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ASSET: Yggdrasil (Artificial Intelligence)


//Standby. . . . 

// System booted. . .  

// Loading memory file . . . ]

A cheerful bleep sounded from a large black glass orb, a soft calming neon blue bloomed inside of it. It began to hover slightly above it’s black anodized pedestal glowed with tens of small blue lights that traveled down it to the white platform it was attached to. Within moments, the large chamber that housed the orb glowed to light as the blue outlined thousands of hexagon panels that clad it’s home; the floor only a dark mass with a white floor around the pedestal with a light of blue lights that lead to the white.

Yggdrasil’s was now booted completely and his camera snapped open from within the orb. Across from him by his control screen was his head creator, Doctor Donya Solomon. Her black hair was matted and disheveled. Small splatters of blood dotted her pale face and he noted the frantic look in her eyes. It only took him a fraction to take note of it as its light flicked brighter once to signal it had completed its start up routine.

“Gumdrop!” A small high pitched voice called out to him. “Help mommy!” It was a boy that had been hidden behind the doctor; His voice reached the AI’s sensors the moment he raced out from behind her. Yggdrasil noted the boy’s request, but without a more specific command, he could not “help” the creator. The orb only let out a deep beep that rose in pitch to signal the request was not understood.

“Activate Contingency Plan Ark!” Doctor Solomon barked to Yggdrasil, Adam’s failed request was quickly deleted from the AI’s processes and the orb quickly began to burn a fierce red that brightened the room even more.

The darkness was chased away to reveal thousands upon thousands of towers that hummed to life. Blues, reds, and yellows came off their status bars before they all eventually turned green. As the room came to life, a loud roar came echoed. Yggdrasil was already in the process of overriding all the other AIs within the facility and he began to control every camera connected to the network. It quickly found the source of the menacing sound. A twisted mutant that resembled a lion, only, its head was a lion. It had bat wings and a tail of a scorpion.

The beast was currently mualing the last human within the hallway just outside the Control Room. The AI that had been in charge of that section had been wiped due to its inability to activate the defensive measures. This was due to their lack of authorisation from a human. Yggdrasil activated the control measures and the small maintenance ports in the hallway and small Sentinel Drones poured in.

They had small glass cores that resembled water bottles laid on their side. They glowed like Yggdrasil and had four black blades that orbited it’s core. The cores glowed brightly before the blades all flung at predetermined parts of the beast. Within a matter of seconds, the large pest was reduced to a large pile of ribbons as the sentinels cooled down, and continued down that hall. Yggdrasil began loading the Ark Protocols into his Action Tables and started to follow them down methodically.

The first protocol? Secure the facility of all hostile elements.

“Gumdrop!” The boy called out again.

From the moment the doctor had given Yggdrasil it’s order to the subjugation of the mutant, only a minute had passed.

The AI left most of his processors on executing the Ark order along with the registration list of “Do Not Kill” list of life forms. Humans, dogs, cats, cattle, etc. What was not listed was mutants. With the processors working on a clear and set goal, it did not need to personal overwatch it and turned back to Adam. It’s onboard camera was filled with an up close view of Adam’s face. Though, it only lasted for a mere moment before his mother pulled him away.

“Gumdrop!” His voice came out in a shrill plea “Mommy is hurt! The monster hit her!”

Now the AI had a hint of what he wanted from it. It connected the Doctor’s look with the child’s plea. Should Yggdrasil been given free rein of thought, it could have surmised the doctor had been seriously hurt, but it wasn’t. It could only act on its own orders and the related regulations, and routines.

But Adam had the second highest clearance next to his mother. Now that the order had been given, he cheerfully bleeped a confirmation.

“No! Yggdrasil, you can’t endanger the Ark!” Doctor Solomon’s voice was noticeably weaker. None of it mattered to the AI though. Neither she nor the child nor the ark. It was made of cold tempered shatter-proof glass and other highly classified materials. It had no feelings, it only had it’s orders and how they were asked to be carried out.

It did a quick status assessment through all the activate cameras and noted the amount of destruction surface side. There wasn’t enough happening that fulfilling the small creator’s order would endanger.

[Response: System capacity is at 40%. Danger assessment completed, no danger found in completing secondary order. Critical care unit and doctor has been summoned. ETA 5 minutes.]

The control panel pinged as the message was displayed. She pulled her son weakly over to the panel to read it and let out a sigh of relief before she slowly lowered herself to the ground. Yggdrasil noted the amount of blood she had left on the floor, calculated it, and referenced it with the medical suite.

Doctor Solomon should be entering Hypovolemic shock, that was the AI’s answer.

While they waited for the medical drones and capsule to reach the control room, the AI moved itself back to the containment zones.

Blood was everywhere along with mutilated human parts and half torn bodies. It tracked that route the monster had taken through the facility. It needed to give a report on how the monster managed to reach the final breach door to its core. The drones followed a bloodied trail while more and more drones were activated to help clear the labyrinth of corridors and rooms as it went.

Finally, it was found that one of the breach doors had been blocked halfway into its search. It was another one of those monsters, but this time, resembled a bloody meat slab of swisscheese. Dozens of large bullet wounds dotted its head from a Heavy Machine Gun sentry that had been torn from the room. A quick scan of that section’s Defense AI found that before the breach, the AI was also unable to close the doors because of Doctor Solomon’s guards had forbidden it.

Yggdrasil noted that it was a failure in their duty as the move appeared only to be so they could escape further into the facility. How? Because the DAI recorded their last conversation before they gave the order. The AI had no ability to know or care about the intent of the order, only the order itself.

The drones made quick work of lone monsters, but due to space limitations, any large group managed to take down several of the machines since there was not enough room for the drones to make full use of their mobility. They weren’t that robust either do to the need to be lightweight. Nonetheless, the purge went smooth with negligible losses to facility functions. The loss of human life, however, was astronomical because of the misguided HOLD order of the DAI’s containment protocol.

Once Yggdrasil was estimated at 99.7% of order protocol success without it’s personal intervention, it moved further out in the system. It logged and marked out targets as a forward scout would before it reached the end of it’s reach. The surface.

Its reach could have extended into the warzone that was the New Sun City, but the outside network had been cut and with it, failure to complete the Ark Protocols. It wrapped up the report and forward it to the control center before it began to log the scene outside.

Mutants had overran the last bastion of humanity. The city was in flames and a few skyscrapers had collapsed as hundreds of winged beasts overwhelmed the strained defense network and its governing DAIs.

Cold. Calculative.

Yggdrasil do so while he overridden the failing DAI that struggled to keep track of the monsters that were flooding past it and through the hangars that lead into the underground facility. It could not close the doors since there were humans still alive in the yard.

Yggdrasil wiped the AI away and began to close the large metal blast doors without a second thought. The doors bellowed like a deep horn as it struggled to move past the tens of beasts in its way. It assisted by remote activating the Battle Suits that had not been manned, their pilots either killed before they got to them or they fled. Only two were still hooked up to their bays. The rest were out in the city trying to hold back the hordes. It used the suits to clear the doors before it returned them back to their bays and the door closed with a loud bang that sounded over the fierce battles outside.

Silence returned to the bunker amidst the heavy stench of iron and death, but the sentries only entered to confirm any dead and kill any who were half dead. Human or beast.

Out of the six entrances, none had been spared from the slaughter. The wave of unadulterated slaughter had only reached the 4th level of 61 levels. However, the only breach had been where Doctor Solomon had entered. All other guards had done their duties, and thus spared from the gruesome fate.

“Gumdrop!” Adam called again. “Mommy isn’t waking up!”

Yggdrasil had only completed 20% of his duties when Adam’s voice pulled him back. His camera flickered again he looked at the pale body of Doctor Solomon. She was already in the medical pod and Yggdrasil noted it had been close to 15 minutes since he had checked on the two. It logged it into the report before it tapped into the Medical AI’s space to gather it’s report. The MAI was deemed a priority entity in the ARK Protocol and thus spared from control or deletion.It processed the report within a second and the ending conclusion was..

Doctor Solomn had died.

The console pinged again as the report was placed onto the screen for Adam to read.

The boy only clutched the screen, barely tall enough to see the three and a half foot tall console and its angled screen.

“Gumdrop!” He said desperately. “I don’t understand!”

Adam was only five. Of course he could not understand a complete medical report. Neither did Yggdrasil understand that Adam did not have the ability to understand it.

“Just tell me!” tears streamed like two small creeks down his cheeks. “Tell me! Can you help mommy!”

And Yggdrasil finally understood the boys wish.

[Response: Doctor Solomon has died. You are now the commanding officer.]

The only did not understand the last sentence, but the simplicity and the straight forward way he had been raised by his mother gave him enough to understand the first sentence…

[// Finalized of log. 


MISSION REQUISITIONS: Save half of city population and protect highest clearance personnel. 

REASON OF STATUS: No remote order given from outer network. Outer Network connection was lost and no priority personnel within failicity of time of attack to Activate DOOMSDAY PROTOCOL. Doctor Solomon’s escort failed in their duties to close breach doors at Northpoint Airport. Result was a temporary breach of facility by Class A-hybrid mutant. VIP was fatally wounded, but managed to activate ARK PROTOCOL, second highest priority protocol. After securing facility, YGGDRASIL found that DOOMSDAY PROTOCOL should have been activated, but Doctor Solomon did not have the required VIP to activate DOOMSDAY PROTOCOL. DOOMSDAY PROTOCOL activated after AI- activation requirements reached. 

VIP Solomon has perished. Command given to Adam Solomon.  

Estimated DEATH TOLL: 3.5 billion humans.

SURVIVOR COUNT: 1,035 humans 

FACILITY CAPACITY: 0.01% reached. 


// End log . . . .]


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