« Kian † Willow » P ∇ V   The last marine stood on my right, in the small enclave that offered him protection against the horde. While the goblins had been focusing on me, as I perched onto the Osprey’s instrument console mid-reload; the Hobgoblin either knew he was there or mysteriously sawContinue reading “OTC 2.2 \\ RABBIT DOWN”


Proofed by: Valthan “They’re fighting again, Mom.” I whined, half bored, half just… Tired. I sat on a chair I pulled up to her bed, and laid my head on its edge. I stared at my mother’s face, pale and sunken. One of the machines tied to her beeped in short, constant, intervals. Another helpedContinue reading “OTC 2 \\ RABBIT DOWN”

OTC 11.5 – Storm on the horizon

“Ugh…” I looked at my cloak that was covered in mud, but I was thankful I turned around enough that I didn’t get a face full of mud. “That was hilarious.” Lily chuckled and I rolled my eyes at her as I went to greet my new comrade. I minded every step beside the trench,Continue reading “OTC 11.5 – Storm on the horizon”

OTC 11.4 – Storm on the Horizon

Each step creaked as the aged wood took the full weight of my gear until I reached the bottom landing. Wooden tables and chairs rested off to the left with a few travelers having their breakfast, and a few fresh ones having their dinners. The inn’s hall was silent as everyone ate quietly to themselves.Continue reading “OTC 11.4 – Storm on the Horizon”

OTC 11.3 Storm on the Horizon

A s h e s: Please note that I separated radio chatter as the following : [Radio chatter]  I’m trying to make the visuals more pleasing. If you like it, please let me know where ever you are reading this.  RoyalRoad, WordPress, Webnovel. These are the only sites you should be seeing this story on. Unless someoneContinue reading “OTC 11.3 Storm on the Horizon”

OTC 11.1 -Storm on the Horizon

“O? I was the branch leader of Umillion, but I got caught dipping into the Guild’s purse. I won’t lie. I did it and for my honesty, I was allowed to redeem myself here on the frontier.” He smiled. “But not the knights, they were sent here as punishment, not redemption.” My eyes scanned overContinue reading “OTC 11.1 -Storm on the Horizon”

OTC 10.4 – Pride, Prejudice, and the Justice of .30-06

(Unproofed )   “Capture the Guild Building now!!!” Her order came out as a shrill scream as she took up a position at the entrance to the square. The officers under her began to issue orders are steel swords sang from their sheaths. “For Sir Aeneas!” War cries rang out. The river of flame andContinue reading “OTC 10.4 – Pride, Prejudice, and the Justice of .30-06”

OTC 10.3- Pride, Prejudice, and the Justice of .30-06

Aeneas left the house a few minutes ago, leaving me in the garden under the shade of the small crooked pecan tree. While I could see he had questions about my appearance, he didn’t ask and handed me the mana stone. It was a deep solid purple with no light able to pierce the gem.Continue reading “OTC 10.3- Pride, Prejudice, and the Justice of .30-06”

OTC 10.2- Pride, Prejudice, and the Justice of .30-06

He shrugged as if it didn’t pertain to him, but his expression said spoke a different story. “Knight Orders are different from the Royal Army.” He said before he stopped with a thoughtful look, probably in an attempt to find the best words. “Knight Orders are the government’s version of adventurers, put together entirely forContinue reading “OTC 10.2- Pride, Prejudice, and the Justice of .30-06”

OTC 10.1 – Pride, Prejudice, and the Justice of .30-06

The sound of something heavy pounding against the hull of the Blackhawk jolted me awake. My eyes shot open as fear and adrenaline began to course through my body. My hands quickly went to my holster before my mind processed my surroundings, a reflex that began to get conditioned in me after a few daysContinue reading “OTC 10.1 – Pride, Prejudice, and the Justice of .30-06”

OTC 9.2 – Night Dread

“Extreme danger detected, magical monster detected. Please retreat, quickly!” For once, Lily’s voice sounded in my eyes with heavy concern. Just as she finished the statement, the archer was dragged into the darkness as his muffled cries were cut short followed by the sound of bones being crushed and what I believed to be dismembermentContinue reading “OTC 9.2 – Night Dread”

OTC 8 – What to do from here. . . ?

Thinking back, I should have probably taken a few things more seriously. Pulling my mind back to the current moment, Healer only nodded. “Well don’t say I didn’t try and help you.” He pushed off the bird before stretching out his arms. “I’m heading back into town, but I’ll come to check on you laterContinue reading “OTC 8 – What to do from here. . . ?”

OTC 7 – What to do from here. . . ?

I felt a little pissed off by that, seeing I didn’t know who this “Us” was. “And who exactly are you?” I asked with more hostility than I wanted to. “Calm yourself boy, or you and I are gonna have a real problem. You ain’t gonna like that much boy.” The two-legged muscle huffed, hisContinue reading “OTC 7 – What to do from here. . . ?”