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I have to meet the human king, so I’m going to the capital today.

 To protect me, my mother wanted to hide my existence, but after I ran to the one-eyed knight, I seem to have changed her mind.

 Naturally, the one-eyed knight would have reported me to the king, so if it were going to happen eventually, it would be a good idea to act before the news reaches to the king.

 I introduced myself to the king, and my mother said stuff like, “If you try to do something to this child, something bad might happen to you,” or “from then on, you often say things to humans near me, as if to let me hear it “.

I was excited hearing my mother talk to the king in a commanding tone. I didn’t know if the king was just used to it or if my mother was just that great, but the king did not get angry. I stroked my chest in relief.

“But she is really cute.”

 The king pats her face and looks at me.

 My mother and I passed through a spacious and luxurious room like a guest room, sat in an elegant lounge, were surrounded by royal people and delicate, elegant and slightly gaudy furnishings. What I am doing now is meeting the king and queen and the crown prince. The prince is already grown up and the king and queen are around their 50’s. Everyone has shiny blond hair, it seems very royal.

“I seem to be healed just by watching it.”

“You will surely feel comfortable stroking.”

 The Queen and the Prince also continued to say.

 Somehow, an aura that said “I want to patted” was coming out from me without my knowledge, but I did not move, my body sliding halfway between my mother’s body and the back of the chair. No, I couldn’t move. It is impossible to not get nervous in front of the royal family. In my past life, I was just a little girl.

 The royals who are sitting opposite are tilting their bodies gently, all three of them trying to see the person hiding behind Snowlea. Incidentally, the escort knights standing behind them are all slightly inclined the same way, which is a little funny.

“But it seems that I was born in a very good time, is it not rare that we can see the young figure of a spirit? Yet I have seen two, the son of a flame spirit, and her.”

 The Prince told the Queen sitting next to him.

“A child of a spirit?”

 When I blurted out unexpectedly to the words I was interested in, everyone on the other side hurriedly looked at me. If they were surprised at how it was the first time I spoke there, they didn’t show it. I was praised by the Queen, “I can chat with you! What a lovely voice~”.

“Haven’t you heard from Snowlea? In the south of this country, there’s a flame spirit, and he has a child. I think he is half a year older than Milfiria.”

 The prince told me carefully, smiling.

 Fire spirit? A child about the same age as me? I had no idea.

 When I looked at my mother ‘s face softly, I felt a bit sick. I don’t really like fire spirits.

“Stop talking about that story… I will tell you what to do if that man appears.”

 Oh, I really don’t like them at all.

 The mother was bitterly laughing at herself, but suddenly shifted her gaze to the window, and laughed again.

“Apparently, it looks like it is already too late.”

 I also turned my head.

 A bright red fireball was floating there. I thought it was a ghost for a moment, but the fireball flared up and elongated and swirled, swelling like a whirlpool.

 The next moment, the flame had disappeared, and a man with brown skin stood where it disappeared.

 Burning red hair, red eyes. Even from the way he talked, you can tell he is a fire spirit.

 His upper body was naked, and there was a tattoo spreading from the clavicle to both arms. He wore gold accessories on his neck and wrists, and relaxed trousers squeezing the ankles, made of embroidered woven cloth. He looked a little like Aladdin.

 Although mother wore kimonos, he did not have a Japanese element, as far as I could tell. Even spirits have various styles, I guess.

“If it isn’t Snowlea! It’s been a while!”

 The large flame spirit gently raised his hand and smiled at mother. He had brilliant white teeth.

 I thought that flame spirits were too intense for me, but he seemed to be very friendly. But when he came closer, I felt a little bit hot. And he had a loud voice.

“Do not approach me.”

 The fire spirit came very close, but my mother held me up away from him in a panic. She was breaking into a rare cold sweat.

“I have told you since ancient times that you should not inadvertently come close! Our minds are weak to your “Qi”! If you come close to us, our bodies will melt!”

 Mother was glaring at the fire spirit.

 I calmed down a bit and tried exploring the “Qi” of the flame spirit. Surely it would be fi-

…it may be hard for us. It seems that hot air is being emitted from his body. It was hot and my body was getting dull.

“But you don’t have to avoid me so much! I don’t enjoy your “Qi”, but I don’t dislike it that much!”

 When fire spirit went “Wahaha” with a brilliant smile, the heat waves hit this time. Ok, it looks like it melts! Mother, bear with each other and endure. It seems that the human king is not affected as much as we are.

 It is clear that mother is trying to avoid him.

 Our compatibility is bad. For example, if someone brings fire and snow close together, which one disappears first? Most likely snow. Because snow will definitely turn into water before the flame disappears. Even if the water extinguished the fire, it is the water that beat the flame, it is never snow.

 In other words, flames and snow are not even close to equal. The flame is much stronger.

“Oh, by the way, that small….”

 The laughing fire spirit tilted his neck slightly and looked at me in mother’s arms.

 My mother strengthened her power, hiding me from his gaze.

“She’s my child! Don’t come any closer!”

“I didn’t know that you had a child!”

“I said it already, and I will say it again. Do not come closer!”

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner? Based on the size of its body, it would have been a year since it was born. Is it a child with ” water “? But you refused to make a child with me! “

“It is impossible to even meet with you, you’re too hot!”

“Such a conversation in front of your son…”

  I don’t know how the spirits make children. Do they act in the same way as humans and listen to their mother’s conversation? Or was he a father?

“Oh, so it was too early to tell the children.”

 The spirit of the flame showed his white teeth, laughed again, and turned his eyes to his feet. I followed his gaze.

 - And saw a small black lump.

“Oh well, it’s a nice day today, you can see two adorable kids together!”

 I was delighted.

 A child of a spirit other than me…

“Guru …”

 The black lump, if you looked closely, was an animal resembling a black leopard. It was wrapped in glossy black hairs, and it was almost the same size as me. But the thick and heavy hands and feet made me feel that it would grow even bigger.

 At the end of its long, slender tail was a bright red flame, showing that it was a fire spirit. I wondered if it was hot.

 I saw another child of a spirit for the first time, so I blurted out my first impression.

“Wow, that’s so cute!”

 I said with a loud voice. A small black leopard is cute. All children are pretty, but I think children of large predators are the cutest.

 However, finding it funny, the small fire spirit laughed and said.

“You seem pretty cute, too.”

 The royal family are all laughing. Is it funny that a child calls another child “cute”?

 But since we’re girls of the same age, I jumped out of my mother ‘s arms, wanting to get along with that girl.

“This, Mil!”

“Isn’t it good to be friends with other kids?”

“Mil….” {MTL: Original text: じゃが = potato (lol)}

 My mother looked worried, but she decided to watch, respecting the flame spirit.

 I walked over to the small black leopard at Hono’s feet. Only mother seemed uneasy, no one else was; the flame spirit, the royal family and the escort knights created a fun atmosphere that was a little exciting.

If someone saw me and a small black leopard together, hopefully, they saw a cute scene that made them moe.

To show that I wasn’t hostile, I loosely waved my tail at the leopard. It was a little hot when I came close to the flame spirit, but I endured it. The child hid behind Hono’s feet and glanced at him worriedly. Its eyes were as red as a flame.

“Kugargue! You are a man, it is unbelievable that you were intimidated by a young girl!”

 Scolded by his father, the boy, Kugargue, stopped groaning. I was sort of expecting it, but he was a boy after all. I wanted another girl to talk to if possible, but it was still okay.

I have taught you only the weak get threatened,”

“I am not weak!”

 Kugargue denied his father’s words. Fangs thicker than mine peeped through his mouth.

 There seemed to be some heat coming off of Kugargue, but just a little bit. It was probably because he was a child that the heat was weaker than that of his father, so I was a little relieved.

“Hey, you!”

 Although it was said in an intimidating tone, it was not very impressive as Kugargue had a lisp.

“I am not weak!”

 I don’t care if you are weak or strong. I just think that you are cute. May I look at you for a while?

“I am strong, watch me -“

 I had a bad feeling when Kugargue said that while crouching.

 And as I expected, he jumped over to me. Kicking the floor, he jumped and closed the distance in a second. As soon as I tried to run away, I was underneath Kugargue. A “Kyan!” accidentally came out.



 But I felt Kugargue’s weight on me for only a moment, as we were soon separated. Kugargue was grabbed by the neck and was roughly lifted by his father, and I found myself in my mother’s cool arms. Even the king and the knights got up as if they were going to help us. The parents seemed to be early.

“Kugargue! You idiot son!  You know what it means when a spirit tries to show off their power!”

“Well, you say that, but you also hate to lose. Like father, like son.”

 Mother said to the fire spirit scolding his son.

“Mu… I won’t raise my hand against the weak again.”

 The spirit of the flame making excuses was a little bit too cute. I want you to be a beast. A big black leopard would be cool.

 While being held by him, Kugargue was looking at his father as if he did not reflect at all, but was concerned about strange things.

“Father, please let me down. I let out a nice smell, I want to do it again.”

 Was it good to talk about the strong or the weak? Kugargue struggled, but couldn’t escape from his father’s hand. “It is useless!” his father told him, defeating him easily.

 I ducked my head and snuggled my mother’s arms. Let’s be friends with Kugargue, and have a little more growth and mental settling later, yeah.

“Do not let your child close to the cute Milfiria again.”

 Mothers said, lifting her eyebrows.

 The fire spirit frowned as if troubled.

“Well, I’ll discipline Kugargue to be gentle, but afterwards they should be able to meet. There are no other spirits with kids around their age, so there is a possibility of them seeing each other in the future, is there not? “

“There is no such possibility! Do not make up such a horrible thing!”

 My mother turned pale and refused. I do not know much about it, but I think he meant a lover or a couple? I think I feel a little sick.

 But it was good that my mother opposed it. At one year old, having a fiancée could be pretty rough.

 Then Kugargue kept staring at me with his red eyes while rampaging to escape his father. Then he repeatedly said that he was a “big idiot”. It would be good to take a picture of this cute black panther. I wouldn’t hesitate to do so if I was a middle-aged man.

 That day, mother said, “We’re going back home, I can’t bear this hot weather.” We returned to our snowy mountain residence, but Kugargue came up the mountain using the movement technique several days later, representing his father to talk to us.

 I was pushed down and smelled something – but it was with a fox child and a small black leopard, so it wasn’t indecent. It was cute, but it happened so suddenly, it made me embarrassed. Kugargue went home, satisfied.

 I wondered what it was.



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