GGE 15 | Cyril Bailey

As they arrived from the west, the rising sun outlined the Empire’s capital, and it reflected in Priscilla’s inky eyes. Her unnaturally pale face was cropped by a ring of thick brown, and she’d been thickly bundled in a lot of furs. The sea breeze’s kiss was as gentle as it was cold on herContinue reading “GGE 15 | Cyril Bailey”

FPS 74

“There are only two escorts allowed in the Royal castle and the banquet” Duke Franklin Barga had said this. In other words, I and a woman would be escorting Lapritrica-sama. “I’ve been waiting for you, Shaft-san. Ashley-san, he’s the other escort. Shaft-san.” Lapitricia-sama introduced me to Ashley-san. I closed the parlor’s door behind me quietly.Continue reading “FPS 74”

GGE 14

The long hall was illuminated with three patches of silvery moonlight, illuminating three days. However, three islands of inky darkness stood between each. Dark outlines of the suits of armor Priscilla’s father kept stood like hidden sentinels. But to her, they hid monsters. She toed the boundary of her room, the wooden door ajar justContinue reading “GGE 14”

GGE 13.2 \\\ The Beginning of the End

Miniature mountains and rivers made of wood were laid out before Alistair; his silver eyes criticizing each inch of the land depicted below. Carved from a single branch of the now-dead World Tree, the table spanned nearly thirty-feet long and almost ten wide. That was not to say that had been the entire branch itself.Continue reading “GGE 13.2 \\\ The Beginning of the End”

GGE 13 \\\ Fracture

Jogun savored the despair that trickled from the girl’s eyes. Her small insect fingers clawing at his hand, as it was wrapped vice-tight around her throat. It was such a pitiful, this little choking piglet had. Her face was beginning to turn purple, and her eyes were slowly bulging. Her weak legs scrapped at hisContinue reading “GGE 13 \\\ Fracture”