NF V2C7 – Mission to the Capital! (2)

Discord: When I arrived at the fort, the one-eyed knight was at the stable, preparing a horse that looked like the leader of the horses.  Tina and Kix were also there, preparing their horses and carrying luggage like the one-eyed knight.  Alex, the captain’s favourite horse, was also there, but the Captain himself was […]


Editor: Saphira (Uh… Screwed up scheduling, whoops.)  Even though it might shock him, I asked the captain, “Captain, are you going to “the royal capital”? And Sarrell isn’t coming here, is he?”  The Captain’s hand stopped stroking my head, and he looked surprised. “Why do you know that?” “I’m a spirit, I know everything.”  To […]

NF V2C4 The Captain’s Circumstances (2)

This isn’t a partial chapter or anything, this is the captain’s circumstances mini-arc (most of the chapters this volume are parts of mini 2-3 chapter arcs) “Hey, Kix.”  After I finished eating my meal, when the one-eyed knight stood up as the cafeteria’s uncle called him up, I approached Kix secretly.  In the dining room, […]

North Fort V2C3 The captain’s circumstances (1)

Sorry for the lack of releases lately. Happy Family Day to the Canadians! When I was starting to get frustrated, the one-eyed knight told me, “I’m done”.  When he finishes work, he takes a lunch break, which is when I eat lunch.  When I was living with this fort, I also had breakfast and dinner, […]

North Fort – Mil’s brain picture diary: Summer

AN: Also, note that my drawing skill has improved so I have drawn the humanoid form of the water spirit TN: Too much Japanese in the images, it would take another week to translate them (I have to slowly draw them in google translate) Also, please join the discord server if you want exact release […]

North Fort: Mil’s brain picture diary: Winter

Mill’s brain picture diary: Winter Author Note: Because it is a picture diary style, there are many illustrations I drew so that there are no human faces, so it is safe for people who don’t like bad illustrations. (I wrote sentences with illustrations, so browsing with no images is not recommended) Thanks to Meteor for […]

North Fort – Ex29 – Many Guardians, Part 2

MTL/Editor: Saphira While you’re here, don’t forget to check out Sky Gardens and subscribe to the site! Also before you go, consider subscribing to the Patreon so we can get some money to these slaves nice folks working on the chapters. A s h e s’s obnoxious nanny note: Select SnowSpirit tier to make sure I […]