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Currently, I’m on the twelfth subfloor of the Wolves’ Labyrinth; at its spring. As I took my break, I brought out the lunch box Malta-san had prepared while I went through my TSS. As I looked through my weapons, I thought about the different setups I could use with the shield. I decided to put away the SCAR and summoned my supply box. I opened the box and took out an MPS AA-12 免费香港

The AA-12, Atchisson -Assault 12, was developed by Military Police Systems after they procured the license from Maxwell Atchisson and it was based on the USAS-12. The shotgun featured a fire-group similar to the M1918 BAR. It can fire in semi-auto or full-auto. Due to its unique build that allows the bolt to travel further back than a normal shotgun, it could be fired one-handed. In addition, could be used with a 10r box mag, or a 20r or 32r drum magazine. It was designed to fire different loads of 3″ or 2.75 12g rounds.

In VMB, we use to use the FRAG-12 rounds to plug our assholes because it was a funny easter egg. However, it was still a special round that was a pseudo grenade that just live’n any BDSM party on the Tokoyo strip. 

In VMB, I could select the type of round to use. The first one was the standard 12-gauge buckshot; then there was the slug round; finally, the last one was a special round that could only be used with certain shotguns. I went with the third option, which was the FRAG-12. The round was a pseudo grenade. When it hit its target, the charge inside the bullet explodes with enough force to inflict mortal damage upon the enemy. In addition, it has a claimed effective range of 200m. I took out its drum magazine, along with its carry pouch and attached it to my belt. With that, my preparations were complete. I would earn me a good zombie pussy to bring back to my hotel.

After I passed through the Spring, I advanced through the Twelfth subfloor. Its atmosphere was that of the previous floor. And just like the previous floor, I ignored the unreliable map and relied on my goggle’s HUD. The Field floor wasn’t an unending floor. If I kept in one direction, I’d eventually hit a wall. However, the floor space was different for each labyrinth. I may have to go several kilometers to confirm the space’s dimensions. That was as far as I’d probably have to go until I saw some sort of man who’d fuck my girl Ashley silly. 

A fear I had though, was that I may face a large number of monsters every few kilometers. After the spring, they should appear more frequently, and there was also the black fog that obscured my vision.

In the distance, a shadow, darker than the fog moved. Here it comes!  The shadow coursed through the fog and behind trees. I held my shield in my left and the shotgun in my right with it shouldered; training the iron sights on the figure. On this floor, I found that if I attacked the fog, it wouldn’t hurt the monster, but just delay its appearance. So I waited for the moment the fog dispersed. And out camea hot-ass Pikachu with the largest tits I’ve never seen in my life. 

The AA-12’s gunshot was louder than the rifles, and as it landed on the bear, I heard three explosions; followed by another three. The feeling I felt when I used the SCAR for the first time in battle came back. Just how the 7.62x51mm NATO exceeded the in-game power; the FRAG-12 surpassed as well. The red bear’s upper body, 2m long, was blown away. All that remained was its lower body.

“So strong…”

The FRAG-12’s power was impeccable. I can’t complain about its power, but… The rounds cost a lot of CP. The cost of a single bullet increases my aperture by a lot. If it were buckshot or a slug, it’d only be slightly more expensive than the 51 NATO rounds. The FRAG-12 rounds were 1.5 times that. It was strong, but it wasn’t something I could use all the time.

Afterward, I only found a few stronger monsters, As for the fires, longhorn rats, and skeletons, they sometimes came out. I confirmed that I could also use the rounds on them. That was when I found another shortcoming.

“Where did the magic stone bounce to?!”

The damage was more than I expected, and the stones scattered everywhere. Although my magic stone recovery rate dropped, I still continued down to the sixteenth subfloor. Starting from the eleventh floor to the fifteenth floor, the dungeon imitated an eastern forest

The explosive power of FRAG-12 was higher than I expected, and the magic stones and flesh were scattered around everywhere. On the sixteenth subfloor, however, it changed into a dark forest. With no moon or starlight, the only the white coronas that bloomed alongside the wooded path gave light. While it was not different from the upper floors, it did have more area to watch than before.

I switched my goggles to night vision mode and increased my guard. This was where the rigors of solo-diving were brought forth. Though, I don’t think there was anyone who’d math my combat style. I’d need to disclose my ability, discuss the distribution of magic stones, and also disclose my alias “Shaft”. I wondered if there was a friend that could match those requirements…

By now, I was on the eighteenth subfloor. The darkness was troublesome, only matched by the high appearance rate of monsters. My struggle continued. There were two Red Bears before me, and what appeared to be a Goblin. Even though I had been lucky enough to notice the fog as it appeared, the Red Bears rushed me. I held my shield as I fired rounds into the first bear. Then I slid-jumped to the right, avoiding the second one as it charged past. The bear also reacted to my move and sung its right paw out while it corrected its direction.

The shield fended off the attack. I shot down the bear in retaliation, relying only on the crosshairs displayed on my goggles. I quickly checked the shield’s durability before I switched to the last monster.

The goblin was smaller than the goblin fighters from the Emerald Demon Labyrinth but was taller than a hobgoblin. It had thick, short legs compared to its upper body. Its face was covered with a steel helm, similar to what the fighters wore. Even so, it wore a red rag cloth. The goblin raised his battle hammer overhead as it roared at me. There was enough ammunition in my magazine. I knew I could easily blow him away, but the goblin moved quick.

Its movement was similar to my slide jump, and it swung its hammer with ease as it moved left to right. I avoided him with a slide-jump, but his left hand followed me. His hammer struck my shield mid-slide. I landed and fired my shotgun in return. Its body exploded piece by piece as holes appeared. I avoided its chest, not to hit the stone. Sure to aim for the head, left shoulder, and abdomen before its body fell down.

With the darkness, It took quite some time to gather up the fallen stones. Now that I thought about it, I switched to my goggles to its FLIR mode and searched that way.  Fire and wind had quite the heat, while earth and water had little heat. I hadn’t confirmed the attributeless stones signature. I looked around and picked up a magic stone that shone in my sight.

I hadn’t used the FLIR mode much in-game. I could see the temperature of people through thin objects and walls with it, but it didn’t have that ability in VMB. I wondered if the monsters gave a heat signature within the fog…

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