GGCE 5 – Faith, Politics, and Lies

Another side chapter! 😀 Unlike before, side stories will be sprinkled here and there.   His silvery eyes stared intensely to the north-east, where the sudden wave of golden mana had come from. Anticipation, fear, and curiosity filled his heart like never before. That was the real filling of Divinity, the power he desired most. […]

GGCE 4 – A Lonelier world

The main menu’s music looped once more as he stared vacantly at his character, Cyril leaned hugging on him from behind, and her head on his shoulder with the sweetest smile. Their characters were married. No, that wasn’t right, he was married to her in the game. Her avatar was her. Not that shriveled husk […]

GGCE 3.2 – Wings of Broken White

A light mist drifted across the lake’s mirror surface just as the sun’s rays kissed the western cliff head. The morning air enraptured Cyril as she drank the air through shuddering breath. The air chilled her lungs as her heart was chilled by her thoughts.   She sat upon the top of the broken western steps, […]