GGE 2.1

A black bear with elegant white deer-like antlers appeared amongst the tall autumn trees. Its deep black eyes observed the sloping forest, its floor covered in a myriad of orange, yellow, and brown leaves. It’d rained a week ago, but with the chilling air, the ground was still moist. It’d even began to form near-transparentContinue reading “GGE 2.1”

FPS 80

I returned from Duke Barga’s office to standby-dorm next to Laptiricia-sama’s private room. This is the room I’d sleep in and have my meals during my stay in the residence. The other escort, Ashley, would take her meals with Laptiricia-sama and the duke couple, but then return to the standby rooms.  As such, the standbyContinue reading “FPS 80”

FM | 3

[/// 20 HAIW units have been rendered inoperable.] A dark chime rang out as her subroutines brought up the battle report.] Opal ignored the green slick carcass she’d just poured three 00 buck shots into. The red diamond over its body flickering away before she turned her attention to the next green attacker. It wasContinue reading “FM | 3”

FM C2 – “Establishing the Hierarchy.”

[///System rebooting <Warm Start> – Standby. . . . . ///WARNING – MASSIVE FAILURES DETECTED. FOWAI CORE “Opal” – GREEN Fusion Reactor – YELLOW Auto-Forge – GREEN Weapon Systems – RED Long-Range Radars/Sensors – RED Short-Range Transmitters and Relays – YELLOW Outer hull Optical Sensors – RED Storage Bays – RED . . . .Continue reading “FM C2 – “Establishing the Hierarchy.””

FPS 78

After the quickly organized mock battle, everyone gathered in the one-story building near the training ground. The official name of the building turned out to be “Training Room”, but to me, it looked like a regular classroom with a simple school office attached to it. There were no chairs or tables in the room, justContinue reading “FPS 78”

FM |(0) Prologue

A hiss filled the gravity-absent, white textured plastic paneled tunnel. The kind that looked like it belonged on the dash of a low-budget ABC car the poor drove, and Doctor Jeremy White hated it. Long stainless steel handrails had been bolted on all 4 walls, running down their entire length as a ring of white LEDContinue reading “FM |(0) Prologue”

FPS 77

As I was visiting the Western Barga Knights’ training facility while escorting Laptiricia-sama during her scheduled magic training, the instructor had proposed a mock battle. With me as a participant… Although it was a sudden request with the unlikely event I would fight against a team of knights and mages during this escort mission… “Shaft,Continue reading “FPS 77”