GGCE 17 – The Empire’s Capital (3)

“Well… It was found when just a few months ago when Father Emperor decreed an expansion of the collapsed Catacombs below. We were only able to free the heads as we don’t have enough slaves to mine every day.” He wasn’t too sure why the heads seemed upset her. He looked to the heads too,Continue reading “GGCE 17 – The Empire’s Capital (3)”

GGCE 16 – The Empire’s Capital (2)

  “The enforcers cover both civilian and military law. My job specifically is to ensure everyone who passes into the Cloud District is a noble, or has a good reason to enter. Will that be all, Prince Randol?” She asked after giving a simple explanation. “Yes. Thank you. I’ll leave a good word with yourContinue reading “GGCE 16 – The Empire’s Capital (2)”

GGCE 15 – The Empire’s Capital

Prince Randol appeared from behind a carriage to their south with Ter’yut. “Good morning.” The two men greeted the newly awakened girls. Navara replied back while Avery only nodded her head in acknowledgment. “Can I speak to you, Avery? Alone?” Randol gestured out to the crossroads with a solemn expression. Avery only sighed, feeling thisContinue reading “GGCE 15 – The Empire’s Capital”

GGCE 14 – Crossroads (2)

The man in question smiled, his cheek twitching. The soldiers who saw it knew he was close to blowing his top and quickly vacated the area, leaving an obvious quarantine zone twenty of feet. “My, that’s not how a lady should address her betters. I’ll have to teach you some manners.” That was when hisContinue reading “GGCE 14 – Crossroads (2)”

GGCE 12 – Old Dogs (2)

“Yeah, Glacier. I just felt the connection reform right now…” She said, soberer now, anger fading as she circulated her mana throughout her body to purge the alcohol “Eh? EH?! T-T-The Hearth Mother?!” The elf shut the girl’s mouth with one hand “Shut it, Annabell!” She growled as Grannar patted his cheeks to try andContinue reading “GGCE 12 – Old Dogs (2)”

GGCE 11 – Old Dogs

Val’Go Hi’gege was a strong dragon, but not as strong as his forefathers. Born after the age of Gods and Calamities, he did not possess the vast wisdom of his father’s fathers. Nor did he have their strength. Long past was the rule of the Sky King who united all dragon-kin beneath the long blueContinue reading “GGCE 11 – Old Dogs”

GGCE 10 – Return of a Fallen Goddess (3)

“Ye-” Navara and Avery’s chat was cut off by a curt yell from Sir Glen “Quiet! I need to speak with the princes. Especially you, you should not even be running ahead of your damned master, girl!” He fumed. Avery was about to punch the man in anger when a sudden roar broke the post-battleContinue reading “GGCE 10 – Return of a Fallen Goddess (3)”

GGCE 9 – Return of a Fallen Goddess (2)

The sight that greeted them was pure chaos. In the distance, rolling plains could be found. Strewn across them was a large in-encampment dotted with destroyed tents and open fires as monsters rampaged through them. Soldiers the size of ants racing around them to avoid being killed as they tried to counter-attack. “What the-!” Everyone,Continue reading “GGCE 9 – Return of a Fallen Goddess (2)”

GGCE 8 – Return of a Fallen Goddess

“No, I didn’t create this world. Rather, the world was created for me by my father. Eos wasn’t actually a world then. It was my tomb, a place where I could die as I lived. “ Desmond looked at her in disbelief. Her name wasn’t Glacier, however, he couldn’t refute that she wasn’t the HearthContinue reading “GGCE 8 – Return of a Fallen Goddess”

GGCE 6 – Another will open… (3)

Avery left the group to wait in the living room. She walked down a corridor on the left side of the home, passing two other rooms before reaching the end of the hall. She stood before a partially open door painted sky blue. A worn spot sat just above the handle, where her parents alwaysContinue reading “GGCE 6 – Another will open… (3)”

GGCE 5 – Another will open. . . (2)

“O-Okay.” Desmond raised the orb, pressing it gently against the barrier. Randol and Navara wanted to ask Desmond about the orb, but with the undead within sight, they pressed him to do whatever he was doing quickly. The orb shimmered before it started sucking in the barrier. The hordes clanked with laughter as they wereContinue reading “GGCE 5 – Another will open. . . (2)”

GGCE 4 – Another will open. . .

  ‘Place it… Free her…’ A lone voice whispered sweetly in his ear. For a moment, he felt his hands move on their own. “Desmond!” Navara had followed him but didn’t go on the platform, checking out a strange skeleton hidden under a Golem’s body instead. She had just glanced at Desmond when she sawContinue reading “GGCE 4 – Another will open. . .”

GGCE 3 – When the gods close a door. . .(3)

Where grand doors should have been, was only crumbled wall and rubble that littered the uneven cobblestone road. The whole group stopped at the entrance, staring in shock. “Everyone be careful… The passage of time didn’t down this gate. It was breached. I don’t know how long ago either. There might be unexpected residents here.”Continue reading “GGCE 3 – When the gods close a door. . .(3)”

GGCE 2 – When the Gods close a door . . . . (2)

Done with the view, Avery stood before the dead King or mostly dead king. The dragon looked at Avery with tender eyes. “Did you have fun sweetie?” A deep voice rumbled from the Dragon The Dragon’s body looked so miserable with its missing wing and bloodied body, but its eyes gleamed softly down at theContinue reading “GGCE 2 – When the Gods close a door . . . . (2)”

Girl with Golden-Cat Eyes ( GGCE) 1 -When the Gods close a door . . .

Author Note: GGCE Is basically Sky Garden but … better? yeah. Better.   Cinders popped as a fire burned dimly inside its circular stone pit as a black iron poker struck it. The wood fire didn’t respond or crackle to the prodding, but the girl who held it seemed to be doing so out ofContinue reading “Girl with Golden-Cat Eyes ( GGCE) 1 -When the Gods close a door . . .”