FPS 74

“There are only two escorts allowed in the Royal castle and the banquet” Duke Franklin Barga had said this. In other words, I and a woman would be escorting Lapritrica-sama. “I’ve been waiting for you, Shaft-san. Ashley-san, he’s the other escort. Shaft-san.” Lapitricia-sama introduced me to Ashley-san. I closed the parlor’s door behind me quietly.Continue reading “FPS 74”

Manuke FPS – 67.1 “T”

KAY: Since the NU Police has said that we’ve been cutting content willy nilly and that the notes are annoying. We’re doing away with notes! What’s that?! ASHES’ editing skills are poor?! We’re also throwing the editor out the window as well! Enjoy a new authentic reading experience! 100% Organic, cage and editor free! YourContinue reading “Manuke FPS – 67.1 “T””

Manuke FPS – 56

Translator: Zzonkkedd  Editor/Proofreader: A s h e s  Our Goddess Lizz has parted from the team so she can focus on her IRL. Sadly, we will be replacing her with another translator. However, this translator will not be taking up residence on the team as her leave may be temporary.  As such, if you have any novels, you’dContinue reading “Manuke FPS – 56”