North Fort- Ex28- Many guardians, part 1

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Author: Because the Mil will be humanized, those who are weak, please be careful.

MTL: Sorry, I was busy the last few weeks.

Two years after I was born, I was finally able to change into a human being.

“Mother, look!”

 In the sleeping cave, I showed myself to mother, who was resting in the form of a big white fox.

 Even when I became a human being, I’m still about 2 years old, with silver hair reaching my waist. I was wearing a white kimono, similar to those worn by mother when she is in her human form. However, the length was shorter and it only extended to just above the knees. I was wearing straw sandals, and it looked somewhat snowy. Rather than being a snow spirit of the west, I looked more like a snowy Japanese youkai. It would be even more perfect if I got covered in snow.

“Oh, Milfiria.”

 My mother looked at me and opened her eyes wide.

“You’re able to become a human, your human form is lovely!”

 Mother changed to her human form, and she hugged me tightly, impressed. Soft. Her chest is soft.

 But when she looked at me again after letting go of my body, she smiled and said:

“But, it’s not perfect yet. Your ears and tail are out “


 When I patted my hips and butt, a fuzzy white tail was shaking. When I stretched my hand over my head, I could feel a fox ear…

“Wow, it’s real.”

 Even though I closed my eyes and concentrated in a hurry, it was so difficult that I couldn’t withdraw them.

“This is horrible!”

 I squatted down, holding my ears with both hands. It was embarrassing!

 Oh yeah, this sucks. Also, fox ears and a tail, what is this. Terrible.

“Hehe, there is nothing wrong, isn’t it cute?”

 Mother does not know the Japanese “moe ears”, and of course I don’t know that there is such a moe genre, but it seems that my human form had something like that, as I was cuddled with a smile. Even if the world changes, it doesn’t mean people’s hearts change as well.

There was no mirror in the cave so I couldn’t see what I looked like. After being stroked by Mother for a while, I thought of something.

“Mother, is it possible for you to bring out your ears and tail in human form?”


 I excitedly looked up at the beautiful woman in front of me.

“Well, I can put out my ears and tail, but I don’t need to.”

“Try it! Please!”

My tail started shaking. I bet that my eyes were shining brightly at that moment.


 Mother closed the eyes quietly, concentrated for a moment, then I was greeted with superb fox ears and tail. A shocking figure appeared!

“Mother is … …!”

 I fumbled for words to say.

 Young babies are all cute, and if you add cute fox ears, the “cuteness” doubles. I became a moe girl today.

But if an adult woman with a beautiful body had fox ears and a tail, it is amazing.

“Beauty” + “Coldness” + “Enchanting sexiness”, and then “cute”!

 The destructive power! Imagine it! I don’t really feel anything if a child wears cat ears, but what if they wear fox ears?!

 …… I may have made the ultimate creature.

“Ha… Mother is amazing … … amazing …”

 My mother started a little after seeing me trembling with excitement.

“What’s wrong, Milfiria?”

 I wonder if Mother could understand my shock.

 However, because I think my excitement is disgusting, I looked away from the beauty with fox ears calmed down. I am not like children who are excited to see their mothers.

“Sorry, it’s nothing. I was just excited.”

 While caressing the ears that grew on my head, Mother smiled innocently.

“That’s all right, we’re the same.”

 My mother smiled happily and kissed my ear. Oh, it’s painful. Mothers are cute and painful. I want you to be in that form forever. I want to take a picture and save it permanently. She does not know how much she is spoiling me.

“Mother, stay in that form today!”

 Mother nodded happily, it was “fine”.

 Hooray! Mother would be a beautiful woman today!


 The day after I saw my mother’s moe appearance, I headed to the fort to show the knights my figure. As usual, I went during the lunch break, moving towards the one-eyed knight. It only took a moment.

 When I opened my eyes, I was at the fort’s training grounds and everyone who had finished training were going back to the building with a sword in their hands. It was probably a joint training with other corps, as there were quite a few people.

 The one-eyed knight stood in front of me, but he hadn’t noticed me yet because I was behind him.

 And my friend, the captain, was standing next to the one-eyed knight, talking to him. It seems that he was watching the skill, character, compatibility, etc. of the knights that were training, and the two were talking about “How to do the next unit formation”. I didn’t really understand.

 I waited a couple of seconds, but I didn’t get noticed, so I ran in front of the one-eyed knight. The one-eyed knight quickly looked down, saw me, and wore a scary face for a moment.

“Where did this kid come from…?”

He suddenly stopped halfway. I saw the one-eyed knight’s line of sight move quickly to my hair colour, clothes, ears, and tail. Apparently, he noticed my true identity.

“… Mil?”

 Even though he slightly raised his eyebrows, his expression did not change, but his voice showed some surprise.

 It was a success, so I was happy. I smiled and said,

“That’s right!”

 The one-eyed knight walked up to me and smiled like a gentle father.

“Well, Snowlea also has a human form.”

“But Mother was three when she was able to turn into a human, while I am still two.”

 It seems I could turn into a human early because I was a human being in the previous life. Well, as a year for a human is like a day for a spirit, so there is almost no difference.

 But I said it proudly, so the one-eyed knight praised me, “Wow, amazing!”

“I guess so … Actually, I’ve been able to do this for a long time”

 I was happy that I was praised, so I shook my tail while talking.

“Great, that’s amazing!”

 The one-eyed knight took off his gloves and stroked my head. Oh, it hurt a little. If I keep getting stroked I’ll lose my ears.

 While the one-eyed knight was stroking me, I looked one-eyed knight and saw the branch manager, who was trembling with his hands covering his face. Was something wrong?

“One-eyed knight…… How could you……”

 As I worried, the one-eyed knight saw the figure behind him and said, “He’s fine.”

“But …”

 It does not look like he is fine.

 He looked a little like me when I saw Mother with fox ears and tail yesterday?

“Vice Captain – that child, no way!”

 The other knights who were about to leave the training ground came over to us, noticing our conversation. Kix was at the front. Just behind him was Tina and the rest of the knights.

“Oh, it’s Mil.”

“What is this! It’s a biological weapon!”

 Kix stroked my head and I hid behind the knight of the eyes. But persistent Kix followed, so we went round and round around the one-eyed knight.

“Let me pet your stomach!”

“Kix, I don’t want my hair to get dirty.”

“Don’t say that!”

“I said no!”

“Don’t say that!”

“Hey, stop running around.”

 The one-eyed knight grabbed Kix’s neck, so I sighed in relief.

“Yay! Mil-chan is so cute!”

 Tina raised her voice next. Her eyes looked excited and her cheeks were flushed.

“She’s so cute! Yeah! Kyunkyun! What is this, yay!”

 Eh, what is this?!

“Ah, the captain…?”

 Tina, who was extremely excited, noticed and suddenly let go. The branch manager, who still covered his face with his hands, unsteadily walked towards the building.

“Are you okay?!”


 Kix and other knights stopped Tina when she tried to rush to the captain. They were all familiar with him, reassuring her that he was “okay” like the one-eyed knight.

“The captain is fine, just leave him alone right now.”

“Yeah, it’s probably just because of shock,”

“Probably because he saw Mil suddenly. His mind probably collapsed.”

“Mind collapsed! That doesn’t sound like he is okay!”

“No, he’s fine.”

 Tina and I were worried about the captain, but the knights stopped us from going to the captain. I didn’t understand why.

 In any case, I was able to surprise everyone in the training ground except the captain, turning into a human was sure worthwhile.

 After all, I feel that the human body is more convenient. For example, hands. I grabbed the snow on the ground and rolled with both hands. I threw it with all my strength, and the snowball hit Kix’s foot.

“What! What is this?!”

 I grabbed more snow and silently threw it at Kix.

“Eh, what!? Why me!?”

 Last year, snowballs thrown by Kix as a joke got critical hits on my face. It hurt. My anger was revived.

“Last year, Kix threw snowballs at my face!”

“Eh!? She remembers?! The first thing she does after turning into a human is revenge?!”

 As Kix didn’t apologize, I made snowballs one after another and, like a baseball pitcher, threw it full force at Kix.

“It hurts, it hurts a lot!”

 Everyone around me, including the one-eyed knight, did not try to stop me or help Kix, and instead started laughing and saying “Good, well done.” Well, I won’t hesitate.

 While I was doing this, I suddenly felt “fire” approaching. I could tell what it was because I felt it many times last year.

 - Kugargue is coming.

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