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On that day, the fight was felt throughout the entire Royal Capital. Everyone was roused from their sleep to the gunfire and explosions. To a company that had been leveled and its owner arrested by the Royal Guards and the Kurtmelga’s Order of Knights.

The next morning, they managed to salvage a few precious magical tools from the rubble. The luck was good or bad, depending on the perspective. As they took items from the safe, many of the tools were linked to previous crimes. Most of them were prohibited under Kurtmelga law. It proved the involvement of Ragorche and plenty of his men with the Onibasu. In the end, everyone involved was arrested without exception.

Judgment would soon be passed by the Order of Knights and they would either receive the ultimate punishment; or be forced into hard labor for the rest of their lives.

One of the main focuses of the investigation was the unknown cause that destroyed both the buildings, thus closed because of no leads. It was also clear that the company had been behind the attack on Marida Company and all our actions were deemed self-defense in light of the kidnapping.

The guards present at the time of the collapse, by their testimony, something connected to them. Getting Yagorche’s testimony was impossible. He had gone completely mad and his words were nonsensical. In his case, he was given the ultimate punishment.

I had already returned to Marida Company and checked if Malta-san had arrived. That, and also checked on the safety of everyone else. Throughout the whole ordeal, I had been surrounded by employees who wanted to show their gratitude, but after everything, I hadn’t gotten any sleep. Since I couldn’t continue to work this way, I had decided to get some rest first. After a while, I woke up to an empty stomach. I checked the time and it was just past midday. Since it was still night when I returned, I went to sleep since I couldn’t eat.

The bed was covered in dust and blood.

I had killed a lot of people, including those who attacked us at the rest area. As I thought about it, I could hear my beating heart. I didn’t plan on regretting it all. I had just been transported to this world as Schwartz and All I cared about now was how I would live form here on out. That was how I reassured myself. I opened up the TSS and checked on the fuel levels for the vehicles. Then as I was about to switch clothing in the avatar customization menu, my finger stopped.

I wondered if the overcoat I gave to Melta earlier disappeared or not… I checked my inventory and couldn’t find it anywhere. Could it have been considered a trade between us? I don’t recall VMB having such a function, but it was in fact gone. I figured I’d store my current outfit back in the TSS for now and take it out again. By doing so, it’d come out clean as if it was brand new. It was quite useful since I didn’t have to wash it myself.

I put my mask back on, something I removed before I slept, and left the room. Fist order of business, meeting up with Malta-san to check on the situation.
“Oohhh, Shaft-san! I see you have woken up” Malta-san called out to me.

He mixed in a few polite words but coming from someone who’s life had been saved 3 times along with his daughter, I guess I couldn’t blame him for it.
“Good morning Malta, is there anything to eat? I woke up to a massively empty stomach” I asked.
“I shall have it prepared instantly, where would you like to eat?” He said.
“Well since I can’t take this off it would be great if you could bring it to the guest’s room,” I said.

Malta-san rang a bell that sat on top of his desk and called over a maid. He asked her to prepare a meal and tea.
“Schwartz-san, I’m extremely thankful to you. I do not know how I can ever repay you for what you have done for us, please, if there is anything I can do don’t hesitate” He said.

Malta-san sat in front of me with a lowed head. He thanked me by name and I took off my mask.
“Malta-san please raise your head. There’s no need for you to go that far, I just did what I thought was right. On top of that, I didn’t do it expecting to get any money in return.” I said

As a guard of the company, it was my duty to defend it. I did just that.
“But then…” He trailed off.
“Of course if there’s anything I need from you I won’t hesitate. I barely have any friends or acquaintances in this country so Malta-san, I’m counting on you” I said.
“Surely! Please do count on me whenever you need me. Both me and Marida, feel free to count on us for absolutely anything whenever you need!” He said.

Meanwhile, I listened to the events that took place while I slept and we heard footsteps heading towards us. Malta-san signaled to me and I put the mask on.
“Excuse me. Shaft-sama, I heard you had woken up so I came to visit” Minea called out.

Minea entered the room as Meltia pushed the tea table.
“Shaft-sama, thank you so much for what you did last night,” She said.

Minea wore a pink dress, her face flushed red to the point she resembled a tomato. She thanked me with a beautiful curtsy, the ends of her skip held in her hand as she bent her knee. Malta and Marida were both merchants, not nobles. However, there were many cases where the daughter of a powerful merchant would marry into a noble family. Mina, whos talented in magic and attended the Primary Institute of Magic, would most likely marry into such a family when she became an adult.

Hence the reason for being taught to behave in a formal manner.

I also believe that her way of thanking me was one of the most meaningful ways to thank someone with etiquette. I stood up as well and returned her gratitude with a bow. Pilling back one of my feet, along with one arm on my stomach, and bending horizontally – I returned her gratitude.
“I’m glad you’re safe. Did you sleep well since the last time we met?” I asked.
“Yes, I did! I was feeling extremely uneasy until my Father came home but he came back rather fast, so I was able to rest right after.” She said.

I offered Minea a seat then said back down as Meltia offered us tea. Sadly, I couldnt drink any of it since I couldn’t take off the mask now. Minea’s face was bright red though. I hope she didn’t get a fever. I asked Malta-san if everything was alright with her and he laughed; he said she was simply embarrassed. Here I was thinking she was scared of me, but it turns out, she may actually like me.

During out chat, Meltia retrieved the overcoat and handed it back to me. She meant to wash it first before returning it to me, but she found the quality too daunting to clean herself, not wishing to ruin it. I took it back and secured it. No weapons were in the pockets. So I guess the clothing gets transferred and nothing else?

The fact that some things didn’t disappear meant that another option in their usage came. Then again, all the clothing was just in my size. I guess selling them would be impossible. Malta-san informed them that I couldn’t remove my mask and that he wanted to have a private conversation with me. He led them outside, but Minea seemed she could’ve listened to us talk on and on; she also looked conflicted.

We discussed the future of the other saved girls as we drank tea. First, we spoke of Amy and Priscella since they came from the same province. They had lived to the north but left their village to move to the capital. That obviously didn’t happen as they got captured. They couldn’t be sent home because they had nowhere to go, so we decided to let them stay at the company. They could fit in as either clerks or maids.

As for the twin demi-humans, Alm and Shelvara, they were both adventurers staying at a town to the north apparently. They had met the same fate as the other girls while out on a quest. They were accused of abandoning the quest because they never returned and had to pay a large penalty, which Malta-san paid. Due to their fighting abilities, they would become guards for the company for the time being.
“Oh I see. So, still planning on returning to Barga?” I asked.
“Not just yet, the shock everyone took from these recent happenings is still being well felt within the company so we will stay over at the capital for another day. Our previous plans were to leave tomorrow morning but we’re postponing it for the next morning. Is it an inconvenience for you?” He asked.
“Not at all, I just work according to the company’s schedule” I said.
“Also Shaft-san, I was ordered by the Royal Capital Guards and Knights to have you head to their station.” He informed me.

Could it be that… I went too far yesterday?
“…. What’s the reason behind it?” I asked
“What’s wrong Shaft-san? It’s nothing but a simple talk and the reward delivery.” He said.

As if he saw my nervousness, Malta-san laughed as he explained. Apparently, we had the right to claim the reward for killing a wanted criminal, Runoldo, and more for assisting with the Yagorche incident. That was all… I got sweaty there for a moment. Well, to be honest, it comes in handy. I had used up all my bullets and ran out of C4 SPO. It might’ve been powerful, but the cost matched its power.

So I set my goal for the Guard Station.

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