GGE 10 \\\ Righting Wrongs through Blood

Please note that this story is constantly shifting, and once I get to a good stopping point, it will be rewritten so everything aligns. Reasons are always moving around and character alignments are always on the move. I want to make a good story, but this isn’t a professional story. I hope you bear thatContinue reading “GGE 10 \\\ Righting Wrongs through Blood”

GGE 9.2 \\\ A Night full of Terrors

For those who are wondering about the original draft of this story looked like. I may revisit it as a template for something else. Dunno. Iron Horn burned on the north-eastern horizon. Its flame illuminated the Sentinel Mountains that wrapped around the mining village. The mass of smoke was topped with a line of silverContinue reading “GGE 9.2 \\\ A Night full of Terrors”

GGE 9 \\\ The Night is Full of Terrors

The man’s wail was cut short, his face illuminated by orange light, as the black longsword cut him in two. From his shoulder to pelvis, his guts splattered onto the onyx skeleton’s bony feet. Blue hell-fire eyes reflected in the man’s terror-filled eyes. The village of Iron Horn on his left, being ravaged by flames.Continue reading “GGE 9 \\\ The Night is Full of Terrors”

GGE 8.3 \\\ Onward, into the new World.

Each group, knights, commoners, and royals alike, stared in shock as Assem fell backward. His pained wails only stifled as his back crashed into the rock wall foundation of the house behind him. His off-hand clutched his now stubby arm below the elbow tightly. Rivulets of blood trickled from between his fingers. The rest ofContinue reading “GGE 8.3 \\\ Onward, into the new World.”

GGCE 8.2 \\ Onward, into the new World.

With the arrival of dusk and the absence of the horrors that the curse normally haunted them with; The group had decided to stay the night within the village. The previous tavern had explained they did not have the room for them and directed them to the best tavern in town. While Cyril was quiteContinue reading “GGCE 8.2 \\ Onward, into the new World.”

GGE 8 \ Onward, into the new world

  “I! Said! To! Shut! Your! Filthy! Mouth! Whore!” While he snarled his broken sentence, Early Assem of House Kavak brought his leather boot down onto his bed wench’s neck. An audible, and disgusting, crack came with it and the girl went limp. The noblemen’s struggled to regulate his heated breath as the dragon inContinue reading “GGE 8 \ Onward, into the new world”

GGCE 7 | Ripples

Farm to table release 😀 Due to patreon sub drop, I’ve reinstated timed locked chapters. Faint light illuminated the cavern, large and foreboding. Tens of strangely glowing mosses grew amongst the stalactites. Their light reflected off the reflective water that pooled around the stalagmites. A few of the oldest ones barely touched the surface ofContinue reading “GGCE 7 | Ripples”

GGCE 6.2 – Kiss of Violence

Priscilla’s chest burned with pain above her heart, but her eyes were locked on the goblin that had stabbed her. Its dilated pupils locked on hers. Its carrot-like nose and comically long ears… And its wicked smile. Time seemed to halt as the goblin pressed the dagger into her heart. The world silent. Her only thoughtContinue reading “GGCE 6.2 – Kiss of Violence”

GGCE 6.1 – Kiss of Violence.

An orb of light struggled to keep pace with the raven-haired girl. Her disheveled hair trailed after her as she ran with all her might. The brick walls at her side kept her from evading the danger that lurked in the dark behind; shimmers of slimy tendrils that hovered on the edge of the darkness,Continue reading “GGCE 6.1 – Kiss of Violence.”

GGCE 5 – Faith, Politics, and Lies

Another side chapter! 😀 Unlike before, side stories will be sprinkled here and there.   His silvery eyes stared intensely to the north-east, where the sudden wave of golden mana had come from. Anticipation, fear, and curiosity filled his heart like never before. That was the real filling of Divinity, the power he desired most.Continue reading “GGCE 5 – Faith, Politics, and Lies”