GGE 16 |Alexandre Hathaway

The ArchBishop of the Dragon Capital’s Alistairian church breathed heavily, his cock deep inside the young maiden’s nether region. She was on her hands and knees, her pretty little face buried in the sheets and her ass high in the air. She let out soft moans that tickled his lust as their skin clapped together. The ArchBishop, a man in his late thirties, bald, and slightly plump, made love to the young girl vigorously; until the squeal of iron hinges ripped him away from the girl just before he’d seeded her.

“I said I was not to be–!” The man hollered with indignant anger, only for it to be splashed over with deathly cold water. In the doorway, was the Second Prince Aiden, and a grin was plastered on his face.

“Why, my dear Alexandre,” The prince purred, “You didn’t invite me to this lovely event?” From the door, which was to the archbishop’s left, granted a full unimpeded view of the girl in the man’s bed. Slightly tanned and long flowing hair, he recognized that she was a common girl. However, to Aiden’s treat, she had bountifully large breasts and a lovely curvy figure. She was just the kind of girl Aiden loved to tie down in his torture chambers.

“M-My Prince!” Alexandre paled and quickly threw tried to cover the girl with the blanket and her discarded servant’s robes. The girl had also snapped out of her shock and was quick to cover herself, least that predatory stare turned into unwanted touching.

The prince watched on with amusement, but his eyes never left the girl. She slipped off the bed and stood off to the side of the chambers beside the dresser. Alexandre had finished dressing after her. Then, he gave Aiden a curtesy bow before he inquired about what he was doing here.

“My Prince, was there something you required of me?” Alexandre asked.

“There is,” Aiden said, his eyes undressing the girl already. “But it can be set aside, for now, I’d like to play with your pretty little pet.”

Alexandre felt his heart skip, and he looked to the girl off to his left. Her hands trembled as they gripped the hem of her dress. He turned his attention to the prince’s personal knight, Sir Valijar Karlsson for help. The knight nodded to the archbishop before he hailed his master down.

“My prince,” Sir Valijar said. “The matter is quite pressing if we’re too make the timeline you spoke of.”

Aiden looked back to his escort with a click of his tongue. He turned back, licked up the girl with his eyes before he gave a dismissive shrug. The prince turned on his heel and left the two in the chambers but not being throwing a command over his shoulder. “Met us in your office then.”

Alexandre let out a breath of relief, but the girl quickly slumped to the ground.

“O, my sweetling,” He held her hand and rubbed her back. “You’ll be fine, I swear. He wouldn’t dare touch you without my consent.” Her tear light-brown eyes looked up, and it reminded him that this girl was only a month away from sixteen. Of course, she’d be afraid of that monster. Only those who’d lived their entire lives under a rock would’ve never heard of his misdeeds.

“You swear?” She mumbled, her doe eyes enrapturing his heart.

“I swear,” He said and kissed her forehead. “But to be sure, take my token, and hide in the archives while I speak with the Prince. He’ll forget you in a while, and you’ll be safe.”

You’ll not end up like the last one, Alexandre thought. You’ve already gotten my heart, I’ll not let him have you. 

He pulled the copper token from around his neck and handed it to her. He watched her scamper off before he composed himself. Once this was done, he left his bedchambers, and made way towards the office but a few doors down. Sir Valijar stood beside it, and they gave each other a nod in greetings. Alexandre twisted the handle and pushed the door, to which an amused voice rose with it.

“You’ve gotten yourself another pretty one,” Aiden beamed as he sat in the archbishop’s seat behind the desk, his feet kicked up onto the expensive redwood desk.

Alexandre’s quarters consisted of several large rooms full of treasures, important items, and documents, and his personal rooms. All of which, residing in the south-western wing of the Church’s small monastery that was built in the Cloud District, the noble’s district. His office had tall circular walls that, and it was a tower room that officed a nice view of the harbor and the castle.

“Ah, yes,” Alexandre agreed as he took the wooden chair in front of his desk. “The fourth daughter of a baron, but a lovely girl.”

“I see,” Aiden’s amused smile slipped away at the mention of her status. “A shame I can’t play with her.”

“D-Don’t worry, my Prince,” Alexandre said quickly. “I’ve already arranged fifty female servants to accompany you in the palace, all to your requirements. No family, no status, and most likely never to be missed.”

“Good,” The corner of Aiden’s lips turned up, but the whole smile never returned before he got up from the seat and looked out the large window behind the desk. “My, how you’ve risen in the last year. Your god must be very proud to see how far your chapter has come.”

“He is,” Alexandre confirmed, not guilty in the least that he didn’t believe at all in his god. “I’ve received letters of praise from the Inquisition, and I’ve been allotted more resources.”

“Hmmm, but wouldn’t not believing be a back draw?” Aiden asked as he scrutinized the window’s quality. “I’m sure the inquisition is aware of your ‘standing’ upon the issue?”

“I’m not sure what they’re aware of, but I’m sure it wouldn’t pose a problem,” Alexandre replied. “So long as nothing bad comes of it, I assume.”

“That’s good for me,” Aiden finally turned around. “Because the time has come for me to collect your debts.”

The archbishop stiffened at the sound of it. Having risen his church from the slums, where all religions are thrown until they’ve proven themselves, to the cloud district – all within a year of him taking charge – was not all by his own hands. Such a miraculous rise was only due to the Second Prince’s assistance.

And along with that, the debt Alexandre owed him was substantial. Though, if it were gold, the church could easily pay into the millions. He wasn’t sure, but the church valued the believers over its funds, though, both were in surplus he believed.

“How can I help you?” The archbishop asked. “If it is gold, it would take some weeks to acquire it, but the church has already informed me that it is willing to pay.”

“Not gold,” Aiden dismissed it with a wave of his hand before he moved to sit on the edge of the desk closest to the archbishop. “I’ll need you to be my little birds, chirping a song I want the people to hear.”

“I’m afraid that I won’t be able to alter the sermons if you want me to–” Alexandre was dismissed again with another wave of Aiden’s hand.

“That is not needed,” Aiden said “I just need your servants to ‘gossip’ within earshot of nobles who come in. They need to be discreet enough to appear like they’re trying to talk amongst themselves, but close enough that they can overhear it. ”

Aiden, wearing a luxurious dark gold silk robe, slid out a thickly rolled parchment from his robe. The parchment had been sealed with purple wax bearing the Imperial Family’s seal. A coiled dragon.

“I want the servants to speak of the failed research expedition into the Forbidden Forest,” Aiden announced. “Here is the report. I want them to drag down my brother’s name, the Third Prince. I need his name to be slandered and stomped on. I want the people and nobles up in arms. Get enough nobles to talk about it, then bring it up in during a sermon. I’m sure you can figure it out from there.”

Aiden placed the thick scroll on the desktop before he got up from the desk. He looked out the window again.

“This can be done,” Alexandre nodded vigorously. “After I’ve read the report, I’ll send the birds out at once.”

“Such an obedient dog,” Aiden let out a hearty chuckle as he ruffled the archbishop’s hair. “Keep this up, and you may just be allowed to expand again. Don’t fail me though, I’d hate for you to disappear like your predecessor.”

“As you will it, my Prince!” Alexandre said weakly.

“I’ll leave you to get on with it,” Aiden said and walked towards the door. The archbishop got up and bowed to him. However, the prince turned to him as he walked into the hallway. “O, and do keep your little bunny under a tight leash. She’s such a lovely one, and the capital is known to have its fair share of kidnappings. I’d hate to hear you lost another ‘personal servant’.”

With that, Prince Aiden left with Sir Valijar in tow as they left the archbishop’s personal wing. He wasn’t concerned with the girl, as the archives were situated in his wing, and in the other direction. He sighed, composed himself and turned. Only to come face to face with a small-statured person, dressed in all black and armed with a sheathed curved sword. A white fox mask shielded their identity, and not even their head was visible as a black hood covered their head.

“I am from the Inquisition,” A sweet muffled voice came from them- from her. “You may call me N.”


Alexandre sat stiff as marble, his eyes locked on that expressionless fox mask that sat at his desk. The soft flap of parchment turning filled the room for a moment, followed by a scared sniffle to his right. Alexandre reached out with his right hand and patted the young girl’s trembling hand. The fox mask lifted slightly, watched his movements, then when back to the ledger before her.


He only knew it was a woman by her figure-hugging clothing. Even then, it took a keen eye to see by the shading upon her all-black clothing. The subtle rise of breasts. The too shapely curve as her mid-riff widened to meet wide female hips. He’d seen plenty of women to know their body, though, he had only ever loved the girl beside him.

However, even he knew the danger. Attached to that feminine body of a small statued girl, weapons were discreetly laced to her. The only obvious one being the long curved sword that hung from her hip. And the small knife strapped center chest of that strange hooded black tunic or jerkin. It was a strange design, and along with that white fox mask that he couldn’t possibly fathom how she saw, concealed any recognizable features.

The woman quietly closed the book.

“Do you know why I am here?” Nylah asked.

Yes, the woman at his desk was from the Alistairian Inquisition. The secret “administrative” group that kept the church running. Of all his shortcomings, Alexandre couldn’t possibly pick which one. Stealing a few silvers from the donation box to visit brothels. Accepting gifts from merchants and officials. Keeping a lover in his personal wing, or maybe it was his lack of faith in the religion itself. Alexandre wasn’t a clean man, but compared to others; he thought he was a saint.

“I do not, Inquisitor,” Alexandre answered truthfully.

“I’m here in regards to your relationship with the Imperial family of the Dragon Empire,” Nylah stated. “To be more exact, with whom you’re cooperating.”

A silence settled over the occupants of the room, only broken by the frequent sniffling of Alexandre’s mistress. He squeezed her hand to try and comfort her.

“Second Prince Aiden Drakefang,” Nylah nodded slightly. “We require you to no longer assist anymore of his plans.” Which, to Alexandre’s dismay, was quite late on the ball to tell him now. Prince Aiden had already given him thorough instructions and he’d seen what happened when that bloody prince didn’t get his way.

“I don’t believe that’s possible as of now anymore, Inquisitor,” Alexandre mentioned. “The prince has already called in his debt with the church. He’s asked that we spread the report failed expedition report, the one that’d been lead by the Third Prince along with the First Prince.”

“O?” Nylah asked, interested. “Have you read the report?” To which, Alexandre shook his head. He hadn’t read the report yet; that’d been added into the agenda when the Prince ordered him to do so. However, he wouldn’t belittle the Inquisitor by demeaning her intelligence. He’d seen what an inquisitor was capable of, and he’d seen why they were needed. It only peeved him that one had to turn out today of all days – with orders that went against the second-highest authority in the country he had to live in.

“Where is it?” Nylah asked. Alexandre gestured to the scroll beside the desk, placed upon the stacks of papers and scrolls he needed to read. By far, it was the biggest one of all. It was nearly half a foot in circumference; the number of papers rolled in would take a while to read through. “That’s quite the report.”

Alexandre nodded. “It is, but I haven’t read it, so, I don’t know the contents. However, since I am to disregard Prince Aiden, what am I to do?”

“Read the report tonight, and I’ll return on the morrow for it,” Nylah’s mask turned to the girl beside him. “Before we get into the nitty-gritty, we currently have to deal with another issue beforehand. Namely, your maiden here.”

Alexandre gulped silently as his hands gripped Emily’s. “S-She’ll not be a problem, if you wish, I can send her back to the archives.”

“If I didn’t want her here, I wouldn’t have had an inquisitor bring her here,” Nylah said emotionlessly. The word gripped the man’s heart. Little Emily was a homely girl, and though it wasn’t loved at first, the girl had warmed up to him and as he did to her. She’d been a “donation” from a lowly baron in the capital. It was to gain the church’s favor so they’d buy from his dying shops. He’d taken this donation, but it’d proven to be the best decision of his life.

But it was against the rules for a priest to take wives or mistresses. It was considered “unclean” to not dedicate oneself to the church, but Alexandre hadn’t much cared for faith more than he did the power. “Please, I understand I have done wrong, but-but–!”

“Calm yourself, false-priest,” Nylah’s hand made several quick hand gestures, and he felt his mouth close shut against his will. “Today’s your lucky day. Just nod your head for yes, and shake your head for no. Do you trust this little girl?”

Alexandre nodded his head vigorously.

“Do you love her?” Nylah asked. Without hesitation, the archbishop nodded his head with the same vigor. Beside him, still scared for her life, Emily still blushed and looked down. She wasn’t that pretty of a girl, more average than anything. This had been why her father had been willing to hand the girl over for the man’s amusement. But she found him kind, much kinder than her family had ever been.

If she were to be killed now, even if it was because her lover broke the church’s rule, she’d die happy.

“Then, today is both your lucky day,” Nylah said. “Becuase Lord Alistair has handed down a top priority assignment to you. The Goddess Cyril has believed to awaken, and she has been reported to have connections to the First Prince, Third Prince, and the Princess of the Fox Tribe. As to assure your commitment to the success of this assignment, Lady Garner’s life will be spared. As we speak, more knights will be assigned to this branch to… Off-set any push back from the Second Prince.”

Emily rose her hand timidly to ask a question. Nylah’s curiosity was peaked, and she wanted to know what sort of girl she was. The inquisitor gestured for her to speak.

“I-If I may… Um…” Emily stalled as she tried to think of how to address Nylah.

Nylah’s fingers wrapped around each other as she slid them off the table, and into her lap.” Lady Inquisitor will due.”

“Lady Inquisitor,” Emily dipped her head timidly. “I-If I may, but would it not be better that I am not present? I due believe this sounds more… Important… That I don’t hear it.”

Nylah let Emily’s words hang in the air, if only for theatrics as the archbishop began to visibly panic. The inquisition was not known for their kindness. And often, there were reports spread of the “false priests” dying by their hands without a trial. He could only hope that this Inquisitor had some sort of heart.

“O, most definitely,” Nylah purred. “But this isn’t normal circumstances. Have you ever heard of the Origin tales, or perhaps, their religion? They’re mainly popular among the Beastkin, but I heard the Empire does speak of these during their lessons in their academy.”

Emily shook her head with less fear. The inquisitor was much less harsh than the girl thought she’d be. “I apologize, Lady Inquisitor, but I do not attend the Dragon Academy. I had a tutor, but my family never had the coin to send me; I also never scored high enough to go with the Emperor’s grace.”

“Shame,” Nylah stated. “Well, your lover here will explain it to you later. However, for now, I’ll explain your role here. Archbishop Alexandre Hathaway has broken several rules already that’d earn him an exile mark. With you being here, he’s earned a death mark. But with this assignment, he will be allowed to operate as usual. You’re also going to help him because I can tell you do like him.”

Nylah paused as she pulled a parchment from her strange clothing, and Emily took that moment to thank her. “Thank you for your mercy, Lady Inquisitor!” The girl bowed her head low to show her sincerity.

“It is not mercy, but me using the tools available,” Nylah said as she placed the parchment on the table. It was single rolled parchment, sealed in sun yellow wax. A sun emblazoned in the center. “This was personally ordered by Lord Alistair himself. Since it’s apparent the archbishop would like you alive, you’re life will ride on his success. Motivation, to say it bluntly.”

Nylah tapped on the desk, bringing both their attention towards the scroll she placed upon the desk.

“In more sense, I believe you can play a smaller but pivotal role in this mission,” Nylah said as she pushed the scroll forward for Alexandre to take it. He did as such, opened it, and began to read before Nylah continued. “Read the scroll to get all the parameters, but to surmise; the church wishes to get into the good graces of this Goddess. These three mortals are connected, amongst a few others.”

Alexandre saw that part, at least, where it was listed who’d the church wanted to protect at the moment. Lady Priscilla Hammel, and a commoner named Layla. Both of these girls were in the company of the presumed target though.

“As of this moment, this mission will only be interference,” Nylah stated. “Prince Aiden and the Emperor both do not like the Third Prince. It’s said that Lady Priscilla is the favored among the list, and also has feelings for the Goddess. You will counter any negative waves you find within the capital about any of these persons. Should any of them arrive at your doorstep, you’re to help them with the full backing of the church. Do not make it obvious though.”

Alexandre paled when it got to the part that this Cyril had protected the Port Gulley’s branch of the church, if only for this Lady Priscilla. But in doing so, she’d torched nearly everyone within the cathedral to do so. Was this goddess as a violent entity, or a protective one? He could tell from that this was all from Bishop Luis’s perspective, if only but how nice he was describing the group. Bishop Luis was not his favorite subordinate, but he was definitely the one he liked most.

Bishop Luis praised this Cyril highly for her protective nature. This he could work with. If they wanted to get into the target’s graces, using Lady Priscilla would be their best bet.

“But I warn you,” Nylah said. “No harm should befall any of these people. I gather that Lady Cyril’s wrath will be far to harsh for anyone to handle, and Lord Alistair wishes for his name to spread. This requires living souls to pray to him, and they can’t very much believe in something if they’re dead.”

Alexandre looked to her, wide-eyed, then skimmed the paper until he found the failure parameters. Angering Cyril, failing to protect the VIPs, failing to sway public perception of the expedition, and amongst a few others. Alexandre felt his stomach turn. Punishment for failure will be Emily’s death, and his. 

If that wasn’t a compelling reason to succeed, there’d be nothing else.

“But fear not,” Nylah clapped her hands together with a chirper tone. “As I said earlier, you’ll have more bodies on station to make this work. What I failed to mention at the beginning of this conversation, is that these knights you’re getting aren’t just regular knights…”



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