Flowered Metal | 24 [Explicit|

Explicit material ahead. There is still some story in it, but nothing major to the story at large.

And it’s like, the second one I’ve ever done, so there’s that. 😀


Syfa and Oki pressed hard against each other, their hands tame at first. Her fingers ran through his short cut hair and his hands found her hips. His scruff pricked at her cheeks but compared to his rough lips, it made the kiss all the more enticing for her. Little by little, what should have just been an extremely passionate kiss had slowly turned into something more. On Syfa’s provocation.

She felt her blood begin to simmer, and before she could stop, she felt her legs wrap themselves around his midriff. Syfa’s tongue wormed its way into a very surprised mouth, but that had only lasted a heartbeat. Just as quickly, it was like they were young again. Her mind raced excitedly. It didn’t question the situation, but instead, encouraged it.

She had never believed the mantra that living beings could mate for life. However, she never found herself loving another person besides Oki. Even when he hadn’t gone with her, and his touch just broke a damn in her that she never knew she built. Within moments, Syfa had already stripped off her upper garment, the elegant white fur had been discarded on the monolith’s barrel.

Oki had pulled her off the top of the turret, and they were currently grinding against each other in the shadow of it; away from any unwanted eyes. And the eyes that she wanted to look at her, looked at her with utter complete fascination.

“They’re…” Oki’s face trailed off as Syfa felt his hand slid slowly up her sides – leaving a trail of fire as he did – before they cupped her large breasts. Her mounds filled his hands nicely with skin pushing out between.

“Bigger,” The vixen muttered before she licked the left side of his neck. When they had mated in their teens, she had just entered puberty. As did he. However, they had already had feelings for each other. They had stumbled through sex, deep in the southern Red Forest. Her breasts had been meager things.

Unlike when they were young though, her breasts had filled out – and were often that of envy among the young women in the village. And also unlike before, they didn’t stumble through this. Another welcomed development was the large bulge that pressed her womanhood through Oki’s fur pants

“I’ve gotten bigger as well,” Oki’s lust-filled voice growled in his chest, and Syfa grinned as she rolled her hips back and forth – teasing her partner as she left out a purr into his neck. Her hands slid down his muscled chest and stomach before she found his leather belt.

She hooked her finger into the wrought iron buckle, and with a few impatient tugs, pulled it loose. Syfa was rewarded with Oki’s cock springing back up and slapping her vaginal opening. It hadn’t been anything noteworthy, except for the part where her body stiffened. It knew what had knocked on its door, and it was salivating now. She could feel the undergarment beginning to get uncomfortably soaked.

She dismounted – reluctantly – off Oki, but before she could even finish stripping, the man’s hands were already on her lower furs. Awkwardly, and impatiently, he tried to pull them off. They didn’t, and Syfa had to stifle her laughter.

“Belt, my love – belt,” Syfa reached down and with a single finger, unhooked the small bronze buckle from her days beyond the valley. “Now you may have your fun.” Her sultry voice made his ears twitch in delight. And like the wolf he was, he began to devour his prize.

Oki was part wolf-kind, and one of the reasons the two tribes had merged. It was only sheer luck, or fate’s hand, that the daughter of the chieftain had mated with one the wolf tribe’s people who’d been sent to their tribe. And she never regretted doing it.

Her wandering mind short-circuited and she couldn’t stop the sudden gasp that escaped. She hadn’t noticed that in one fell swoop, Oki had turned her over, bent her over and buried his cock in her pussy. The feeling made the heat in her lower region swirl madly as he began to rock to and for.

It glided in and out without any resistance, but that didn’t mean her walls didn’t lovely cling the girthy rod. It tried to keep him in and protested when he pulled back, only to cry in mad delight when parted them. It was all Syfa could do but moan into her hand so she didn’t alert the people by the lake. though they were probably far enough, she wanted Oki to keep fucking her. She didn’t want any of them to interrupt her.

Soon, he started to pump into her harder and harder. His hands gripping her hips in hopes to lance himself deeper into her. It worked because she felt himself strike deeper and deeper each time until she felt his bush on the steps of her vagina before it fell away as he pulled back.

Syfa had to focus on keeping quiet as the man let out low, primal grunts. Her mind blanked every few thrusts and her moans were growing louder. Then nothing. Syfa looked back, her eyes pleading for more as Oki looked down on her with a mischievous grin.

“Please… Don’t stop,” She panted as she felt her insides tremble. They wanted more. They desired more. They demanded more.

Oki pulled on her hand, pulling her up and around. He then picked her up, supporting herself with one arm and used the other to keep her back off the cold metal of the turret head behind her.

“A little help, please?” He growled next to her ear. Without another word, she wrapped her legs around him and her hand reached down; grasping for the slick cock that rubbed at both her lower holes. 

With a little help of her hips and her hand, she barely managed to slide it back in her. In the head of the moment before, she had realized just how big he actually was. Syfa wasn’t sure if she hadn’t drenched, that he’d fit. The realization was short-lived as Oki began to push up into her. She pushed down on him, helping him to find the deepest corner of her she could. 

Syfa felt the pleasure bubble in her womb, then like lightning, it shot up through her stomach and up her throat. It took the form of a loud moan that she only managed to stifle by sinking her canines into Oki’s thick shoulder. Her nails raked themselves across his muscled back, scrambling to just grab anything she could. He responded with one deep lust-filled, primal growl – one that Syfa almost took as that she’d gone too far.

She’d been sorely wrong. It’d been a hormone-filled warcry. 

Before she could react, he thrusted into her over and over. Her vaginal walls tightened around him even more as they attempted to hold his cock hostage. They wanted him. They needed him, and they were trying to take him. As the war below her legs went into full swing, Syfa’s mind was blanking out. 

The pleasure had taken her ability to moan and bite. All she could do was dig her nails into his back and hold her head up as she began to climax. Her pussy tightened clamped down hard on Oki’s manhood when he was buried deep in her and before he could pull back out, her legs trapped him in her as she let out a loud whimper.

That was when he finally came. She felt it, deep in her, his seed filling her womb; it was like a drug. The vixen tried to tighten her legs around his waist in an attempt to milk more out of him. Instead of more seed, Oki pulled out of her slowly, making her twitch with pleasure 

“I think that’s enough for now,” Oki grumbled as he fought to control his breath. “You’re getting loud.” He said it with a hint of disappointment. Syfa glared at him as he placed her down gently. 

“Is that a problem?” Syfa said weakly as she felt his semen begin to trickle out of her. 

“Only if you don’t want the others to hear you,” Oki flashed her a devilish grant that conveyed that his carnal desire quite been sated. “However, they’re going to be done soon.”

He said that as he looked around the turret, Syfa had another idea. She wanted more of his seed. In that moment, she remembered something an old friend had told her, about what a few of her boyfriends had liked her doing to them. 

Oki had sat down, his chest heaving as he watched the villagers continue to play by the lake and paint. Syfa got onto her hands and knees, silently crawled toward him and reached out towards his meat shaft – he head in tow. Oki took in a deep breath as he felt Syfa’s fingers wrap delicately around the base of his cock as she rimmed the head with her tongue. 

“A little something one of the female adventurers I had traveled with told me about,” Syfa shot him a sultry smile, just like she remembered her friend had shown her one night in their tent. “You’re the first to experience what she showed me.” 

Oki never responded. Syfa hadn’t given him time to do it as she slid the head between her lips. She sucked on the tip while she teased it gently with her tongue. Her head slowly made its way down the shaft as she but her ass in the air. Her tail swished as she chased her carnal wish, pushing Oki’s cock in until it hit the back of her throat. 

The strange taste of his seed mixed with her juice had made her more excited. She moved her head back, making sure to snake her tongue around his manhood as she did so. Then Syfa repeated the process. Each time becoming quicker and quicker as she familiarized herself with giving “head”.  

Oki groaned with obvious attempts to keep himself quiet. His right hand combed through her hair before he looked down at her. Syfa looked up at him, locking her eyes with his. Then, they trailed down her back – taking in all his feminine beauty before he tensed up and his cock twitched. Syfa hadn’t known what it meant as she’d pulled back to see what was going on. 

Just before it left her lips, he cummed on the tip of her tongue. It’d surprised Syfa and she pulled back as the strange taste stuck to her tongue. More cum flung from his head and across Syfa’s pretty face, covering her lips to her small nose. Several more shots fired, landing lower on her chin before swinging back and attaching its end to her neck. The last show managed to land on her breasts as she pulled her head back.

Oki looked at her with a mixture of lust, fascination, and horror at her. Though, after a moment, only fascination and lust were left. 

“I think that’s enough for tonight,” Oki said, his eyes telling her that if she continued to please him, she wouldn’t leave this place until she was aching or broken. She only nodded, but the lust in his eyes grew before he pulled his eyes away, looking for his pants until he froze. 

“What happened?” Syfa asked as she crawled over to see what he was looking at, forgetting the liquid that’d been freshly planted in and on her. When she got to the edge, she saw a vivid ring of blue down at the IFV’s feet. It was the BD-A. Somehow, Syfa knew it was Opal.

“Your brother has requested that you finish your mating,” Opal said in her usual girlish voice. “He has asked that I tell you that they can hear, and smell you. And that they’re bored on the lake.” 



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