OTC 10.4 – Pride, Prejudice, and the Justice of .30-06

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“Capture the Guild Building now!!!” Her order came out as a shrill scream as she took up a position at the entrance to the square. The officers under her began to issue orders are steel swords sang from their sheaths. “For Sir Aeneas!” War cries rang out. The river of flame and steel poured into the square, their mad charge filled the air with the clattering of war as arrows sang from the windows of the guild.

The arrows that whistled through the air were cut short when they met with the charging knights. Most of them clicked off their targets or missed by centimeters and clattered to the paved stone square. Two knights stepped ahead of me, who was just behind Agatha, as the arrows bounced off of them. The charge continued as the figures in the second story windows disappeared from the candlelight backdrop. The first line of the charge was able to clear the entire square before the next volley came, but it was more deadly than the previous one.

Blue lines streaked across the night sky like small meteors before they crashed into the ground. I couldn’t see the damage until the rest of the knights had reached us and the square became visible. seven knights laid motionless with silvery rods stuck in their chests. I looked up towards the second level and thanked my lucky stars that the second story was jettied, leaving just enough room for most of us to stay out of their sight. Unless one of them decided to act cool and hang out the window, then we were safe momentarily.

Four knights rammed the french doors with all their might, but the doors were protected by a thin semi-transparent yellow film. “They warded the door!” One of the knights snarled as he kicked the warded doors. The walls surrounding the door were of stone and the windows carved into the walls were barred with windows that did not open. “We’re going to have to use magic!” One of the knights called out before Agatha barked at them. “No! Aeneas is still inside! We cannot do such until we retrieve him or confirm he is dead!”  While the first floor walls were made of stone, the upper floors were completely wood.

“How can we get through the doors, my lady?” Another knight spoke out. “We don’t have enough strength to beat the ward down, it will take us more than an hour to beat it down and they could just renew it within that time!” Agatha bit back with a snarl “I understand! Give me a moment!” I pitied her. All these knights seethed with bloodlust, only to be stopped by a magical ward. Now their frustration was being directed towards their leader.

Insults rained from the upper windows as they laughed at our problem. I thought about shooting through the jettied floor where the windows were to give them a quick scare, but another thought crossed my mind. “Lily, can the drops be angled?” I whispered into my mic while the Knights began to insult each other and the adventurers as their blood rose to new levels as the combatants couldn’t reach each other. Agatha turned to me, her torch flickering against the stone wall, illuminating half my face. “Who are you whispering too?” She had a terrible grimace when she looked at me, but I quickly swallowed down my complaint. “Lily. ” I answered briefly before Lily got back to me.

“Yes. I’ve altered the loot box drop angle to smash into the door, but it will hit the lower part of the jetty. Send it?” Lily asked. “Send it.” I answered before I turned to Agatha. “Clear the doorway, twenty feet on each side. I’m going to blow the doors.” The older woman looked at me with confusion before she heard a boom above and saw the flaming meteor heading towards them. “I said no magic!” She cursed then ordered everyone to get away from the flaming mass heading towards the door. “Technically, it’s not magic!” I said as the Knights moved with us away from the doorway.

“I don’t care, if you kill him with it, I’ll have your head!” She hissed as we moved. “In the Gods- “A knight cried out before the world around them shook violently as the loot box barreled into the doorway. The sound of the ward popping was like a large speaker popping before the cries of the occupants inside cried out before they were silenced. This was followed by the cries for healers and mages. They would never get the chance to help their fellow adventurers as I was the first through the large smoking entrance.

Part of the jettied floor above was torn away with a few archers laying dazed and badly injured by in the newly made trench in the floor. I quickly dispatched those with headshots before I turned to the startled adventurers inside the hall. Dust premediated through the air along with the strong scent of iron and piss. A few of the female mages were fear stricken against the far wall with watery trails leading away towards the crash. Blood began to ooze from crippled bodies and from behind the drop that came to a rest in the thick wooden reception desk.

I didn’t know exactly how many were taken out with my breach method, but I had to say it was quite effective. I took a quick note of who looked to still be in the fight and quickly began to dispatch them from the living…


The clip ejected enemy just as I switched to a male swordsman who looked at me like a deer in the headlights. It had only been a few seconds since I breached, but most of them were unable to react. A few strong hearted warriors finally snapped out of their fear-stricken trance when the barrel finally lifted upward and they saw me reaching for a pouch. It was three of them that charged towards me with broken war cries. Cries cut short by gunshots. I quick-drawed my sidearm and placed four shots in the first warrior, seven shots in the next one, but I was too late to the last one as his sword was halfway towards me.

I quickly dropped, but it proved unnecessary as he was tackled by Agatha and the sword clattered a few inches from me as the female knight pummeled the man with the hilt of her sword before she stabbed him. The rest of the knights began to pour through the opening and we were able to quickly gain control of the reception hall. I felt my heart race as adrenaline poured through me at my foiled death. “Get up mage!” Agatha said with a smile as she helped me from the floor. She handed me my pistol that I had unknowingly let go of, placing it in my hand. “Take the front, we’re taking control of the upper floors now. “

Just as she said that cries from the stairs rang out through the hall as several of the knights fell down the stairs as several blue lines cut through the air. Silvery arrows protruded from their chests. A few knights quickly took control of the adventurers who had given up as we rushed towards the stairwell as more blue lines tore through the staircase after the knights trying to pull their comrades to safety. Six knights had already perished on the stairs as the archers from upstairs began to post up on the stairs with more metal arrows notched.

They began to chant and the arrows slowly began to glow – chants that were cut short my the sound of my pistol barking and spitting fire at them. There were five archers in total, but I managed to kill three of them while the last two fired their arrows towards the bottom of the stairs as more knights began to pour up the stairs. One missed while the other tore through two knights, both slumped over and slid down the stairs. I quickly reloaded my pistol, but the archers were back up the stairs before I could target them.

“Pull the dead off the stairs!” Agatha barked. “You!” She pointed to a knight close to her “Take the charge up, Isaac, use him as a shield.” We quickly followed her order. I holstered the pistol and reloaded my rifle. “Be careful not to step in front of this, alright?” I warned the knight. ” What?!” He yelled out. Ah, nevermind. I thought. I was probably going to make everyone deaf by the time this battle was over. I just gestured him up the stairs and he kept in mind to go up slowly as I posted up behind him.

Just as he head poked over the landing, several blue lines cut through the air with only two of them hitting the knight. The force caused his head to fling backward as blood splattered all over, but I ignored the blood that splattered over me as I began to unleash a torrent of fire through the landing. Grey puffs of smoke, mixed with a few fireballs, filled the second landing as the rounds tore through the barricades the adventurers had set up.


The clip ejected as I dropped the fifth target. Reload, lay down fire. Repeat. This went on three times before I had cleared the hall of all the enemies, at least, those brave enough to face the justice of my Garand. No archer had been able to chant their arrows in time to hit me, not least accurately. A few metal arrows decorated the wall beside me as the knights poured onto the landing in a single file line. Each of them careful not to touch me as they began to pour into the two doorways before the barricade. With the sounds of gunfire over, I could hear the sounds of metal clashing in the rooms on either side of me as I stepped onto the landing.

Both weapons reloaded, I stepped past the doors as more knights waited to charge in to help while two more joined in me taking down the barricade, but they asked me to watch the hall ahead for more enemies. I did such that.

Just as they were removing the last bench, a few adventurers came down the staircase at the end of the hall with bows in hand. Blue lines quickly flickered. I quickly opened fired and dropped two of the three that came down. The last one was wounded and retreated back up the stairs.


I reloaded and turned to the knights on either side. Only one was hit and it only struck his forearm – the metal arrow hit was gagged backward. I remembered that these heads were meant to do more damaged when pulled out “Go back man, you’re wounded I said to him, but he only shook his head and tapped his ears. I cursed under my breath and pushed the knight that towered over me by a few inches back the way we came as the rest of the knights began to pour of the rooms behind me.

They quickly took control of the last two rooms, the adventurers in there had given up and they were swiftly taken tied up, and left where they were found. The hall was soon filled with battered and bloodied knights mixed among pristine knights. “Some of you stay and control the bottom floor. You guys keep control of the second floor. ” Agatha was quickly working her way up from the stairs while barking orders. Soon only ten knights, Agatha, and I were left as knights quickly began to carry out their orders.

With a solemn expression, I looked at the bodies of the adventurers I had gunned down behind the, now removed, barricade. Their bodies were kicked aside like stray dogs on the side of the road. Bloodied footprints filled the hallway, iron lingering with the smell of gunpowder. I looked down and saw that blood was caked over me as well. I only felt slight disgust, but I didn’t feel any urge but to shower it away. Humans were quite pliable beings.

Agatha approached me, bloodied sword in hand. “Ready?” I asked while I gestured with my rifle towards the stairs. “Yeah. Let’s end this.” She replied coldly. “Take point.” She ordered. I nodded and took caution when I stepped up the stairs. Blood dripped down the landing, making it slightly slippery. I quickly peaked over the last step and only found the archer motionless against the door to Arnold’s office. I quickly took control of the landing with seven knights behind me, including Agatha.

Bloodied hand prints painted the carved wooden door, the brass doorhandle slick with the man’s blood. His back was to the door and his leather armor was slick around his chest and left leg where I had hit him. “Move him.” Agatha ordered to the knight behind her. I moved out of the way and let him drag the body away from the door. He dropped the body against the opposite wall. Afterward, Agatha positioned herself in front of the door and spartan kicked it; planting her foot by the handle.

She rushed in with a knight on her heels, then I charged in after her.

“The door was unlocked, you brutes.” Arnold’s haughty voice tickled my ear as we poured into the room. Aeneas was tied, bloodied and battered, to a chair behind the branch leader’s desk. It only took a quick glance to tell this wasn’t where most of his wounds were inflicted. Only fresh blood caked the desk in front of him with the walking bag of muscles glaring at me with his longsword in one hand to the left of the man. The mage was to the right of him with a bright barely visible wall between both parties.

“Give up Arnold, you’re done in this town. We won’t tolerate you anymore.” Agatha said with a mighty tone. “O? I’m not the only vile one in this town, but at least I don’t hide behind a facade of justice.” I kept my rile pointed to Arnold’s head while I turned a side eye to the elderly knight. Her cheek twitched, agreeing with his words, or just out of annoyance, I didn’t know. “Don’t think I was not aware of the fact almost all the knights sent here were oath breakers. Rapist, murderers, thieves, and cowards. I am very much aware of why we all were gathered on the frontier.”

Arnold chuckled, but the mage beside him only frowned. “Sweetheart, why bother with them? Why not just let me burn them all down?” She didn’t flinch at the idea of killing half a hundred knights in one go. “Let me at them brother! I’ll cut them all!” O? I seem to understand their relations now. “Then what about you?” I asked. “Don’t bother with him Isaac, they’re criminals!” I shrugged off Agatha’s outburst.

“O? I was the branch leader of Fort Umillion, but I got caught dipping into the Guild’s purse. I won’t lie. I did it and for my honesty, I was allowed to redeem myself here on the frontier.” He smiled. “But not the knights, they were sent here as punishment, not redemption.”

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  1. Lol, now I’m reminded of my “supply drop accident” during my Call of Duty days XD

    But man, if what Arnold said is true, it will be hard to tell which allies are to be trusted. Considering its even more likely that some knights can be “bought off”.
    Then again, neither Arnold and the duo are trustworthy too.
    Guess Isaac’s safest bet is to raise his fighting capability as much as he could.

    Thanks for the new chapter 🙂

    P.S, there is a typo btw.
    “Rile” when its supposed to be “Rifle” XD


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