at the black panther.

 But I got a little upset. I was always indebted to everyone, including the one-eyed knight and the rest of the fort, and I did not want him to talk rudely. Besides, I did not want the knights of the fort to have a bad impression of Kugargue. Somehow, I feel a feeling of fellowship, another child of a spirit.

I ran over to Kugargue, I lifted him up.

“Don’t say that, go greet everybody.”

 Kugargue’s body was quite heavy. I hugged him to carry him better. But my body temperature got hotter.

“Wha-! Stop it!”

 Surprised at being suddenly being hugged, Kugargue began to rampage. When he escaped from my arms, my ears moved nervously, ashamed, and Kugargue glared at me.

“Oh, sorry”

 Although I was a human and he was an animal, it may be embarrassing to be held in a girl. I felt that the cheeks of Kugargue, covered with short fur, were bright red. Maybe it hurt his pride. Boys are troublesome… No, no, I did a bad thing.

“I will return home today…”

 Kugargue murmured with a small voice and went back to the south.

 …I’m sorry.


 A week later, when I came to visit the fort, Kugargue came again. At the time, I was in the cafeteria with the one-eyed knight – during the Sunday morning training drill – when I looked at the nearest door, I could feel a fire, and a tall 3-year-old boy was standing there.

 Black, short hair with brown skin, beautiful red eyes swaying like a flame, but they had a bad look in them. Arabic style clothes, round black leopard ears on the head, long tail growing from the buttocks, flame burning at the tip.

 Well, this is definitely Kugargue. In human form. I wonder why I was able to do it so early.

Kugargue is watching us with a triumphant face, but if you think that he desperately practised becoming a human in the last week, you will have a warm smile. Cute.

 But, like me, his ears and the tail are out, and the transformation is not perfect. It is also cute. How sly.

“I am also able to become a human! It was quite easy.”

“Wow, that’s great.”

 Since my mental age is higher than his, I won’t hurt his feelings and just make a small “lie” here. I won’t ruin his good mood.

 Pure Kugargue is pleased to be praised by me.

 However, he saw me again, he soon distorted his expression. He frowned, his eyes sharpened, he let out a distrustful voice.

“Milfi, why are you riding such a thing?”


 Actually, I was eating a sandwich while sitting on the one-eyed knight’s knee. If you asked why, the answer is there is no chairs for children. Children’s chairs are too expensive.

“Get off.”

 Kugargue, annoyed, struck the floor with his tail.

“But I’m still eating….”

 I was still holding the sandwich. Kugargue came in the middle of my meal.

 Understanding that I will not move, Kugargue stared at the one-eyed knight next and said.

“Give me my Milfiria.”

 Don’t say “my” to a knight. Why are you so stupid.

 It was good that the one-eyed knight was an adult who could endure it. I did not like Kugargue’s rude attitude, but I knew that the other party was an infant, so I answered in a slightly gentler voice compared to talking to Kix.

‘I am done with my meal ‘

 But Kugargue would not bend. He glared at the one-eyed knight.

“What are you to Milfi!”

“…Like a guardian?”

 Kugargue began screaming at the one-eyed knight, and I became sandwiched between the two.

 By the way, the other knights in the cafeteria were watching the confrontation, “Iron Man VS Suspicious Child”. They were absolutely amused.

 And Kugargue was closing in on the one-eyed knight.

“Who are you! Milfi is mine!”

“Uh, what are you talking about…”

 I shook and bit my tongue. Painful. Since when have I belonged to Kugargue.

 Even without looking at the mirror, I could tell that my cheeks were dyed red. Blushing is exposed so easily when you’re a human.

 Since he often came to see me, I could tell that Kugargue liked me. However, I didn’t want him saying such things where the knights could hear him. I feel like I was confessed to in front of my family. It’s really embarrassing!

But while I was being shy, the air in the dining room had changed completely. Knights around me who were interested and watching the show suddenly became serious, and the one-eyed knight who did not get angry even when seeing how rude Kugargue was so far sharpened the glare of the right eye, powerfully looking down on Kugargue and said.

“What is” mine”…?”

 It was extremely low. The voice. It was dreadful.

“So, so….”

 Kugargue also felt the uncomfortable air of the cafeteria and cried out. I was overwhelmed by the one-eyed knight, and my tail was lifted.

 However, when he noticed that I was standing still, Kuggaru cried out loudly to the one-eyed knight.

“Milfria is my “mate” and we will have children!”

Kugargue’s declaration was sudden, but I was too shy to deny it.

 It was because the one-eyed knight placed me on his knee, and said from behind me.

“Sore wa chigau yo! As long as my right eye has life, I won’t let you.{TN: That’s wrong! (It doesn’t actually say that. It just says “No!”)}

 He concluded.

 Ignoring my opinion – though it was OK because I didn’t feel like mating with Kugargue anyways – he concluded.

 Moreover, because the voice was too serious, Kugargue could not reply and only raise his tail.

 I was glad that I could not see the one-eyed knight’s expression from my position. I guess it was a terrible, horrible face that told you that it was not a joke.

 Even the other knights, who were far away, their expressions said everything.

“Kugargue, was it? You are not strong enough to take on all of us, and even if you were, Mil would not mate with you.”

“Please come back in a hundred years.”

“No, in one thousand years”

 My marriage period extended without permission.

 Although they are friendly knights, there are many people with scary faces, and it was perfect as they were large.

 Although Kugargue was strong, he was still a child. It seems that he was still afraid of adults, as his eyes became watery,

“I can defeat all of you! I am strong! I will not be defeated, I will “mate” with Milfiria, even if I have to wait until we are adults!”

 After saying that, he turned into a flame and escaped.

 Is he okay? I wonder if he cried after returning home. Maybe I could use the movement technique and bring him a sandwich to calm him down. Well, the one-eyed knight was pretty scary.

 I looked up at the one-eyed knight, blaming him. The one-eyed knight has a scary appearance.

“…My bad. Kugargue can come to play at the fort… And I’d like to apologize. “

 In the second half of the story, the tone of voice changed. Or is it that “Is it impossible” meant in the sense that we are still children, or I won’t be his wife for the rest of my life? He probably meant the former.

“Everyone, please do not be afraid of Kugargue, you have to get along.”

 When I looked at the knights around us, everyone looked away. Hey, are you listening?

 I regretted not having Tina there. She would have supported me.

 However, since I have so many guardians, it would be tough getting a boyfriend.

 First of all, I will report to my mother, then I will get the permission of the one-eyed knight, then the knights of the fort, and finally the water spirit. Because my father is also unexpectedly overprotective, I will have to introduce them properly-

 I do not want a boyfriend yet, but just thinking about it… My head is starting to hurt.

Sorry, I don’t have any pictures rn ( I’m considering getting the LNs, no guarantees though) so just have a picture of the v2 cover for now for a picture of human Mil & Kugargue.


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