NF V2C7 – Mission to the Capital! (2)


When I arrived at the fort, the one-eyed knight was at the stable, preparing a horse that looked like the leader of the horses.

 Tina and Kix were also there, preparing their horses and carrying luggage like the one-eyed knight.

 Alex, the captain’s favourite horse, was also there, but the Captain himself was nowhere in sight.

 There was also one more horse, a brave looking horse. I wonder who it belongs to?

(I wonder if everyone’s going somewhere?)

 It seemed that they had a mission like me, but since I was going to the Royal Capital by myself, I had hoped the one-eyed knight would be worried about me.

 As the fairy flew around, my tail quickly lost energy and dropped.

“Wow! Why is Mil here?”

 Kix noticed me sitting motionlessly at the one-eyed knight’s feet. The one-eyed knight bent down and looked at me. astonished.


“Mil-chan! You’re wearing your shawl today… Huh? What’s that light?”

 The one-eyed knight and Tina said in turn.

 I put the letter in my mouth on the ground and answered.

“This is a fairy. I’m going on a mission to the royal capital…”

 While explaining that Mother gave me a mission to go to the Royal Capital, I tried to make it sound like a tragedy.

 If I created a depressing atmosphere, maybe the one-eyed knight would order someone to go with me to the Capital.

 Anyone would be fine.

 However, the knights’ reactions were different from what I imagined they would be.

“A mission… Mil’s amazing.”

“The Royal Capital’s pretty far away, but Mil can do it.”

“Do your best!”

 While my head was being patted, no one said anything I wanted to hear.

 That’s weird. “The Royal Capital? Mil going alone would be dangerous,” “That’s not good! A mission? I’m really worried about her!” Or “That’s unreasonable!”

I had thought they would have said something like that

“Wait. Won’t it be hard for her to take the letter in her mouth?”

 Tina told the one-eyed knight and ran into the building, and I prepared to accept the reality that I had to go on the mission.

 But! I don’t wanna go!

“One-eyed knight…”

 When I looked up, the one-eyed knight only said, “Mil is a good girl, going on a mission for your mother.”

 What happened to everyone? They’ve been pretty overprotective until now! I’ve been spoiled a lot!

 Why is it different today?

 My heart was heavy. I was desperate.

“Mil-chan, I found just the right thing.”

 Tina came back quickly, I thought it would take longer since there probably wasn’t anything that would fit me.

 She had a small white backpack in her hand.

 It was a rabbit backpack, and it even had long ears attached. It disturbed me.

“This is from Captain Cromwell.”

 From the branch leader? I wondered when he had bought this. It must’ve been custom made for a fox like me.

 If I put something inside, the rabbit’s face would become nice and round.

“Here, try carrying it on your back. Paw here, like that… and then put the other paw in… No, ah, it’s too cute!”

 When I put the rabbit backpack above the shawl, Tina fainted.

“So cute…”

“The creation of a new murder weapon…”

 The one-eyed knight smiled and Kix said something ridiculous.

 I always liked carrying stuff, but I don’t really feel that way anymore…

 The rucksack was light but puffy. When I thought I felt something inside, Tina explained.

“There’s a lot of jerky in there, so eat it when you’re hungry. The rest is for today’s lunch. Be careful not to run too much around and mess it up.”

 As she said that, she stuffed the letter that smelled slightly of drool inside.

Only enough jerky for lunch, it wasn’t that much.

 Even so, she prepared food in such a short time.

“Thank you very much, Tina, and thank you, Captain, for the backpack… Oh yeah, where’s  the Captain?”

 I asked Tina and others while looking at Alex.

“The Captain is talking to the Knight Commander.”

“Oh yeah!”

 I got up, surprised.

 The Knight Commander who usually stays in the Royal Capital has been here since yesterday. I was too busy feeling sorry for myself and totally forgot.

“Is he going to stay here forever?”

“I’m sure it’s fine. He’s only here to talk this time.”

 Tina answered my question, but as she said it, Kix had his hand clamped over the one-eyed knight’s mouth.


“Tina. I told you not to say anything.”

 It seems that Kix had told Tina about his suspicions in advance.

 Kix had tears in his eyes; he looked quite angry. “Tina! I told you to pretend like you don’t know!”, But Tina-san said, “Oh, sorry.” But she didn’t look sorry at all.

“I’m going then, please give my regards to the Captain. I’m going now…”

 Wearing my shawl and rabbit backpack, I slowly walked towards the gate after my farewell.

 I turned to look back at the knights, watching their faces, but no one tried to hold me back.

 I got around 10 meters away, but only three people waved.

 …I had no choice, so I gave my bag back to Tina and went to the one-eyed knight.

 The fairy would have to wait.

 I felt sad, and put my paw on the one-eyed knight’s shoe. I rested my chin on it as well and closed my eyes.

 It’s a bit chilly today, maybe I should go tomorrow.

 I want to sleep right now.

“Aren’t you going?”

 The one-eyed knight said in a voice that sounded like he was desperately trying to not laugh while I was attempting to escape reality.

 He lifted his foot in an attempt to pull me off, so I held his ankle with my paws, trying to not fall off.

“Mil, if you don’t leave early, it’ll get dark.”

 My arms were getting sore, but I refused to seperate from his leg.

 Although I was in that position for a while, neither Tina nor the one-eyed knight said anything like, “Let’s go together,” or “Yeah, it’ll be dangerous”

 They must be aware that I don’t want to go alone.

 After feeling lonely for a while, I was getting angry.

 Fine! I’ll go alone! But even if I arrive safely, I won’t buy them souvenirs!


“No! One eyed knight, I don’t care anymore! Stupid, Stupid, Stupid ◯ ◎ × ¥ ¥ ● & # ……!”

 I started running while spewing out words I didn’t even know, and my mission to the Royal Capital was already off to a horrible start.


The books have arrived. Here’s a cute pic of Mil with her shawl and backpack from the coloured page. V2C2 has been updated with an illustration.

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  1. the fairy is definitely going to tell on mil and mils going to cry after being lectured about her language by mom, ty for chapter


  2. Oml. Why do I feel like the knights know something. Kinda sus. I feel bad for mil a little. It’s scary after all, to go on your own like that.


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