FPS 58

Ashes Pre-editor note: Totes gonna just try and fill in the blankets with a few added details since the author manages to only give enough details to leave me even more confused. If you don’t like it, let me know. I’ll go back to the way we have been doing it.

Be warned. The author justs throw shit around without explaining. Though, he loves to talk on about his gun fetish.

Not like Lizzz is here to stop me o w o;



I set Minea’s and the others rescue as the highest priority and immediately took action. I dropped down to the floor from the roof. I hid in the shadows and headed towards the residence. I took it slow, looked around; Careful to listen to my surroundings. The target was three stories tall, colored white. The front of the building had a line of windows on each level, but only a few were lit. 

I went around to the rear of the residence, away from the lit rooms so I wouldn’t be seen. I ran swiftly up the wall to the roof. According to the assailants’ conversation, Mina and the others were locked up in the dungeon within the residence. However, all the windows on the ground floor were guarded with metal bars. Without proper preparation, I wasn’t confident in my ability to get through them.

I chose a slanting vertical window on the roof as my entry point. The window’s frame appeared to be made from wood. I took a quick look to be sure no one was watching me from the Company’s building across from me before I made my entry. I applied pressure to the window’s lock after that. With the help of the power suit, I broke the lock. With no knowledge about lockpicking, I could only break it apart.

I entered the room below, which appeared to be a storage room. I was ready for someone to come check out the sound, but no one came. It seemed I had successfully broken in.

I activated the TSS and displayed the map to check my position. With its capability to display anything within a radius of 150 meters, I was able to instantly see the third floor’s layout.

Once I found the staircase that led to the floor below on the map, I brandished my Five-seveN along with the silencer. I attached the silencer to the pistol and then pulled out my electro-baton from my waist; extending it. I kept the baton’s strike surface faced up in my left hand while I kept the sidearm in my right. This was so it wouldn’t affect my accuracy.

The hallway had no lights on so it seemed like the floor was not used on a daily basis. Without making noises as best I could, I continued through the hallway until I reached the stairwell.

I left the room into an unlit hallway. It seemed like the floor was not used on a daily basis. With as little noise as possible, I continued down the hallway until I reached the staircase. I peeked into it down to the second floor and it was lit. I held my breath to check for any noise. I could hear a vague conversation. If the conversation was being held in the same building, but it was hard to hear; it must have been in a soundproof room.

I went back down the hall on the third floor to the spot above said room.

“Mr. President, it seems like Marida Company has received the message.” Someone said.

“Good to hear. By tomorrow, the Priority buyer papers for the festival will be mine.” Yagorche’s president said.

“Congratulations, Sir. By achieving this, your status will grow for sure.” The person said again.

“Did Runold head there already?” The company president asked.

“Group leader Runold left the company not long ago, saying something about bringing back the ticket and Malta’s head back by Dawn.” The person replied.

“Good, good. As for the girls, sell them to Venehll’s brothel.” The company president said.

“Yes sir.” The person said.

The conversation ended there. I heard the man leave the room and head elsewhere. Yagorche’s president seemed to stay in the room. Maybe it was his officer or bedroom? The sound of glass could be heard from within. He may be drinking something.

Enjoy drowning in your dream. I’ll crush everything here and now.

I moved once again and headed down the stairs as I checked the map. With a slight sound, the rooms with people began to light up. There was a weird expression I heard during the conversation about Minea and the rest. He had told the person to take the girls. The maid was a young lady, but the guards were male. There might be more women involved in this event…

It seemed like I ended up with extra work. However, once I heard they would be sold to a brothel, I just could keep myself from helping them too. The stairs that led to the next floor was separated from the previous stairs and at another spot on the floor. I carefully advanced through the hallway as I checked each room for signs of people inside.

I saw the stairs, but there were two guards by it. What should I do… Killing them would be easy, but any patrol would notice something was wrong if they didn’t see them. Until I could find the girls, I wanted to avoid a fight. The stairs were by the front door to the residence. Any sound there would definitely reach their ears. As long as I didn’t step on the ground of the first floor, it would not map it so I had no idea where the entrance to the dungeon was…

I stopped halfway down the stairs. With my pistol in hand, I pointed it towards a candle stand further down the hallway. I shot the stand at 20 meters. The candle was 5cms in diameter. The candle broke and fell to the floor.

“Hey, what was that sound right now?” One of the guards said.

“Look at that, the candle stand broke! Go and get water fast before it starts a fire!” The other guard said.

The two guards standing by the staircase panicked and went to put out the flames that were beginning to emerge.

The two guards standing before the staircase panicked and went to put out the flames that were emerging. I went down the rest of the way down onto the first floor where the guards had been previously. Now I could map the first floor. I looked for the stairs that lead to the dungeon and found a hidden room in the furthermost room from me. After I checked the rooms one by one, I found a small one with the staircase icon. 

Luckily, the room was located in a different direction of where the guards headed. I silently avoided the guards and advanced towards the room. I reached the room beside the room, which was a hidden room; however, I heard what sounded to be a guard moving around on the inside. It’s just one though. Compared to all the trouble I had to go through to reach here, it was nothing.

I turned the doorknob slowly, not to make noise. It wasn’t locked. I held my pistol in my right hand, burst through the door with my left hand on the door.  The guard inside noticed me but I dropped him with two shots to the chest. The guard had been sitting on the chair drinking something. Now he laid on the floor along with the chair and did not move a muscle. I kept the crosshairs on him as I approached and looked over him.

No problems at all.

I relaxed my stance, closed the door, and searched for the path that led to the hidden room. As I thought, the door that led to the hidden room was not shown on the map. I searched the wall where the door should be; left to right.

Then I found it.

I checked the bookshelf and found a ring that hung to the wall behind the books. I pulled on the ring and the wall slid horizontally and opened a path into the hidden room. The hidden room was built with stone bricks. There was nowhere to go back down the stairs inside. Down it, two voices could be heard.

“Ugh… I’m so bored…” Someone said.

“Just shut up. What complaints can you have about this job? You just sit there and drink.” Someone else retorted.

“I mean, we have naked women in front of our eyes and we can’t even touch them. I’d rather be stuck inside with them” The bord man complained.

“You better not touch them. They’re going to be sold to a high-quality brothel. If you screw this up, Runold will tear you apart for sure.

I snuck down the stairs.

“Huh? Is it already time for a shift change… Wait, who are you?”

“Never saw this guy’s face, a guard from Yargorche’s?”

I didn’t bother hiding and stood there boldly in front of them. I finally mapped the dungeon. Its makeup was one room for the guards and three cells deeper in past them.

I ignored the guards who were attempting to figure out who I was and looked for the keys to open the cells.

“Are those the keys for the cells?” I asked.

I pointed at the three keys that hang on the wall and asked the guards.

Y-Yeah, that’s right. You’re taking them upstairs?” The guard asked. ‘

“Yeah, I am.” I said.

“Oh come on! I wanted to drink some more of their breast milk!” One of the guards complained.

Aghh, I’m done with this. I couldn’t stand it anymore.

I aimed at the guard who sat in the chair in front of me, drew the full power of the power suit, and smashed his face in with a roundhouse kick. I’ve never done something like that in my previous world, however, my current body acted on the actions I pictured in my mind. I was thankful I had this body now from the bottom of my heart.

The guard was kicked into the wall along with the chair which exploded and he didn’t move afterward.

“Hey! What’s go-!” I didn’t let him finish his sentence.

I shot him in the face then emptied the entire magazine into him. I changed the magazine and headed into the next area with the cells. The first cell had two female humans, teenagers perhaps? Aside from their panties, they were naked. Startled by my presence, they covered their breasts with their hands as they pushed further into the cell.

I proceeded to check the next cell. Inside were two demi-humans who appeared to be in their twenties. They were in the same state as the other two girls, but they didn’t slink away in fear. They didn’t cover their breasts like the others and stared back with fierce-looking eyes. They appeared to be twins with only two different hair colors.

I approached the third cell and looked inside.

“Shaft-sama!” The maid called out.

The moment she saw me, the maid from Marida’s residence called out. Minea was inside the cell as well. They both were in the same state as the others. Embraced inbetween the maid’s breasts was Minea who hid from me. Upon hearing her the maid’s voice, she slowly turned her head as tears came.

I opened the jail cell and went inside.

“Are you guys okay? Where are the guards that were with you?” I asked.

“Shaft-sama, how did you manage to get in here… As soon as we were attacked.. the guards…” The maid’s voice trailed off.

“I see… Umm…” I said.

“My name is Meltia.” The maid said politely.

“Okay, Meltia, can you walk with Minea?” I asked her. \

“Yes, I can” She replied. 

Meltia was a normal human in her mid-twenties. Her air had been tied back at the residence, but now it was unfurled. She must have had her hair clip taken off when she was put in here. With Minea holding tight to her, she seemed to have stopped crying. She still shook with fear, but it was also mid-November so she must have been cold.

It might turn into particles like when I gave Ashley-san my pistol, but I took my jacket off and covered Minea’s shoulder with it. For a moment, nothing happened. Then the hand grenade and FMG9 disappeared from inside the coat. It seemed only weapons were affected. Its fine as long as the coat didn’t disappear.

I activated the TSS, summoned 4 more magazines for my pistol and AS-VAL, which entered the pockets of the german suit I was wearing.

“Let’s go. Try and keep Minea from seeing the surroundings as much as possible. I don’t want her nightmare to be any worst than it is.” I told Meltia.

Meltia looked me in the eyes and nodded.

“Are you guys also coming? It seems like they want to sell you all to a brothel if you don’t come. Well, you can always wait for another chance to escape, but I’m not sure there will be one.” I directed the question for the rest of the girls.

“Who are you? We’re not interest in being taken away to an assassin guild or anything of those sorts.” One of the beast girls said.

“My name is Shaft, a guard for Marida’s Company. We’re leaving this place and heading back there.” I replied.

“Marida’s company? I don’t really think they would hire a suspicious-looking guy like you there” The beast girl retorted.

“If you can’t trust me then I’m okay with that, what about you girls?” I turned to the human girls.

“Will you really save us?” They asked.

“I’ll take us out of here and bring you to the company, after that I don’t know what will happen” I replied.

“We’re happy with just that, please take us along!” They said.

These two were more than willing to come along, now what about the beast girls? I gave them another glance.

“… Please take us along with you as well, I beg of you!” The other beast-woman said.


“Older sister! Do you really believe this black-masked guy?!” The doubtful one asked.

“Staying here and waiting is just going to lead to our death anyway!” The older sister said.

“Seems like we came to an agreement then.” I said.’

I opened both their cells and let them out. With this, the part came to 6 people, but there shouldn’t be any problem.

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  1. SUPPRESSORS ARE NOT SILENT!!! Also once he found the girls he should have left them closed the door, killed everyone on the first floor thrown a flare into the air to alert the guards then just waited for back up.


  2. This is…..a rather messy writing by the author.

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  3. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    This guy – I’m sure of it.
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  4. I’m curious how the manga will handle the naked women. Will they draw it explicitly or censor it a bit? Like covering them with their hair or something…
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