GGCE 8.2 \\ Onward, into the new World.

With the arrival of dusk and the absence of the horrors that the curse normally haunted them with; The group had decided to stay the night within the village. The previous tavern had explained they did not have the room for them and directed them to the best tavern in town. While Cyril was quite […]

GGE 8 \ Onward, into the new world

  “I! Said! To! Shut! Your! Filthy! Mouth! Whore!” While he snarled his broken sentence, Early Assem of House Kavak brought his leather boot down onto his bed wench’s neck. An audible, and disgusting, crack came with it and the girl went limp. The noblemen’s struggled to regulate his heated breath as the dragon in […]

TLGRD 4 – A Girl’s Bloody Dance

  ” ” ” Ee? ” ” ” All the soldiers watching muttered in disbelief, their gazes slowly falling back to Cliff. The person in question, Cliff, had noticed something strange had happened. That was when he noticed his hand rolling on the ground, and his face distorted with pain. “Hi-! Higyaaaaa—!” Blood spurted from […]

The Fox and The Demon | Silver, and Steel, Ears and Tail.

Pledge to patreon The Griffon reared back onto its hind legs as a man, tall and broad, plunged his longsword through its ribs; into its heart. The momentum of the force pushed the magical beast over, and onto the large cargo wagon behind it. It landed on the rear right wheel, crushing it along with […]