GGE 15 | Cyril Bailey

As they arrived from the west, the rising sun outlined the Empire’s capital, and it reflected in Priscilla’s inky eyes. Her unnaturally pale face was cropped by a ring of thick brown, and she’d been thickly bundled in a lot of furs. The sea breeze’s kiss was as gentle as it was cold on herContinue reading “GGE 15 | Cyril Bailey”

GGE 14

The long hall was illuminated with three patches of silvery moonlight, illuminating three days. However, three islands of inky darkness stood between each. Dark outlines of the suits of armor Priscilla’s father kept stood like hidden sentinels. But to her, they hid monsters. She toed the boundary of her room, the wooden door ajar justContinue reading “GGE 14”

GGE 13.2 \\\ The Beginning of the End

Miniature mountains and rivers made of wood were laid out before Alistair; his silver eyes criticizing each inch of the land depicted below. Carved from a single branch of the now-dead World Tree, the table spanned nearly thirty-feet long and almost ten wide. That was not to say that had been the entire branch itself.Continue reading “GGE 13.2 \\\ The Beginning of the End”

GGE 13 \\\ Fracture

Jogun savored the despair that trickled from the girl’s eyes. Her small insect fingers clawing at his hand, as it was wrapped vice-tight around her throat. It was such a pitiful, this little choking piglet had. Her face was beginning to turn purple, and her eyes were slowly bulging. Her weak legs scrapped at hisContinue reading “GGE 13 \\\ Fracture”

GGE 12 \\\ Red Snow

In the shade of a tall and twisted pear tree, Alistair sat upon an ancient stone bench. His distant eyes stared down into the pristine stony face of Cyril. While the stone head possessed blank empty eyes, the white stone still somehow managed to capture a heavenly face. Its expression was painful sorrowful. He wonderedContinue reading “GGE 12 \\\ Red Snow”

GGE 11.3 \\\ Grey Skies

The sun burned with its usual fiery intensity, but its warmth was not. The midday winter chill reigned over it. Randol stood on the poop-deck; his hands gripping the wooden railing. His eyes lingered on the gathering clouds far on the northern horizon. Thought and foreboding, it crawled between the snow-capped Sentinel Mountain peaks. TheContinue reading “GGE 11.3 \\\ Grey Skies”

GGE 11.2 \\ Grey Skies

The street was unnaturally empty for the morning. Stalls had yet to open, and the bustle had only been a trickle of uneasy town folk, who kept a brisk pace to their destinations. A stark difference from yesterday, as Desmond noted. He too strode down from the Lord Gulley’s keep. Another wave of snow hadContinue reading “GGE 11.2 \\ Grey Skies”

GGE 11 \\\ Grey Skies

“Eeee~!” Priscilla squeaked as she flung herself into the snowy fallow. Balls of snow exploded around her, sending puffs of white to settle over her freshly bought winter clothes. The rows of dirt in the large field were just high enough that Priscilla was hidden from view. All around her, joyful shrieks of children dancedContinue reading “GGE 11 \\\ Grey Skies”

GGE 10.2 \\\ Righting Wrongs Through Blood

Bits of snow slid past Mr. Harrison’s window as the SUV roared to life. A masked man, who may have been the leader, closed his door politely after him. The man then nodded, and the – now ex-board member – returned the gesture timidly. The vehicle lurched forward, passing by several full-sized black trucks. TheContinue reading “GGE 10.2 \\\ Righting Wrongs Through Blood”

GGE 9.2 \\\ A Night full of Terrors

For those who are wondering about the original draft of this story looked like. I may revisit it as a template for something else. Dunno. Iron Horn burned on the north-eastern horizon. Its flame illuminated the Sentinel Mountains that wrapped around the mining village. The mass of smoke was topped with a line of silverContinue reading “GGE 9.2 \\\ A Night full of Terrors”