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I arrived at Wolves’ Labyrinth the next day. I gave myself a one day break after I returned from the Capital, but I didn’t need to physically rest since my body didn’t seem to understand the concept of fatigue. It was just a mental rest and that was enough.

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I arrived at the Wolf Labyrinth on the next day. I only had one-day break after returning from the capital city, but I didn’t need any physical rest since my body didn’t understand the concept of fatigue. As long as I had enough mental rest, it was enough. There weren’t any videogames or TVs here so if I confined myself any longer, I’d end up bored.

Currently, I was on the third subfloor. I had passed through the spring and I was finishing exploring the floor. I had reached the eleventh floor before, but I shouldn’t rush myself to clear the labyrinth. After all, I could make a fatal mistake in my rush. To give me a margin of safety, and to complete my map, I planned to take it steady. I had planned to explore for a week this time. By the end, the Green Demon labyrinth should be clear. I thought to head over once I was finished here. I wanted to take a look at the harvest festival and also see the labyrinth lunchbox boxes.

I had entered the labyrinth in the morning, and by dinner, I had reached the sixth subfloor. I summoned the Dorchester in a small room off the main corridor for my break. After I having taken so many of my breaks in this room, I came to understand that the monsters appeared at the room’s center. A small room would normally have a 1 to 2 hour span between spawns. Larger rooms had a larger number of monsters, but their rates were so long that I didn’t know exactly when they’d respawn.

As the monsters in the room respawned, black fog rose from the ground. I watched this happen from the vehicle’s viewing window as I took my break. I had already placed traps around the points they’d spawn at. With the vehicle placed at the back of the room, I had a clear view of the room. Once the fog began to clear, I pulled the trigger on remote for the trip I had prepared before my break.

Several M18 Claremores exploded around the room’s center, spewing hundreds of iron balls. The four zombies that had emerged were ripped apart and their cores sent flew form their bodies. I hadn’t tried to attack while they were still in the thick of the fog. That was something I’d have to confirm at the next opportunity.

After my break was finished, I put away the Dorchester, picked up the magic stone, and began to map again. My current main weapon was the 1-1 type Flamethrower. A weapon that had proven to work well within the undead-zones. From midnight to dawn, I filled in my map until I finally reached the ninth subfloor.

I had become quite accustomed to dealing with the undead with the 1-1. Now, I could even handler the higher-classed zombies without risking myself. I had passed the tenth subfloor at noon and stepped into the eleventh subfloor. This was my second time on the floor. I had retreated before, but this time, I planned to pass through. The current plan was to make my way towards the spring on the twelfth subfloor.

The field subfloor still had its ominous fog like last time. Aside from the woodland path in front of me, I couldn’t see anything else. I opened up my TSS and opened an image I had taken in the Guild Library. The map they had couldn’t even be called a map. It might be because of the path was in a forest that there were not any distinctive parts. It was just a mass of lines, curves, corners, and all of it had been vaguely drawn. I closed the TSS. There was no choice but to move forward blindly. I changed out the 1-1 to a P90 and the SCAR-H as I advanced further into the forest.

Written in the documents regarding the floor, it would be a mix of monsters from the previous floor with some superior monsters. Until now, I only had to worry about my front and rear. Now though, I had to stay vigilant of every direction. The woodline path was wide and gently curved. Ahead, I heard familiar footsteps. Grass Direwolves, huh? Three of them. The zombies in the undead zone never used spells since their effects where in their roars, but a normal enemy would.

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It would be hard for them to surround me if I wall ran. I debated if I should enter the forest, but I wouldn’t be able to slide jump there. Then attacks from the front… I opened my TSS and took out a piece of equipment to deal with front assaults.

Three wolves were already within sight. As they watched me, they took up combative postures. Then one ran at me as if panicked by the sudden gathering of light particles in front of me. I moved the put the monster in the P90’s sight and followed along as it moved side to side. I picked a spot where it would land, and fired two times just before it landed.

The dire wolf took a round to its head and shoulder. It stopped moving. Just as I dealt with that one, the other two had taken positions with their spells. That was when I grabbed the item I summoned. Both of the wolve’s spells struck the ballistic shield I had pulled out. The shield was one of VMB’s defenses. A bulletproof shield with a CBS. The matte black design was 58cm wide and 92cms tall with a viewport made with ballistic glass towards the top of the shield.

Unlike the CBS, it can only protect against standard bullets and special grenades. Not any large rounds or explosives. Furthermore, the shield itself could only take a certain amount of damage. Once it reached its threshold, it would destruct and disappear. There was no way to repair it either. Once it was destroyed, I had to buy a new one from the shop. While I couldn’t use the shop function during a match in-game, I could buy anything without an issue in this world. The issue was that the item itself wasn’t so cheap I could just use it whenever.

After the spells crashed into it, I checked its health. It had only decreased by 10 percent with two direct hits. Did it become stronger? I don’t know. They may be a difference between a magic attack versus a firearm, so comparing them wouldn’t make sense. What was important was that the shield stopped their attacks.

[E/N: I wOnDeR HoW ThIs WoRks. Oh ThAt DoEsN’t MaKe SeNsE tO kNoW]

After I received their attacks, I set down the shield and propped it against my knees. Then I propped the P90 on the top rim of the shield. This was too steady my aim, and also hide most of my body from them. The two wolves roared, as if indignant that I had bothered to defend myself against their attacks, and attacked again. First, I shot down the closest one twice, then slid the iron hairs over to the last one. I fired twice again.

The bullets accurately hit their targets. They stumbled and fell down underneath my strength. Like these nuts HAAAA

From now on, there would be times where I would not know how I’d fight and there would be battles that aren’t in my favor. I need to quickly determine what VMB items I could use for what to prepare for the various battles ahead. I had operated my weapon with one hand, but if I had to use a weapon one-handed, a handgun would be better. The Five-seveN was a good gun, but I have to consider a more powerful handgun that I could use onehanded. My conquest of the Wolves’ Labyrinth had begun, and I had many things to consider.

[E/N: Deep thoughts man. Deep as a sippy cup.]


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  1. “Iron hairs”? Make up your mind author! It’s either “Iron sights” or “Cross hairs”, not both!


    1. Oops, thats my bad. Actually, yes, it can be both. They’re the the same thing. Iron sights would talk about the stationary metal sights on the weapon. The iron posts on each sight would have to be lined up, making them crosshairs. as, you’d cross them to line up the shot.


  2. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Does the MC have a leveling system? How does he get stronger? Will his max damage cap ever gets raised?


  3. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    I feel like Shaft is being a bit of an idiot today, or maybe it’s the author?

    I don’t know the author’s works very well, but this novel seems to be written by a 2nd rate one imo.


  4. Hmm….I prefer “One in the Chamber”(new one is Brass and Blood tho) better than this one tbh.

    Quality felt lacking lately.


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