FPS 62

Our return to Barga had been postponed by a day. As for me, I had plans for a walk around the Capital to enjoy the scenery. I had to go pick up my reward for having dealt with the commotion from yesterday. It was a plan for tomorrow though as it was midday and I didn’t think I’d have time for that stroll today. I had lunch in the guest room of Malta-san’s residence. Then I opened my avatar menu and checked my inventory. My coat was once again stored inside.

There was one more reason for me to check my menu, however. As Shaft, the kevlar mask did its job of hiding my identity, but it also brings a major inconvenience. I couldn’t eat or drink if I was talking to someone during the meal, which was quite annoying.

From the collection of masks, I picked a special limited event mask shaped like a bat. It covered my entire face to neck, but it had a hole for my mouth, thus solving both my problems.

In combination with my clothes, both were black. So I decided to leave it alone as they both had enough mobility and stealth. After having been through several actual fights, there was no doubt that it was indeed effective. I added in the bat mask and also listed it under my Set List, this way it was easier to change on the fly. As for the weapon, I couldn’t list them under Set List, so I had to be careful not to drop weapons when I changed. Something that was a fun feature in VMB.

“Wanna come along?” I asked 

“Yes I do, Shaft-sama! I heard this is the first time for you in the royal capital. As well as a way to express my gratitude, I would love to guide you through!” Minea said.

I prepared my mask before I headed down for dinner at Malta-san’s residence. Minea heard my plan for tomorrow and cheerfully asked. I turned to Malta-san to check if he didn’t mind. It was okay with him apparently as he nodded.

“Alright then, I will take on the offer. Malta, just to make sure, did you prepare any defense for the escort? The rest of the members from Onibasu might cause some issues.” I asked


“I certainly have! Both Alm and Shelvara shall accompany you.” He said.


“Yaaayy!” Minea cheered.


“Minea, that is improper.” Marida reprimanded her.

Minea was really happy to be able to come along, which didn’t last long after Marida-san scolded her. In the end, it turned into quite a few people would come along during my stroll. Though, being my first time in the capital, it was good to have them show me the good spots.

The next day after breakfast and a few arrangements: Minea, Alm, Shelvara, and I set out to go into the capital in a carriage… Or so I thought.

“Young lady Minea, that way the skirt will get all wrinkly”

“It’s the first time I go for a walk too!”

“I understand, after all that time locked in that cell”

“Shaft-sama, let’s finish up the business over at the guard station first――”

Place 3 girls together and you’ve got yourself a hectic situation. Our number also increased just before we left as Amy and Priscella decided to tag along. For the sake of purchasing stuff for their new life in the capital. With that, the situation turned into a trip with six girls and one guy going into the capital.

Suddenly, I remember a trip to another country in my old world. A group of cheerleaders I couldn’t understand made me carry their baggage. This was… possibly some sort of ability to gather people out of nowhere. I wonder what they’ll be giving me as a reward.

The guard station was located between the second and third districts. I headed there first, answered their questions and received a reward totaling 3,000,00 ol. While they interviewed me, the girls waited by the carriage. Lastly, the Order of Knights was located on the border of the first and third districts.

On the carriage ride over, Minea explained the Knight order to me. They seemed to be divided into 5 different orders, on top of that, they also had the imperial guards in charge of protecting the king. The one we were heading towards was the 4th Order. This unit was in charge of keeping the area safe and where I was supposed to receive the reward.

“Shaft, we have arrived!” Shelvara called out from the driver’s seat.

“Well then, I’ll be right back” I said.

“We will be waiting for you right here” She said.

“Understood, I’ll be back in no time,” I said.

I left the girls behind and headed into the station where a middle-aged knight spoke to me.

“Are you the black mask Shaft?” He asked.

“That’s right,” I confirmed.

“I am Oddo Samata, the leader of the fourth knight corps. Good job on handling that situation so well.” He said.

“I just did my job, that’s all” I said.

The middle-aged man wore no armor and had quite the rough appearance. His upper body muscles showed he was quite strong, almost enough to forget his age.

“I just want to ask something,” He said.

“If it’s something I can answer,” I said.

“After analyzing Runoldo’s body, we found no signs of injuries caused by either swords or spears, we suspect he got killed by magic, are you a magic-user?” He asked

“I’ll have to return your question with another question, is there any meaning to it?” I asked

“Runoldo belonged to a race with very good vision, there are very few magic users that could land this kind of attack on him. Not only he could easily dodge swords and spears, he could easily dodge spells. We failed multiple times at trying to capture him so, I just wanted to know a bit more from the man who managed to deal with such a monster” He asked.

“I did kill him with magic but, I’m not a magic-user” I answered.

“Oh? Then what are you?” He asked

“Just a guard,” I replied.

“Here, take it.” He said.

He grinned at my responses and handed me a bag with the reward.

“Sorry, did I make you wait?” I asked.

“Not at all, but the young lady might be tired of waiting” Alm replied.

She sat on the driver’s seat. I swear I didn’t make them wait long, but Shelvara sat next to her; tired of waiting.

“Shaft, what took you so long! I was tired of waiting!” Shelvara said.

“Okay then, where shall we go first?” I asked

“According to the young lady, we should go to a clothing store first” Alm said.

“O-Oh, is that so….” I said.

I guess we’ll start with shopping…

“Welcome back!” Minea greeted me

“Did I keep you waiting too long?” I asked  

“No, I was just thinking of where to go next.” She said

“Alright, clothing store was it? Let’s head there then.” I said.

I heard and seen a lot of the latest fashion within the capital, but to be completely honest; I didn’t understand it. In terms of quality material, it was indeed incredible. The appearance didn’t differ much from my old world, though.

As we walked the streets of the capital, the buildings the feeling of “medieval times”, but with a touch of magic. That was unique to this world that also made it feel well developed at the same time. The streets were also clean, no trash laid on the ground, or excrement, or signs of homeless people.

That reminded me. When I went shopping with Ashley-san, her clothes also looked more modern than medieval. I looked to the girls in the store, they were excited. They reminded me of Ashley-san’s beautiful copper hair.

I took a look around for a souvenir for her and I ended up in a section with hair accessories. I kept trying to find one I thought suited her, but in the end, I bought seven of them… No, I was forced to buy 6… What the… After that, we went to the weapon shop for the Alm and Shelvara. They needed new weapons. Afterward, the general store for Amy and Priscella to buy their daily supplies. This was followed by a break at a tea house.

As expected of the Capital, I got to drink a wonderful black tea.

I was taken to some rather great scenic views. One was a park with a bronze statue of the city’s founder. Then a theater on the outskirts, etc. No need to say, that in one day, there was no way I could see all the things I wanted to. Whenever I get the chance to visit again, I’d like to see the museum and the academy.

As evening came, our trip ended and we headed back to the Marida Company.



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