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Once we all reached an agreement to travel together, Alm, the blond-haired twin came to speak with me on the stairwell.

“I’m sorry, but could you please wait? I’d like to get a weapon from one of the guards.” Alm asked.

“Can you use one?” I asked.

“Even though we may not look it, we’re both B-Rank adventurers. I’m a swordswoman and my sister is a spearwoman.”

“B-Rank? You’re that high, yet both of you ended up here?” I asked.

“One of the guys in the group that attacked us is a former A-Rank adventurer. We lost to him and had these put on us.” The other sister said.

She pointed to her neck where a collar was wrapped around. I looked to Alm and she also had the same collar.

“Is that collar some sort of magical accessory?” I asked.

“You don’t know it? This is a magic disturbance ring used for arrests, once you have this put around your neck you can’t control your magic properly, therefore not being able to use skills or magic at all” Alms said

“We can’t use skills but that doesn’t mean we can’t touch weapons. We’ll take care of protecting ourselves” The other said. 

I see. I looked to everyone else, but they didn’t have any collars around their neck. They must have thought it was unnecessary.

“Can’t you take the collar off?” I asked.

“They can’t be taken off unless the person who cast the spell releases it or without the proper magic releasing tools that the guards have,” The Twins said

They explained how to get rid of the collars as they took a sword and spear from the guard room. They swung them around to get a feel for them.

“Alright if there’s no problem with those we should get going before the patrolling guards come.” I said.

Without waiting for their reply, I headed up towards the first floor. However, the twins had no intention of hiding their breasts. Are they not embarrassed at all? I couldn’t keep myself from thinking about such trivial matters as I went up the stairs to check the situation.

We went through the hidden room and into the next, and so far, nothing indicated that we’ve been seen. In regards to our escape from here, there seemed to be a back door into the residence’s kitchen according to the map. The plan was to go outside form there, then head to the other side of the property.

While I planned our next move, I pulled the curtains down from the window of the room the guardroom beside the hidden room. I then gave them to Amy and Priscella first, since the others appeared to have no shame being nude. The two blushed as they thanked me.

“Alright, lets move into the hallway. Keep your voices down!” I said. “We’re heading to the kitchen on the other end of the building. We’re going to use the backdoor there to go out. We’re going to form a line. Meltia, get right behind me; Amy and Priscella, take the middle; Alm and Shelvara, stay in the back and let’s go!”

I opened the door and no one was in the hall. I could confirm with my map and hearing, however, we should stay vigilant.  We silently headed towards the entry hall. There were also curtains in the hallway windows, but those were visible. If we took them, it may attract attention. I’d have to wait to get some makeshift clothing for Alm and Shelvara. They didn’t seem to mind anyway.

From where we stood, the entry hall was visible. There was no light where we were, thus no one could see us. I checked the hall and, as I thought, there were two guards standing in front of the stairs. Holding my pistol, I lined up the iron sights with my crosshairs with the guards’ heads  I could hear Minea’s shocked gasp – I guess I’ll hit somewhere else. I lowered it to their chest and double-tapped each guard.

Both of the guards died without a chance to scream before they fell to the floor. I kept my pistol at the ready, the sound of their bodies falling could have alerted the other guards.

We waited in shadows, expecting someone to come, but no one did. I couldn’t even hear anything suspicious. We were safe for now. I turned my head to tell them to move, but I saw Minea being held tight by Meltia; Staring at me. Her face seemed flushed… Could it be that she caught a cold? I placed my baton on the floor and gentled patted her head once again.

“Let’s get going. We need to step up the pace. Also, don’t look at the two on the floor.” I said

The message was passed to the rest behind me and we crossed the hall’s lobby. Just to be safe, I checked the bodies, and they were indeed dead. The had been hit in vital spots. The group turned their faces to avoid looking at the dead and stuck close to my behind. Alm didn’t stop either, but she appeared interested in my method of attack since she kept staring at their wounds.

From there, it was relatively easy. With the map and keeping an ear out, I knew there was no one around. We entered the kitchen, left through the backdoor and escaped Yagorche’s residence. We couldn’t take the main street, so we took a side street.

After that, it was relatively easy. According to the map and after checking my sound sensor, there were no signs of people around. Upon entering the kitchen, we promptly opened the back door and successfully escaped Yagorche’s residence.

“So, what do we do from here?” Shelvara asked

She had taken a table cloth to cover her body. I had already thought about that though. There was still quite a way from Marida Company, not to mention, we couldn’t proceed with the girls looking like that in this weather. I accessed the garage on my TSS and summoned the Dorchester.

“Wha, what is this thing!?” Priscella raised her voice as the light particles converged and the vehicle appeared. 

“No questions” I replied. 

I opened it’s rear door and had everyone go inside. With only five rear seats, one had to sit in the front passenger seat. I gave Minea a few pieces of cloth to cover herself from my camping bag as well. I had everyone take a seat and warned them not to get up, no matter what. I then got into the driver’s seat, started the engine with that start button, and stepped on the accelerator.

“Alright, time to get out of here. We’ll be in Marida’s company in no time, just a bit more patience” I said. 

With the deep growl of the engine and two beams of light, we drove through the sleeping capital. The roads were relatively flat so the vehicle didn’t shake as much as I thought it would. The five girls in the back clung to the side window, looking at the outside while they spoke to each other. Good grief… It’s not like they can see anything in the dark roads anyways.

Alm, who sat in the seat next to me, kept complaining about the seatbelt. She tried to unfasten it so she could see more of the outside. I ignored her though. It didn’t take long for us to arrive at Marida Company. I drove into their parking area on the first floor, the sound of the engine alerted the guards, and they surrounded the truck. When they say Minea and Melti exit the rear, they all shouted in joy.

Once the girls exited the truck, I found a nearby female employee

“Is Malta-san here?” I asked.

“I’m afraid not, he left just a few moments ago” She replied.

“Do you know where he was heading to?” I asked

“He headed to the Capital’s western section of the second district, where the company storage is at” She said

“Understood. I’ll retrieve Malta-san. Meanwhile, ask Mirda-san to take care of the other girls. I’m sure they’ll explain the whole situation. ” I turned to the guards. “Also, guards, listen up! While I brought back the girls, I was still too late to save their guards. From this moment onwards, until I get back, increase both the company and residences’ defenses. This isn’t over, get help from the Royal Guards too. Meltia, I’ll leave the details to you.”

Things should be alright here, for now. As for Malta-san, I needed to make sure I reached him before it’s too late. I returned the Dorchester to the garage and summoned the Kawasaki KLR 250-D8. Ready to meet up with Malta-san, I mounted the bike and started it.

“Shaft-sama! Tha.. thank you so much!” Minea said. 

They must of noticed I was leaving and the rest of the girls thanked me. However, the situation was not over yet.

“Hurry up and get inside before you catch a cold. That and make sure you put Marida-san at ease by showing her you’re safe. The rest of you girls too, as long as you’re here you will be safe. Go inside and have some hot soup and rest for today” I said.

Leaving those words, I turned the accelerator and let to the west.



Upon reading the letter left struck to my door, I immediately prioritized my daughter’s life over that piece of paper. The kidnapper’s request was simple.

“Come to the second district’s warehouse #13 alone, along with the Priority Buyer’s Certificate. We will trade your daughter’s life for it.” The paper read.

Just over this piece of paper, they took my daughter and Minea is most likely fearing for her life. I wanted to talk to Schwarz-san, but he hadn’t returned yet. Where the heck could he have gone in this situation?!… No, I can’t think of him this way. He had already saved me two times already.  From now on, I’ll do what a father should do.

Tears were falling from Marida’s eyes when she read the letter.

I spoke to her about the situation before I headed to the warehouse by carriage. The capital dark, I had to rely on the moonlight and a lamp that hung on the carriage to find my way to the location. Warehouse #13, if I’m not mistaken, this was where the president of a company got robbed and had to close down their business.

I stopped in front of the warehouse. No light was inside, and there was nothing being stored inside. Just complete empty space.

“I’m Malta from Marida’s company! I brought the certificate, where is Minea!” I called out

“Very well done heh, Marida’s Mr. President” Someone replied. 

A light within the warehouse appeared, illuminating the surroundings. Inside was most likely the men who were responsible for all of this.

“Where’s Minea!” I asked again.

“First hand over the certificate, as soon as we confirm it is genuine you’ll get your daughter back” The person replied.

A man stood in the center ordered someone else to come and take the document. I kept looking around, but there were no signs of my daughter… Could this be a trap? Even if that’s the case, this is the only way to get Minea back.

“Hey fella, hand me the certificate.” the man’s lackey said. 

He extended his hand out. Should I really do this? Will they even give back my daughter? After I dealt with my inner turmoil, I handed the man the document. I extended my hand out to hand it over, but… The man was no longer there…

“Huh? … AHHHH IT HURTS!” Someone cried out. 


I seemed like I got there on time.

“My hand! My hand got… AHHH” The man screamed.

I found the warehouse quick when I found the street. On such a peaceful night, the danger made the horse noisy, thus, alerting me to its master’s danger.

It wasn’t hard at all to find this warehouse as soon as I entered the warehouse street. During such a peaceful night, all the noise gave away a sense of danger to the horse from the carriage and headed towards me in order to alert the master’s danger.

The near soundless 9×39 bullets shredded his arm and sent it flying.

“Malta, return to the company. I’ll take care of the rest here” I called out to Malta.

“Shaft-san! But what about Minea…?” He asked

“Don’t worry. Minea and the rest are already at the residence. I didn’t make it in time to save the 3 guards but both Minea and Meltia are fine. That and 4 more girls as a bonus” I said. 

“Are you serious?” Malta-san asked.

“Yeah, just hurry back and let them know you’re safe.” I said.

“Hey, hey! What makes this black-masked guy think he’s in charge?” Someone asked.

The man waiting for the document had an annoying smirk, now looked really mad, once I filled Malta in on what happened.
“That black mask… You’re the bastard who killed the people I hired, right?” He asked

“So you’re Runold?” I asked back. 

“That’s right that’s me, the great Runold, leader of the Onibasu bandit group!” He announced.

Onibasu? As in the aquatic plant of those round shaped leaves that float on the ponds?

Runold was a beast-man that resembled a lion with brown hair. Behind him, a yellow and brown spotted tail swayed. He showed off his built body as he raised his hands and flexed his chest muscles. His body swelled and claws came out of the back of each of his gauntlets to about 30cm.

“Runold… Runold the Lion Claw! Shaft-san, he’s a former A-Rank adventurer, leader of a bandit group who once went wild on the northern part of the capital and caused a lot of damage!” Malta-san said. 

“Malta, hurry up and get moving” I said. 

“But!” Malta tried to protest. 

“Hah, you really think you can outrun me!” Runold yelled. 

“Go now! I’ll be fine and put an end to all of this by tonight, also I don’t plan on letting him escape anywhere from here” I said.

“… Understood. I’ll be waiting for your return at the company” Malta said.

Malta finally left the warehouse and I pointed my weapon at Runold. Runold seemed to have detected the danger of what I pointed at him, both of us ready reaction to any sudden movements.

The injured man’s screams echoed through the empty warehouse, and the steps of Runold’s lackeys backing away.

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