Manuke FPS – Chapter 51

Level nine of Wolf Fang Labyrinth was the latter half of its undead zone. Aside from the illness zombies, I also encountered another troublesome high-ranked zombie variant. “That was close!” While my attention was on the high-ranked zombie in front of me, the three illness zombies behind spat venom at me simultaneously. I turned 180 degreesContinue reading “Manuke FPS – Chapter 51”

Manuke FPS – Chapter 50

Translation: Lizz Editor: A s h e s Proofreader: Saphira Hey, check out One in the Chamber, It’s a Fantasy Shoot’em it up! Also, consider subscribing to our Patreon page!   Currently, I was on the eighth level of the Wolf Fang Labyrinth. The eighth level was also an undead zone, but the monsters here cameContinue reading “Manuke FPS – Chapter 50”

Manuke FPS – Chapter 49

The 6th level of the Labyrinth was the undead zone. Zombies and skeletons here couldn’t be killed unless their mana stones were destroyed or separated from their bodies. This didn’t suit my current combat style where I attacked the enemies vitals to kill them. On the stairway that connected the fifth to the sixth level,Continue reading “Manuke FPS – Chapter 49”

Manuke FPS – Chapter 45

Translator: Lizz Editor: A s h e s Proofer: Saphira I’m too forgettful  lazy to write these all the time for these chapters. Support One in the Chamber, please! Note: Screwed up scheduling, have a double release I guess… In the empty HQ tent, the VMB mail ringtone rang up, as if answering the question I hadContinue reading “Manuke FPS – Chapter 45”