FPS 82

  • Note: Malta is now Marida, Marida is Marta. The daughter stays the same. 

The indoor theatre was built in the first district, utilized magical building materials; otherwise known as magical architecture. The difference between it and the ordinary-buildings was that magic reinforced its strength. Its appearance was had a rich and formed a large hall. Ashley said that such large magical buildings were powered with Labyrinth Cores after they were removed from their homes.

This indoor theatre was officially called the Kurtmerga Theater. On first look, it resembled a very large cylinder. Entering it, I presented my mercenary guild card and my escort certificate for Duke Barga. My axes were taken, but my electromagnetic baton and Welrod were allowed in.

Upon entering the theater, we immediately attracted attention. People, especially the theatre’s employees looked on in surprise – some even stopped on the spot and stared at us. The Duke and Duchess of Barga along with Lady Emyrada smiled at the scene. Lapitiricia-sama was also smiling, but Ashley and the other escorts all had serious expressions – – Though it looked like they had to force the expressions.

Our seating was in the VIP section of the theater, where nobility and the most prominent people of the first district could enter. We went up the stairs and entered that section, which was higher than the stage. Duke Barga’s male escorts stood in front of the door. And the ones that went inside were Ashley and me with the two women we were escorting.

Looking down the stage from the VIP seats, you could see that the theater’s stage protruded outward and its seating curved around it. You could also see the orchestra was lined up before the stage. After all, it was expected for an opera to have an accompaniment.

I visually checked for dangers in my surroundings. Looking over the guests before the stage, and the other guest rooms that were full of people… I didn’t know how many seats there were in total, but there was more than several hundred people present.

The performance was started in the outdoor theatre within the third district. Once it became popular, it’d come over to the first district and it seemed that this was their first performance here. Duke Barga said that tonight’s performance should be gathering a large number of powerful and magically proficient nobles – following the ceremony in the capital.

No strange gazes were seen, nor suspicious sounds heard, and no dots appeared in unnatural positions when I checked the map. After a certain level of safety was confirmed, Mrs. Emyrada, Lapitiricia-sama, and the Duke took a seat.

The performance’s running time was about 2 hours, o I wondered what kind of shameful play was going to be shown. Eventually, the lights within the guest rooms and the audience seats of the stage slowly began to dim. Apparently, it was about to start, and I could see a man walking from the side of the stage. His destination was the orchestra pit one step down before the stage. He seemed to be the conductor, and the audience applauded him. That included the Duke of Barga and Lapitiricia-sama.

The stage was still curtained off. The applause stopped and silenced enveloped the theatre. To begin, the overture, prelude, the conductor shook his stick and an up-tempo tone that foretold a fierce battle broke the silence. The sound of brass instruments resounded through the theatre and string instruments strummed violently, leaving my body vibrating.

I felt as if the live sound of the orchestra was, that after not hearing it for a long time, was not inferior to that of my previous world. It seeped into my body and synchronized with my mind even without knowing the details of the technology used, or how the instruments were performed.

While being hit by the raw sound, I could feel my heart beating after, but I held my hands down by my waist. I forced myself not to be apart of the audience. Other than the light spots reflected on the lens of the kevlar mask, and the sound of the orchestra, I went about searching for any suspicious sounds.

The overture was over, and the curtains rose after a short applause. In the first act, a stage resembled the outdoors at dusk. Was this the rest area of the Royal Capital? There were no horses, but there was a hooded carriage. Apparently, the performance seemed to start from the attack at the rest area.

The orchestra started to play a little lively song. From behind the curtain, a fat man in a merchant styled outfit went to the center cheerfully. Is that Marida?  He sang along with the accompaniment. A new labyrinth was found near the Fortified City of Barga, which was quickly subjugated and the harvest festival will take place in the territory. From there, Marida Company obtained the right of First Purchase which granted further development and prosperity with the territory.

The dialogue was spoken in song loudly, which echoed throughout the theater without losing to its accompaniment.

As the number of characters began to increase, the songs turned into a chorus and the prosperity for Barga and Marida eventually turned into prosperity and glory for the kingdom of Kurtmerga. The scene changed and dusk turned to night. The music also changed, taking on a tune that felt like a calm before a storm. So far, the protagonist of the play hadn’t appeared.

And then, the raid begins. The battlefield sounds were accompanied by a solo trumpet. The next event portrayed was Marida being attacked by a gang of thieves, before managing to escape but eventually surrounded. Seriously… Are they really going this direction… If I look at this from my previous world standard… This would already be a classic…

From the curtains – accompanied by the sound of a gong, shooting out were balls of light — Light bullets… Hit the bandits that surrounded the merchant… Did it really look that cool?

Finally, the “Black Mask Shaft” finally appeared, dressed in a light-black knight clothing, with a black cloak and redlining. Of course, the mask that he was wearing was a black – – Venetian mask – – not!

A Venetian mask was a mask that could be work in a masquerade, so you’d immediately think of it as an eye mask. “Black Mask Shaft”, which donned a black cloak, flipped over the stage and light bullets were thrown around. His face was only covered from the bridge of hi nose to the top of his eyes. His mouth was completely exposed.

However, it seemed like the light bullets used may have been the same as the ones used as the light source. I could understand that they were chanting the spell similar to singing, but I couldn’t hear them at all, because of the magic that concealed them. It’s not like it was an offensive magic, so there was no way the actors would get hurt if hit.

The first act seemed to end when “Black Mask Shaft” saved Marida and sung his name. The curtains than descended as if pushed by the wave of applause and a small break was entered.

“How about it, Shaft-kun? Was “Black Saft” similar to what you’ve expected?”

As the actors descended, the applause subsided and began to get up. Looking at it, the Duke of Barga – whom I was standing behind – asked.

“It was completely embarrassing after all.”

“Did Shaft really fight a large number of enemies?”

“That’s right, Mrs. Emyrada. The assault on the area was carried out by a group of 30 people.”

“My! Shaft is really a wonderful magician if he were able to repel all of them!”

“No, Emyrada. He did a mock battle before this against knights and magicians. He’s a fighter that conquered them all using only melee.”

“Is that true?”

“Yes, mother. They did it at the Knight’s training grounds.”

During the conversation, I answered questions with a smile, despite wearing a mask. Before long, the curtain rose for the second act. The next scene was… a mansion or a merchant’s house. It was different from the first act, which was only the actors. In the second act, it was a lot of actresses playing Marida’s wife, Marta and his daughter Minea along with the maids. They sang in a soprano’s voice, high-pitched and powerful.

The child who played Minea was quite young, but her voice was stilled carried throughout the building. Was she receiving help with magic? The girl sang a light happy tune. However, it ended and Minea and the maids were kidnapped. The actors representing Marida and Marta sang a song of love for their daughter in a deep quiet tune…

Probably because I was struck too much by the live music, their lyrics reminded me of my family, who were in my old world.

My parents were still alive before I fell into this world. I had no siblings, but that’s probably why they had let me do whatever I liked. I studied language from a young age to fit into FPS and said that someday I would go abroad. But on the contrary, I did not put the effort into anything else. As a parent, they’d probably been encouraging me to study hard, get a job in a good company, get a wife, and maybe create a family. I had no memories of any filial piety… I had decided to live in this world, but I still had one regret that remained.

I wish I could do something, but… At least in this world, I wanted to live without regrets.

Eventually, behind Marta’s voice, “Black Shaft” appeared and moved out of the chamber. Singing about prioritizing the family’s happiness. The curtain descended on the second act, and the stage entered its climax.

The third act was a battle scene. “Black Shaft”, who’d sent a threatening letter to Yagoche Shokai, fought with the leader of the bandit group – the beastman Runode.

Now, flying bullets and wire action? I don’t know if its magic or a skill combination, but they were singing while firing spells. They moved freely as if flying and performing close combat. And then, when it was time to settle things. Runode was toppled and the only one remaining was Yaguchi. Yaguchi’s actor, who taken the girls hostage, evilly sang as he confessed.

Then finally, after dodging, he was defeated. The stage then turned to a certain mansion… Don’t tell me… “Black Shaft” sang of condemnation. The deep, low-sounding void was like Enma’s judgment, echoing from the bottom of hell.

“In the darkness of the Royal Capital, I will be watching. In the darkness of the Royal Capital, evil shall be vanquished. In the Darkness of the Royal Capital, judgment shall be delivered by the darkness.”

[Kay: I am Batman.]

Then the actor shot out a large light bullet, swallowing the mansion behind the stage. When the light subsided, only rubble remained. They knew that I destroyed it! That was a really embarrassing thing to do…

And lastly, Marta and her husband came on stage. Knowing that the daughter was saved, sang a song of delight. While watching the scene, “Black Shaft” disappeared, not by exiting left or right, but by jumping up to the top of the stage. As a result, Yaguchi’s evil plot was crushed, and “Black Shaft” disappeared while leaving a declaration of war from the capital’s darkness. The members of Marida’s family sang their thanks and love. The audience gave them a big round of applause. And “Black Shaft” The black nobleman who flown down to the Royal Capital, came to a close.


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