TLGRD 6 \\\ a Souvenir from a Girl

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After dispatching the imperial soldiers on Canary Road, Olivia resumed her journey to the capital – walking proudly. The people who passed her could only hold their breath upon seeing her. It was only natural because her body was covered in blood.

Seeing such a girl looking like that, it wouldn’t be strange if people were to ask what happened. And a few did attempt to do just that.

But eventually, no one dared to speak with Olivia; afraid to be implicated, they chose to silently look away and ignore her. The reason was obvious. A bloody scabbard hung at her waist in full view of all who approached.

And that wasn’t the only reason.

“How much further until the capital–

Uncaring to their reactions, Olivia untucked the string that tied the hemp bag from her shoulder. She let the bag ground against the ground. Its bottom was stained a blackish red.

“U-n. Its actually not that heavy, but its just troublesome to carry after a while.”

The idea of throwing the contents of the bag did cross her mind. If she did that, the carnivorous beasts would gladly devour it. Without the extra Luggage, she could use the [Swift Feet Technique]. It was quite exhausting so she had to use it sparingly, but it’d also cut down the time to the capital.


“I really shouldn’t though.” She shook herself

Olivia was reminded of what Zet told her back then.

“For a long time, Humankind has always been a war-like and cruel creature, who’d never hesitate to kill their enemy. Do you understand?”

“Un, don’t worry. I’ll etch it in my mind.”

“Good. As an example of their cruel nature, humans tend to take the head of their opponent.”

“Why? Do they like to eat heads?”

“No. As cruel as they are, humans rarely eat each other.”

“I see. Then why?”

“The only reason. ‘Proof’ of their valor.”

“Proof…? Humans are really hard to understand.”

“Indeed, they are… Simply put, it indicates that you have beaten your opponent.”

“That’s the reason they took their opponent’s heads.”

“Indeed, it is. A very cruel race, are they not?”

“Fummm. Any other reason?”

“By taking the head of someone else’s enemy, it can be seen that you want to ally yourself with that someone. You will most likely receive some rewards as well.”

“Redward? Is it a delicious food? Or maybe a book?”

“About that, even I have no clear idea… ”

Humans like to keep the head of their enemy. That’s what Zet told me. Being attacked by those imperial soldiers earlier might’ve been good fortune for me. I’m not really happy with carrying a severed head around like this. But if I bring it to the people of the Kingdom, surely they’ll be pleased. And then, they’ll hire me as a volunteer.

Olivia clasped her fist. With renewed resolution, she hefted the bag back over her shoulder. Beyond Canary Road was a green plateau that people rarely passed through. Instead, small animals began to appear on occasion.  They were most likely attracted by the stench of blood, but they’d run away in a panic once Olivia laid her eyes on them.

I’m not that hungry yet, so I don’t think I should eat any of them… 

Thinking so, Olivia continued to walk through the plateau, along a small river. And after a while, a huge fort could be seen in the distance – one that looked fort surrounded with stone walls.

“Waa, amazing!”

Olivia was amazed by how much larger the fort actually was than the Gate of the Underworld. Looking at the top, a huge flag fluttered majestically. If one looked closer, they’d make out a silver cup supported by a gold lion and a silver lion on each side at its center.

Silver chalice. Golden and silver lions… 

Olivia thought that she’d seen that emblem somewhere.

Ah… I remember now! That’s the emblem of the Kingdom! So that fort must belong to the Kingdom…

Olivia was pleased but soon turned to the hemp bag. The foul whiff made its way to her nose in between the fresh air of the plateau.

What to do with this? I wonder if it will last until I reach the capital…

Turning her eyes back to the fort, Olivia folded her arms in thought.

— un, it’s decided! I’ll just leave this on the fort as a souvenir before I head to the capital. If it rotted, then they won’t be able to tell if its an imperial soldier’s head or not.

Olivia nodded to herself elated and eagerly proceeded toward the fort. The sun was still high in the sky. At this rate, she’d arrive at the fort come sunset.

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