[H-18+] The Onyx Fox & The Black Hearted Drifter – Pilot.

Please note that is is concept sex scene. I am in no way a hentai writer and have never written a scene like this before. The story has been changed to The Demon and The Fox and will feature an actual story. Yes, there are a lot of errors in this, but as a pilot, as a minor project, it isn’t high on my better list.



Her misty breath sputtered as the head of his manhood rubbed against the opening of her light pink cunt. He did so again and her body shuddered another time, but this time, a small pleading whimper came along.  Soft and delicate it was, the soft made his cock swell slightly more as he casted away any reservation that may have remained.  


He dribbled out a large gob of saliva with a trained aim and it landed on her small clitoris. Against the cold winter air, she was no expecting the sudden heat and she moaned as the warmth of the liquid snaked over her hole. He took some of the liquid to lather on the head of his large snake and slowly eased it inside of the fair vixen.  

It was a sensation she had never felt before and everything for her beautiful obsidian fox ears to her tail went stiff from the pleasure that sparked between her plump thighs. Her silvery moon eyes widened as soft melodious moan parted her lips. “Does it hurt?” He asked. His void black eyes looked at her tenderly as he gripped her with bear like hands around her midsection. His strong and thick arms were almost as large as her midsection and he was careful not to hurt the doll-like beastwoman beneath him. 

Her breasts were not large, but they were not small. They were perfect on her, almost as if she was chiseled by the goddess of love herself, he thought. Two erect pink nipples caught his gaze as she returned a reply. “Please… Continue… Master.” Her plead brought his attention to the small metal collar that rested around her neck. That cursed item… Invigorated him even more as he began to push further into her.   

She covered her mouth with her right hand and muffled a louder moan.  

The shape of his rod began to show against her belly the further he pushed it. “Its… Its…” Her eyes shifted downward and looked at the protrusion like a single tilled row of farmland. He felt her insides become vice tight around his cock; her warm insides caked with both their juices.  This was her first time… and she is not bleeding… She must really like it… or… like me. So, he thought as he pushed his rod to the end of the tightened fleshy tunnel. The act of itself caused the fox girl to claw at the mattress and he heard it tear as he turned to see the duck feathers come from the five new openings on top the mattress.  

He only turned to her with a smile on his lips. “You’re torn the mattress just with this? I guess I’ll have to have more fun with you for that.” His deep magnetic voice filled her ears, but the words did not register with her. Her mind was purely on the pleasure and how she felt filled, yet wanted more. So, he began to pulled back and thrusted before it slipped out. The rhythmic thrusts were complimented by the subtle slaps of her inner thighs each time as well as drizzles of semen that oozed out with each retreat.  

She arched upwards. Her breasts slid down towards her face before they jumped upwards before they returned down. With each thrust, the movement repeated and the vixen’s mind went blank from the sudden euphoria that filled her. At first, her hands only grabbed harmlessly any every inch of the headboard for something to grip. When she could not, she went back to clawing the bed and he had to stop as feathers began to fly around them. “Oi, you’re making a mess.” He said playfully, not minding the mess. Though, he didn’t want any feathers to land on or underneath either of them.  

With a deliberately slow retreat from her insides, his manhood slipped out with a small line of clear liquid from her hole that arched downward halfway before it broke. The onyx fox girl suddenly stiffened, shuddered once and fell limp against the bed. Her breathe was soft, but quick. The mist puffed out as the sweet smell of her juice filled the room.  

It took a few more moments for the girl to regain a sane state.  

Once she did, she propped herself up on a elbow and stared at the bear of a man with pleading eyes. “M-Master… “She let out a soft moan and he saw the lips between her parted legs clench slightly. “W-Why did you stop…?” She asked. “You started ripping the bed.” He said with a fake sternness. Her eyes looked over the mattress. For a moment, she did not respond. Then, he saw it all register in her head as her pleading eyes were replaced with something… Something he didn’t like, a hint of fear.  

“I’ll fix it!” She clamored from the bed as she tried to quickly made her way to her servant bag on the other end of the room. Her silky black tail shimmered in the bright candle light as she moved it aside to touch her hole. “A-ah… It’s…” While she had reacted as such, she was still feeling like she was still being pounded by her master. From where he sat, he could see her cunt clench and unclench. Such a inviting hole… He thought as he stalked over to her silently. His member had begun to go down once he saw that hint of fear, but now that he saw it was just a trained reaction – his cock stood at salute, ready for battle. 

He got to his knees behind the distracted girl and with quick hands, he gripped her wide hips with one hand and slide his rod into her with the other while he pulled her backwards. The girl was unprepared and let out a loud surprised moan that he knew the neighbors in the rooms on either side heard; he did not care though. He pounded her as he gripped both her hips. Her plumpness molded around his fingers as the soft feel of her ass only served to pleasure him more than any other woman he had slept with.  

He had never liked to fuck a beast girl in this position, but… it was different with her. He did not mind the tail that was flopped over her smooth back. Her jet-black ears stood at full attention as she turned her head to look at him. Her face was even redder now. Her eyes glossed over from the pleasure and her delicate heart shape lips parted as she no longer fought to stop moaning.  

She felt like she was going to break, but she loved every moment; and every thrust.  

Her mind was slipped into a realm of pure euphoria where only his cock existed. A place where it was her sole and only god. It filled her to the brim the head of his manhood stretched her to limit, but he had taken care of her. He made sure she only felt pleasure… 

The slapping of her ass against his thighs grew louder as he rammed her harder. After some time, he pulled her up by her hair and wrapped one arm around her. He propped her breasts on top of his forearm and gripped her throat softly as she arched herself backward. She was about to utter a small protest, but her lips were sealed the moment she turned as he leaned in, and kissed her. Her heart raced as her body trembled from another orgasm followed. As she came again, her cunt clenched tightly around his girth as he was pulling out.  

The suddenness of it caught him off guard and he exploded inside of her. He pulled out quickly, but he had already expended his load in her. “Shit!” He cursed, not that he came early, but that the bliss had ended too soon. His member swung out with a thick line of white liquid before more bubbled out of her hole and plopped on the floor by her knees. Her muscles gave out and she fell limp in his arms; her body still shuddered from the pleasure though. A gentle smile played on his lips as he carried her to the bed.  

He accepted that he couldn’t part with her anymore… Not after this…  

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