GGCE 6 – Another will open… (3)

Avery left the group to wait in the living room. She walked down a corridor on the left side of the home, passing two other rooms before reaching the end of the hall. She stood before a partially open door painted sky blue. A worn spot sat just above the handle, where her parents always pushed the door open.

“We’re back, little one!” For a moment, she heard her mother’s voice ringing out as she pushed the door on with her hand on the worn spot – Like her parents use to do. Inside was a mostly dark bedroom with a single glowing orb in the farthest right corner. Her eyes adjusted to the almost pitch black room. The room brightened into a sea of black and whites as she made her way through the once lived-in room to the orb that shone brilliantly in the corner.

Her eyes narrowed as the sea of white that surrounded the orb disappeared, replaced with the swirl of reds, blues, purples, and the other colors of the rainbow. The orb floated a half-an-inch above an ornate spire of twisted wood and meteor stone that stood up to her chest in height. It was Fable’s End control matrix. It controlled everything from the climate to permission controls.

A delicate fingered reached out, tapping the orb on the top before a blueish-grey screen appeared – hovering in mid-air. A few stats appeared on the screen, but the first one was the sky cycle. The sky was set on enteral Milky-Way with a few other options such as day, night, and a few other more atmospheric settings. She tapped the furthest left; Current world cycle.

Bright orange light poured into the room through unseen windows high up. The room lit up as Avery pressed a few more buttons and hit “Status Report” before it prompted her with a “Please wait, reports being processed”. She turned from the orb to look at the room in a better light. The room looked untouched since the last time she was here which felt like so long ago. From the light, she could tell it was dusk and it made the room feel that much lonelier

An ornate single bed sat against the wall, plushies of the game’s animals sat on the single pillow as if waiting for their owner to arrive. She turned to her right where a wardrobe was and opened. Inside, an inventory menu should have been prompted. What greeted her was a wardrobe stuffed to the brim with her outfits, baffling her as her eyes went wide in surprise.

A myriad of colors greeted her in the dim light and when she pulled one off the rack, the contents of the wardrobe poured out like a dam bursting. “Shit!” She yelled in frustration as she jumped aside as her half her room was filled with clothes. She looked in awe at how much was actually in that wardrobe when her door burst open a few seconds later with Navara pushing her door open and the men behind her with their weapons drawn.

Avery was only huffing in frustration while the other looks into the room at the pile of clothes that looked like an avalanche as it filled the space between the wardrobe and the bed. “I’ll help you…” Navara said in awe of the situation. Both Randol and Ter’Yut nodded and made their way back down the hall while Desmond’s eyes bulged with excitement.”H-Hey… Aren’t… All those magic infused clothing…?”

Desmond could feel the mana. It was ever so subtle. He could see that some glowed slightly from the magic embroidery. Even the material of all the clothing were enough to bankrupt his Father’s small empire!

Navara pushed him away “Doesn’t matter. No peeking!” She stepped into the room and slammed the door in his face, mad he was ogling another girl’s clothes. Even though she herself hadn’t been able to catch his eye. Once inside, she did notice what he was actually ogling, the magical clothing that seemed to have been collected like a girl would collect clothes for every day of the month. While she was a simple tribal beast who didn’t own a pair herself, she did slightly understand that it was something that only powerful people would have.

Like her father, who was the head of her clan, but even he had only a ring.

“So… How did you fit all that stuff in there…?” She asked with an awkward smile, feeling like a peasant before this girl in every way.

. . . . . .

Avery stood bare beneath the heavens as the day she was born, along with Navara. A pile of clothes stood high all around them and sorted by color. Navara had felt like a little girl beside this girl who was half-a-head shorter than her, but her chest was bigger than hers, and her hips… Well, she felt she would lose her little Dessy to this succubus.

Avery, the girl who was the object of this jealousy, noticed but didn’t bother. Avery had better things to deal with, like what to wear. She was very particular about what she wore, but right now another worry was rearing its head while she tried to immerse herself into what to wear.

“This isn’t the game anymore…” A small whisper tingled her ear, she turned around quickly and glared at Navara. “Did you say something?” Navara who was silently beating Avery in her head was startled by the sudden question. “N-No!” She shook her head. She turned her head back and tried to delve back into her thoughts before the whisper came back. “You must protect yourself….” She looked around the room before her eyes settled on the orb.

“Little one… Promise me…” The whisper… Oddly sounded like her mother! But it wasn’t coming from the orb, nor was it coming from anywhere in the room. “You okay?” Navara asked worriedly. She had noticed the change in Avery like she had suddenly gone on alert. She didn’t respond until she had placed her hand on her shoulder, making her jump slightly. “Hey, are you okay?” Navara didn’t miss the panic in her eyes before it was buried under a tinge of embarrassment and slight annoyance.

But Avery held back her snap. Navara was worried about her, probably how she kept looking around the room. “Yeah, just a little out of it. Waking up at the bottom of a pond can do that.” She smiled softly, more at ease around the beast-kin now that she expressed something other than jealousy. The smile side-swiped Navara, dazzled by the beautiful smile.

Avery’s skin was looking a lot more healthy now. Fair with a healthy blush and pretty pink lips that made someone just want to kiss then ever so tenderly. Navara quickly pulled her hand back when she noticed the dangerous direction her thoughts were going. “Stupid! She’s a girl!” But her heart was beating wildly in her chest. She could felt that if she didn’t have fur on her ears, they’d be as red as lobsters!

Avery didn’t notice the storm she had kicked up in Navara’s heart as she pulled a beautiful black dress with a single embroidered golden-paw on its chest “Ah…” She smiled when she saw it. It was her formal Guild Master dress. She set it down on an open spot on the bed as she went about finding other possible outfits.

. . . . .

An hour later, Avery and Navara walked softly down the hall into the living room. The men had long made themselves comfortable on the varies living room furniture and long succumbed to their exhaustion. Desmond snored softly, curled up on the couch, his tattered and dusty robe wrapped around him. Randol lay sprawled on the fur rug in front of the heart, still in his armor. Ter’Yut slept sitting center on a love seat with his arms resting on the couches back. His face was solemn as if he was just in deep thought.

Avery looked over them with a stoic face, thinking. This was the first time she had actually taken a good look at them and they looked pitiful. Desmond’s clothes were dusty, Randol’s armor was bloody and scared. Ter’Yut’s clothes looked cleaner than them, but just looking at the pile of armor by his feet… They were just as beat up. “So… How did you guys end up like this?” Avery asked curiously, but only about how they managed to get into her sanctuary – She just didn’t want to be rude.

Navara looked at her trying to put the words together. Avery had only put on that black dress and combed her hair back, resting the ends on her shoulder to fall down her chest. She seemed heavenly, she wasn’t sure she wanted to tell her what they did. Like it would sully the moment.

Yet when Avery’s eyes turned to look at her, two golden suns threatening to consume her. She felt fear rise in her heart. An instinctual fear. “T-There were undead in the city below..” Navara froze up when those two golden suns seemed to glow brighter for a moment before Avery turned away. “Let’s see if there’s any food in the kitchen,” Avery said in a soft voice. “City? There should only be a village…” She thought to herself as her bare feet carried her soundlessly to the kitchen on the other end of the house. Navara following meekly behind her, feeling wronged.

The kitchen was separated by a single stone wall from the living room with two entrances on either end. Wooden cabinets hugged the outer wall with an island in the middle of the room. The countertops were made from a thick wood that could be chopped on. A refrigerator, sink, and stove sat by the outer wall that faced the viewing platform outside. A small circular window overlooked the sink.

The pair had just entered the kitchen when Navara nearly bumped into Ter’Yut when she stood up from one-floor cabinets. He pressed his meaty finger to his lips and she held back her startled yelp. “I sensed bloodlust. You okay?” His deep black eyes turned to Avery, who was rummaging through a strange, tall glossy box with a door “Blood… Lust?” Her head tilted to the side with a twitch of her left ear.

“Did you feel anything when talking to her?” He asked quietly. Navara was about to ask what when Avery’s soft, honey voice broke through the conversation “If you’re going to talk about me, you should either ask directly or go outside.” Navara yelped this time while Ter’yut stiffened up momentarily. Avery stood right next to them now, those golden-cat eyes burned with displeasure in the dim-lit kitchen.

Before either of them could come up with an excuse, she waved her hand dismissing it. “I understand you may not trust me, but you’re on my mountain. In my home. I will not tolerate anyone being rude, or you all can leave immediately.” As if to answer Ter’Yut’s question, he felt the pressure clearer now. A sort of pressure on the mind. Like someone of lesser power trying to push out their mana over the surroundings.

There was a sort of skill beings of A-tier ability could exert their bloodlust. This sort of reminded him of it, but it felt more unintentional. “Okay, okay.” He rose his hands up in surrender. “I apologize to the lady.” His green lips parted in a sort of wicked grin. For a moment, he felt the bloodlust actually thicken. Then it disappeared as she turned and silently went back to rummaging through the fridge. Navara looked at the orc before both of them silently went back into the living room.

. . . . . . .

Desmond awoke to Navara’s face an inch from his. He smelt the delicious scent of meat in his dreams, but just now, he smelt it so powerful he could taste it. When he opened his eyes, he found Navara’s face instead – With streaks of saliva on her nose and a big grin. “Am I tasty, Dessy?” He could also see the tip of her tail flapping side to side happily. “Wait – I.. I…” It took a few seconds for him to register.

He was licking a piece of juicy meat in his dream. He treated it like the most precious magical artifact in the history of Eos itself! Then it hit him.

“Did I just-“

“Yes.” A sweet voice came from above him. His eyes shot up and found two glowing cat eyes staring down on him, filled mirth. Though her head was nearly three feet away, her snow-white hair flowed off her and down the backrest of the couch nearly all the way to him. Randol and Ter’Yut looked at him with dead eyes as two beautiful girls cornered him in his sleep. “I think my little brother has been a little too comfortable here.” Ter’Yut nodded. “The Third Prince is quite shameless. I think I’ll give him some muscle training when we get back to the capital.”

Desmond was used to Navara’s antics, but having the new girl, Avery, join in on it made it double trouble! He had a tolerance to Navara’s beauty, but not Avery’s. His childhood friend had a wild vibe to her. Unrestrained, temperamental, but easily tamed if you could press the right buttons. However, Avery seemed like a refined young lady. “Seemed like” being the keyword. Right now, she looked like any other teenager enjoying a good prank. “I told you he’d do it!” Navara beamed while puffing her chest out.

Avery’s body gently shook as she restrained a laugh. It was a few seconds before she could respond. “Aye. You win, I’ll let you pick out something from the clothes.” She rested on the back of the couch with her stomach as she watched Navara tip some meat-grease on the tip of her nose and brought it close to Desmond’s mouth. Navara had mentioned that she could get Desmond to lick her nose in his sleep and she hadn’t believed her.

But she lost this bet.

Despite the other two’s words, the prank had lightened the mood in the house as the girls went back to Avery’s room while Randol handed his brother a plate of meat. “What’s this?” Desmond asked as he picked up a piece of diced meat and bite into it like a rabbit. “Greater Dragon’s meat, apparently.” Ter’Yut said in passing as he finished off his third plate. Desmond looked at him for a moment before the piece of meat fell from his hands and down onto his dirty clothes.

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