GGCE 5 – Faith, Politics, and Lies

Another side chapter! 😀 Unlike before, side stories will be sprinkled here and there.   His silvery eyes stared intensely to the north-east, where the sudden wave of golden mana had come from. Anticipation, fear, and curiosity filled his heart like never before. That was the real filling of Divinity, the power he desired most.Continue reading “GGCE 5 – Faith, Politics, and Lies”

GGCE 4 – A Lonelier world

The main menu’s music looped once more as he stared vacantly at his character, Cyril leaned hugging on him from behind, and her head on his shoulder with the sweetest smile. Their characters were married. No, that wasn’t right, he was married to her in the game. Her avatar was her. Not that shriveled huskContinue reading “GGCE 4 – A Lonelier world”

GGCE 3.2 – Wings of Broken White

A light mist drifted across the lake’s mirror surface just as the sun’s rays kissed the western cliff head. The morning air enraptured Cyril as she drank the air through shuddering breath. The air chilled her lungs as her heart was chilled by her thoughts.   She sat upon the top of the broken western steps,Continue reading “GGCE 3.2 – Wings of Broken White”

GGCE 3 – Wings of White

“Where do people go when they die?” A small chubby boy asked. “I don’t know.” A smaller girl replied. The two laid on their backs, dressed in their pajamas; their eyes observant of the starry violent and ink sky above them. Trees rose in the distance, small and unimportant in the twos’ eyes. The singingContinue reading “GGCE 3 – Wings of White”

GGCE 2.1 – Forsaken City

  Soon, a knight approached them from the field side and told them to quickly cross the field. Just as quickly, a gaggle of maidens quickly hampered off through the path the knight made through the field. Words of seeing their betrothed or dream knight leaped from their tongues as they passed Mai and Desmond.Continue reading “GGCE 2.1 – Forsaken City”

GGCE 1.2 – One last day

Both the elf and maiden broke out in laughter at the irony of his whining. The dragon joined in the laugh, tired of its own antics, it lowered its head until its eyes were level with Cyril. “Did you enjoy your last raid, sweetie?” Cyril smiled at the large dragon, her expression signaling she wasContinue reading “GGCE 1.2 – One last day”

GGCE 25.2 – Cursed from Birth

Silence strangled the room as if to murder it, ever so quietly. This was only broken by a single turning of a parchment paper – Then nothing. The library was empty of all life, but a single lone boy who sat at a thick old oak table as daylight poured through the large glass windows.Continue reading “GGCE 25.2 – Cursed from Birth”

GGCE 26.1 – Come hell or high water…

Note: GGCE is getting a rewrite so I’m just going to go ahead and release this chapter. It had not been edited nor proofed Warning: We getting into graphic territory now.  Current changes; Otto Family [Northern Keep] – Has always been a viscount family and once was an ally to the throne First Order –Continue reading “GGCE 26.1 – Come hell or high water…”

GGCE 25.1 – Cursed from Birth

(Unproofed.) With a final cry, the Lich fell limp as a mithril blade leaped from its shoulder as Avery sliced the leader in half diagonally from the hip. Her golden eyes had lost their luster that they held before, but after several hours of fighting, even she was exhausted. Just as the halves of theContinue reading “GGCE 25.1 – Cursed from Birth”

GGCE 24.3 – The Blight Spreads

With unrestrained fury, a snowy white dragon tail smashed across the granite flagstones as the first rays of dawn poured through the open archways overhead. The dragon’s tail was marred with cuts as its blood streaked the floor beneath it. The bloodied flagstones had been a beautiful pure white, as pure as the dragon thatContinue reading “GGCE 24.3 – The Blight Spreads”

GGCE 24.2 The Blight spreads

The horde that recoiled from the angered goddess stiffened and their blue fire eyes burned brighter. It wasn’t air that coursed through the crowd was not just air, but magic. It was Death Magic… Avery didn’t know it was Death Magic, but she could feel it. It was like a perversion against her very beingContinue reading “GGCE 24.2 The Blight spreads”

GGCE 24.1 – The Blight spreads

Desmond leaned against the weatherworn stone railings that separated the palace gardens from the steep drop behind it. His expression was dark as his eyes scanned the capital city below. His hair fluttered in the breeze along with his humble ornate dark grey robe’s hem. A golden dragon curled above his heart, embroidered by thatContinue reading “GGCE 24.1 – The Blight spreads”

GGCE 23 – Undercurrents

“Please don’t…” The wolf sighed and resigned himself to breaking the news “Ha’vie doesn’t want to be connected to you to which you’d have to ask her. Athena… Er… Is starting a dragon cult that worships you.” Avery froze after hearing that. “Why do I have a cult…?” “Well… Athena… Believes all should bow beforeContinue reading “GGCE 23 – Undercurrents”

GGCE 21 – Calamity [4]

Avery only rolled her eyes and looked at the Guild Leader. “Shall we continue?” She only nodded and shot the big man a warning glare before a smile returned to her face. The Guild Leader handed her a form and quill with ink to write in her information. The large man steamed with rage beforeContinue reading “GGCE 21 – Calamity [4]”

GGCE 20 – Calamity

“You made us late!” Ha’vie huffed as she looked at the first light of dawn peaking over the distant horizon. Grannar puffed as he pinched her side. “Oi! You were the one that insisted that we make a stop at the sea for a little date!” the dwarf huffed with pride as the elf blushed.Continue reading “GGCE 20 – Calamity”

GGCE 19 – Calamity [2]

Today she was going to ask Ha’vie to take her to the Empire’s prestigious Academy in the Capital. Something the Free Desert Cities didn’t have. If Ha’vie was late though, she had a letter in her hand to leave with the Receptionist. It was a request addressed to the elf herself. She wasn’t too sureContinue reading “GGCE 19 – Calamity [2]”

GGCE 18 – Calamity

He was slightly charmed by it. “Guard! Punish this insolent bitch for daring to lay her hands on me!” The High Magnus said indignantly. He was considered the most powerful mage in the Empire! He could raze a town if he wanted to and no one could stop him, yet this girl dared to swatContinue reading “GGCE 18 – Calamity”