FPS 102

On my way back from the Mercenary Guild, I was followed by the remnants of Cactus, but I ended up luring them into a dead-end alley; where I eliminated them. I didn’t feel sorry, as unless I dealt with them, they’d keep coming back to try and kill me… But the corpses… 
I took a deep breath, then decided I had to inform the city guard about it. 
I explained the situation, even accompanied the guards to the scene to retrieve them. It took a while, even though it felt like a waste. I ended up not having the time to search for lodging. So, I ended up staying the night in the guard station’s lounge. 
The next morning, the verification was over, and my statement was acknowledged. I was allowed to leave without reproach. It really was a waste of time, but I was the victim here, not the assailant. I needed to make that clear. 
Upon leaving, the first thing I did was head west to the West Metropolis, an inn with luxurious accommodation for a place like Barga. I didn’t want to go to the White Flower Inn, where Schwartz was supposed to be staying to make a distinction. Some people may notice the similarity between the two of us. So, I had to cover all my bases as best as I could. I was just attacked last night, so I’d rather spend more money on a place with better security. 
I went inside and called out to the receptionist. 
“Welcome, how may I help you?”
“Are there any open rooms?”
“There’s an unreserved single room.”
“Alright, I’ll rent it for the month.”
“Thank you very much.”
I paid the fee, got my key, and headed straight for my room. The rented room had one bed, a desk, a chair, and a closet. The room size was similar to the one at the White Flower Inn, however, it was much more luxurious. 
However, I didn’t come here to rest. I replenished my expended weapons and ammo from last night before I immediately left the room. First off, I headed to Marida Company to purchase more non-attribute stones to replenish the CP I spent during the escort request. Aside from that, I also wanted to tell them I was finally going to proceed with the labyrinth conquest. I was going to need sufficient supplies for that.
When the company came into sight, I also saw a wagon stopping beside it; probably to load or unload. 
Several strong-looking fellows could be seen around it, maybe escorting it. Last time, the fox beastkin twins, Arum and Silvara, were the escorts. Were they still around? Perhaps, but I guess they weren’t escorting this particular wagon. One of the escorts kept eyeing me. 
I guess it was only natural to be wary since it was still early morning. There was still some time until the city came to life, so I understand why he’d be cautious of seeing a masked individual approaching him.
“Hold it right there, you. What are your intentions of coming here?”
“No need to get worked up. Is Chairman Marida here, or is the branch manager present? Tell them that Shaft came to visit — they’ll know.”
“Please wait here.”
The guard went inside the office after listening to me. This was the first time I saw the man, so he probably didn’t know who I was. The other escorts were more familiar with me. They bowed and exchanged light greetings with me once I was noticed. I heard someone rushing from the inside. Marida-san didn’t have such heavy steps, so it had to be Bill-san.
“Shaft-an! Pardon me for the wait. The chairman is currently in the royal capital, so I’ll be serving your needs instead.”
“Please do then.”
Bill-san took me to the usual room. Meanwhile, the guard came inside to report me, looked puzzled after seeing how Bill-san reacted. But the other escorts were quick to explain to him who I was.
“—- That was THE ‘Black Mask’?!”
“— He is, and he’s also an honored guest for the company.”
Certainly, I was pretty much a precious customer for the company. Even though they sold non-elemental magic stones on the cheap to me, I’ve always bought them in large quantities after all. Not to mention the acquisition of a large amount of magical water. Along with giving them the idea for the lunch boxes, among a few others that’d garnered them a lot of profit. 
“When did you return to Barga?”
“You’ve been hard at work then. Will it be magic stones today as well?”
“Yeah, the non-elemental ones. Also, I need food; enough for 3 to 4 weeks.”
“As you wish. The stones will be prepared soon. Thanks to you, the sales of the Bentos have gone well. Recently, adventurers have also started to buy them regularly, so we plan to branch out in Barga. Regarding the food, 3-4 weeks, eh? Please give me a day to prepare that.”
“Okay, tomorrow morning then?”
“Yes, it should be ready by then. Shall I arrange a variety of food?”
“Yes, please. Make it decently varied?”
“Certainly. Regarding the content… Is there anything, in particular, you’d like or don’t like?”
“No. Anyways, as soon as I get food, I’ll be heading to the Wolf Labyrinth.”
“Heading out again already after coming back?! Very well then, I will refrain from sending a messenger to the Royal Capital.”
Afterward, while treated with a cup of good tea, the transaction for the stones was done. During the escort mission, I’d actually expended quite a lot. Especially because I didn’t manage to recover the tomahawk I tossed. My CP consumption turned out greater than I’d expected. In my mind, since I held back from using a lot of bullets, I shouldn’t have consumed that much; but…
There’s nothing else on the schedule today, so I spent the rest lounging about.

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    1. Shaft should keep stock of a large quantity of non-elemental magic stones in his Gift Box, just in case, and use them as an emergency fund to replenish his CP.

      * Shaft-an! —> Shaft-san!


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