Manuke FPS – 20

Ashley and I returned to Vulga [ * 1 ] after leaving the Wolf Fang Labyrinth, meeting up with Mirimaria back at the guild’s main hall.

“Welcome back, Mr. Schwartz, and welcome back to you too as well, Ashley!

“Hello, Maria[ * 2 ], since we finished our objective, is the D-rank exam done?

“So how was the labyrinth exploration for you two?”

“I judged that Mr. Schwarts was able to prepare properly and was able to calmly deal with situations accordingly on the first level. I judged that there is not a problem with advancement to D-Rank.”

“Then I will accept Mr. Schwartz’s advancement results.”

“Thank you!”

Now that I had my new D-Rank, I could start exploring dungeons and thus solving my problem with how to earn CP [ * 3 ]. With the issue of CP out of the way, I do not have to worry so much about This certainly gives me a lot more breathing room. How I’m going to replenish my ammunition and I do not have to worry.

“Congratulations, Mr. Schwarts, you are free to explore the Labyrinth, but please do not push yourself too hard. Let me see your guild card so I can update the rank. The items you find in the labyrinth are yours to keep, but you can sell them here. “

“Thank you both, but I’ll be selling the stuff I find to Marida Trade Company who I already know.”

“Eh? You already know them?”

“Yes, I’ve gotten acquainted with Mr. Malta before so I’ve been doing business there.

“Mr. Schwarts, Marida has their Headquarters in the Kingdom of Kurtmelga Kingdom and Mr. Malta is the chairman…”

“Chairman of the company? a chubby man who always smiles?

[*4] There was further talk about the conversation, but I didn’t understand. If he’s really the chairman, why was he moving alone without escorts to this city? Certainly, someone as high up would use escorts when traveling. I’ve been frequenting their business and I would never have guessed who he was other than a salesman.

“Well, I understand and on another note, I’d like to speak with Ashley. Now that you’re an official guild investigator, make sure to write your report properly.  “


With that being said, Ashley protested against Maria with a blushing face and Maria handed me my updated guild card.


~ Adventurer Certificate ~

Name : Schwartz Powder

Age: 24

Origin: VMB

Main Weapin: None

Main Magic Attribute: None 

Skills: None

D- Rank 


Labyrinth  Qualified


The card’s display was easy to read, but what shocked me was I needed over three-thousand points just to move up to C-Rank! However, after thinking it over, I didn’t need to rank up to C-Rank since I already been qualified to enter Labyrinths. After saying our farewells to Maria, Ashley and I left the guild and went off to Marida Company to sell the mana stones. Once we had left the receptionist desk, I recalled the Ashley being promoted

“Ashley, was this exam a promotional test for you as well?”

“Yes… The investigation of Mural Village the other day was supposed to be my promotional exam… But I ended up getting caught by the goblins..”

“Well, then let’s celebrate your promotion ending without a hitch this time then, how about we both go to dinner together?”

“Yes, it’s definitely good, I can’t today, but I have time two days from now.”

“Alright then, I’ll be waiting in front of the guild on that day then.”

It seemed like a lot of the anxiety I had when I fell into this world began to gradually go away after I solved this problem. It may be because since I’ve gotten here, most of everything had been smoothly resolved with my gear from VMB, my invitation to a very beautiful woman for dinner got accepted as well. With these pleasant thoughts, Ashley and I parted ways with me heading towards Mirda Company.

“Hello, I came to sell some more mana stones.”

“Yes, please hold one while I call for Mr. Malta.”

When I came into the store, it seems the employee recognized me and I was directed to a guest room and I was served tea. After a few moments, Mr. Malta came in with his signature smile.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. Schwartz. Do you like the tea? It’s a good tea that been fermenting during the summer.”

“Hm, it’s very mellow and a deeply rich tea. It’s quite good today.”

“I’m glad that you like it. I was told that you came to sell some mana stones, correct?

“Yes, I was recently promoted to D-Rank  and I wanted to sell the stones I got while in the Labyrinth and also purchase more none-attribute mana stones.”

I removed the pouch from my waist and put it in front of Mr. Malta. Mr. Malta took it and pulled out mana stone after mana stone while appraising them. While he did, he was able to ascend what monster and which labyrinth it came from, but that was all. The attributes were basic, but he still bought all of them.

We chatted about skills used to identify the stones and it’s information along with it’s short-coming while promising that I’d give preferential treatment to Mirada company and sell my goods here. Since I was here already, I decided to have them prepare a set of tools specifically for exploring Labyrinths. Mr. Malta even did me a favor and recommended a restaurant in the city of Baga.

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Ashes-MTLN; I’m sorry friends, I tried to rely on previous chapters, but the first ones are too badly mangled MTLs, so I have to redo it, I may or may not revisit these chapters if I do. Cut some dialogue since I couldn’t make it out, but kept the giest of it. Eventually when I rack up more experiene with how the MTs poop them out, the more I can leave in. Most of it isn’t anything of meat, mainly filler. I tried to keep the meat, trim fat that wasn’t good. p .s it’s making me want to write a story like this but with more detail. more gore i geuss?

 1. Vulga Fortified township
 2. Millimaria Guild Receptionist?


 3. Crystal Points / CP Virtual currency used in VMB to purchase gear, now only obtainable by using non-attribute manastones to earn it.
 4.Gave up on trying to decode Machine talk.  Conversations is the only part I wished I knew the language, as it’s just.. mind numbing. I;ll find time eventually to start leanring :’3


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