TLGRD 4 – A Girl’s Bloody Dance


” ” ” Ee? ” ” ”

All the soldiers watching muttered in disbelief, their gazes slowly falling back to Cliff. The person in question, Cliff, had noticed something strange had happened. That was when he noticed his hand rolling on the ground, and his face distorted with pain.

“Hi-! Higyaaaaa—!”

Blood spurted from the stump where cliff’s hand had been. His screams echoed throughout the entire street. Samuel looked to the girl and found she now wielded a jet-black sword. Blood dripped from the tip of it, and everyone knew what had happened then.

“It huuuurrrrtts! It HUUuuuurrrrtsss!”

Cliff wailed, tears and snot wetting his face. He tried to run from the girl as he tried to stave off the bleeding with his remaining hand. The girl started to hum a melody as she held the sword up horizontally, then threw it with ease. The blade pierced Cliff’s armor as if it had been an arrow released from a bow. Its black, and bloodied, top protruded out his chest, and a black fog began to raise up from it.

“Kaha! … Akh…”

Cliff’s body convulsed several times before finally, he collapsed onto the ground like a broken doll. An eerie silence fell upon Canary street, only broken by the delicate girl’s humming.

“That’s why I told you not to disturb me. Really, humans are such war-like creatures or did I not communicate my intentions properly? Human language is really complicated after all…”

The words the girl spoke seemed like nonsense to the others. She pulled the sword from Cliff’s dead body as she stepped on his head. Then, after she shook the blood from it, turned to the soldier who held a spear.

“Uh, a, Ah!”

The soldier in question screamed in panic. The other soldiers drew their weapons and came at her frantically. On the other hand, the girl did not panic and dodged each of their attacks without effort. Her skirt dancing along with each move. It was as if she was conducting a dance with the utmost grace. Samuel clicked his tongue, he was aware that even the most skilled elite warrior could not execute such exquisite moves.

The possibility that his men could even injure the girl in combat was… Zero. He raised his alertness to the fullest. He didn’t know who this girl was, but he was damn sure that she wasn’t a mere village girl.

“U-n, is it my turn now?”

When the soldiers finally slowed due to their exhaustion, the girl went onto the offensive. She cut off heads, crushed faces, cut off limbs, or ran them threw their heart with her sword. With each move, a scream broke out followed by blood and gore. It was a true, onesided, slaughter.  The area quickly became a sea of blood and corpses. The heavy scent of blood came with the wind before it hit Samuel’s nose.

The few soldiers who hadn’t jumped into the battle began to drop their weapons, one after another. One step at a time, they began to retreat. Too afraid to fight the girl. Their eyes were clouded with fear, and they thought they could see a grim reaper before them.

No longer sensing any will to fight from the remaining soldiers, the girl, whose body was dyed head to toe in blood, gave a warm smile to the remaining soldiers.

“Hi-hiiiiiiiiiii! A monster! A monster appeared!”

“A-Are you kidding me?! Will this be when I die?!”

“Mo-Mommy! He, heeeelp mee!”

Soldiers began to run away as they cried out in fear. Some of them became weak-legged and just began to crawl on the ground like worms Some of them gritted their teeth to the point of breaking, and strangely, some ran while laughing.

In the end, only one imperial soldier was left, but no one would’ve blamed the ones who ran. With the threat of imminent death, who would not cower in fear? The girl didn’t give chase to the flight of soldiers and just stood there silently. That one soldier may have been overlooked because he never raised his weapon.

“Ah, Captain-san, was it? You can run away too, you know? I won’t kill you as long as you don’t disturb me.”

The girl turned to Samuel as though she just remembered that he was there just now. Her blood-drenched lips moved ever so subtly.

“… I understand now that you are not deaf. Can I ask you one question?”

“Un. Sure, I don’t mind.”

“How did you master such movements and swordsmanship? It’s not something easy to learn, especially for a young woman.”

“Ee, I’ll feel bad if you say that it’s easy, but I was taught everything by Zet.”

“… Zet?”

“Right, Zet. Do you know where Zet is?”

The girl approached with a carefree smile on her face. With such an innocent face, no one would believe that the owner of that face had slaughtered so many soldiers just moments ago – a stark contrast to her blood-bathed body.

“… Sorry, but I don’t know where this Zet is.”


“Yeah, really. If someone with that name passed through here, I should’ve heard about it.”

“Hmm. Oh, by the way, are you not going to run away? It’s okay, I won’t chase after you.”

The more they conversed, the more he realized just how honest this girl was, so Samuel responded to the girl’s offer with the shake of his head.

“Eh? Not running away?”

“Kukuku, why should I run? I’m quite confident in my skill.”

“… Is that so? But you don’t look that strong though.”

A moment of silence followed that before Samual broke into violent laughter after he was ridiculed by her.

“Hahahaa! This is the first time someone ridiculed me like that. To be able to meet a monster like you is why I like being on the battlefield!”

“Who is the monster? My name is Olivia.”

“Olivia said with her hands on her hands.

“I see. I will remember that name. It seems the Kingdom will have its first female general – no, is recruiting a monster allowed? … I don’t know anymore…”

As Samuel spoke to himself, he drew the sword that hung from his back. The blade, forged specifically to be as thin as possible to be flexible, but strong, was a two-handed sword. A sword that had accompanied Samuel into numerous battlefields without breaking. He licked the blade’s edge before he inhaled its scent, then got into a battle stance. In front of him, the smiling Olivia.

He lowered his stance as he exhaled. The man then rushed Olivia with a speed that betrayed his large frame and thrusted the sword forward with tremendous force. With this awe-inspiring “Ferocious Thrust”, Samuel had slaughtered many well-known warriors. Even if he faced a monster, it was simply an enemy he needed to overcome.

“I only need to aim for one thing – the heart!”

The blade cut through the air, aimed towards the girl’s heart.

“Got youuu!”

Samuel shouted once he was sure of his victory, but he soon saw a sight that was different than his expectations. It was not the beautiful Olivia, vomiting blood as she collapsed from the mortal wound to her heart, instead, the world turned upside down. Before his consciousness faded, he heard a soft confused voice mutter…

“What’s with him shouting ‘Got you’, just now?”


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