NF V2C5 (April Fools Ver.)

Even though it might shock her, I asked the Kyaputen, “Kyaputen, are you going to go to the Capital? And Barrel isn’t coming here, is she?” I stopped stroking the Kyaputen’s head, and she looked surprised. “Why do you know that?” “I’m a yokai, I know everything.”  To avoid getting Apple Boi in trouble, IContinue reading “NF V2C5 (April Fools Ver.)”

GGCE 11 – Old Dogs

Val’Go Hi’gege was a strong dragon, but not as strong as his forefathers. Born after the age of Gods and Calamities, he did not possess the vast wisdom of his father’s fathers. Nor did he have their strength. Long past was the rule of the Sky King who united all dragon-kin beneath the long blueContinue reading “GGCE 11 – Old Dogs”

North Fort V2C3 The captain’s circumstances (1)

Sorry for the lack of releases lately. Happy Family Day to the Canadians! When I was starting to get frustrated, the one-eyed knight told me, “I’m done”.  When he finishes work, he takes a lunch break, which is when I eat lunch.  When I was living with this fort, I also had breakfast and dinner,Continue reading “North Fort V2C3 The captain’s circumstances (1)”

SyG 20 – The Coming Storm (2)

A stray breeze carrying a strong scent of death blew past, and the highborn lord gagged audibly while the battle-hardened Knights and hired-swords scrunched their noses as if death was simply an inconvenience. It was much more powerful than on the fringes of the fields…The village’s main path was simply a snow-covered road with longContinue reading “SyG 20 – The Coming Storm (2)”

Girl with Golden-Cat Eyes ( GGCE) 1 -When the Gods close a door . . .

Author Note: GGCE Is basically Sky Garden but … better? yeah. Better.   Cinders popped as a fire burned dimly inside its circular stone pit as a black iron poker struck it. The wood fire didn’t respond or crackle to the prodding, but the girl who held it seemed to be doing so out ofContinue reading “Girl with Golden-Cat Eyes ( GGCE) 1 -When the Gods close a door . . .”

Syg 19 – The Coming Storm

With a kiss of the midnight winter breeze, Avery slipped a black cloth over her mouth that hung off the bridge of her nose. As Avery left the gates, tens of bundled knights brushed past her, grumbling about wasted time, shovels in hand. In the distance, another blizzard was brewing, its howling wind echoing throughContinue reading “Syg 19 – The Coming Storm”

SyG 18 – Things Lost

  Her eyes shot open. Fenrir’s muzzle welcomed her, his hot tongue slapping her right cheek with worry. She blinked her eyes, trying to wash away the nightmare. Her heart threatened to burst from her chest as she felt paralyzed with fear. ‘Inhale through the nose.’ Cool, calming air flowed through her nostrils, filling herContinue reading “SyG 18 – Things Lost”