NF V2C9 – First Mission

MTL/EDITOR: Saphira.

From now on, I will live by myself without mother or the knights!

I sometimes forget, but I was a human in my previous life, so I think I can do it well!

 I won’t care if the one-eyed knight is lonely, and I won’t let my belly be petted again!

 I will become an independent three-year-old!

 With wild thoughts in my head, I walked down the long highway.

 The fairy flew farther ahead to guide me, but when I fell behind, it stopped and waited.

 Looking back, the fort and the town hadn’t disappeared from view yet.

 I thought I had walked quite far, but I still wasn’t out of my hometown.

 The neighbouring town seemed to be a small village, so there wasn’t anyone else on the highway.

 It will get livelier the closer I get to bigger cities like the capital, but for now, only potato fields were around.

 The weather was nice, but also quiet and lonely…

 I found a small lump of surviving snow on the side of the road and tried to mess it up, but it wasn’t pure white.

 The fairy turned around like it was saying, “Keep going,” so I continued forward.

“Please talk.”

 I spoke to the fairy, as travelling alone would be lonely, but it could only flash, troubled.

“Oh, look! Over there!”

 The tip of my nose pointed to the grassland on the left.

 I’ve been there a few times. That’s the place where the horses of the fort graze.

 Horses ate grass and ran happily in the fairly large field.

 Neither Ailux nor the Captain were there, but I knew all the horses and thought of myself as a good friend.

 For a while, I forgot my loneliness and ran to the pasture with a “Wow!”. The fairy tried to guide me back to the road by flashing, “Over here!”, but I ignored it.

 We have plenty of time, so you can wait.

 The fence around the field was too high to stop me, so I easily passed under it and joined the horses.

 When I greeted them, the horses responded by nudging noses against me. The horses that were farther away started moving towards me.

 After that, I spent about 30 minutes playing with them. I roughly rubbed my head against their legs and tried racing them, only to lose badly.

Ailux usually takes care of me with my short legs and loses on purpose, but he wasn’t here today.

 My fast dashes at the start give me the lead, but I’m quickly overtaken. I desperately run, but it’s not enough. They run ahead beautifully.

 I saw everyone happily shaking their tails, and I wanted to stay here forever.

 When the horses returned to the fort, they wanted me to go with them.

 For a moment, I thought of accepting and hiding in the stables for a while, but the letter Mother gave me is probably important, and I’ll just have to go to the Royal Capital instead.

 I let out a small sigh and said goodbye to the horses.

“I’m going now.”

 I wondered if anyone would come with me, but none of them moved.


 When I left the pasture, the fairy sat on the fence like a daifuku. Apparently, it was waiting for me.

“Sorry for the wait.”

 The fairy began to lead me again as soon as I left.

 I swung my rabbit backpack and stomped on the ground a little with my paws.

 I was a little mad for a while, but I finally couldn’t endure the fairy that flew in front of me, and I finally gave in to temptation.

 It was shaped like a ball, it’s just big enough to fit, and it was moving interestingly, so I couldn’t control it. I felt a cool temperature on my tongue.

 The fairy was angry and vibrated intensely, so I opened my mouth and let it go.

 I’m sorry.

 While I was talking to a ball of light that couldn’t speak, I felt a sudden heat and raised my head.

 A small fire shined in the empty air.

 I was already used to this scene, so I stepped back and waited for his arrival.

 The fire grew like a vortex and turned black until it became as big as my body. It turned into a small panther and lightly landed on the ground.

 Is this the difference between cats and foxes? He’s softer and more flexible than me.

“Good morning, Kugargue.”

 The black panther had a mean look on his face, and his tail shot up when he noticed me.

I buried my head into my fluffy chest.


  It was surprising and hurt my butt every time, but a headbutt seemed to be an expression of affection, so I put up with it.

 Kugargue butted heads with me and returned to his original position with satisfaction.

“Milfiria? Nh… where are we?”

 After happily calling my name, Kugargue finally looked around. He blinked at the scenery that was different from Snowlea mountain and the fort, then noticed the fairy and made an ugly expression.

“Kugargue, I was waiting for you!”

 I raised my tail and welcomed him. This might be the first time I’ve been excited by his appearance.

 I was sure.

 If it was Kugargue! Kugargue would definitely go with me to the capital!

“Wait, were you waiting for me?”

 Kuguarg’s red eyes shined.

 I explained to him that I was going to the capital and asked him to come with me.

“Since we are alone, let’s go together!

 I used a Japanese proverb, but Kughalgue responded to my request with two words: “I understand.”

 As expected of Kugargue!

“Yay! I’m so happy!”

 With this, the sadness in my heart was gone.

 When I expressed my joy with an extraordinary smile, Kugargue became shy and turned away.

“But, the flame on your tail…”

 A red flame always shines at the end of Kugargue’s long and thin tail. A person who doesn’t know about spirits would be shocked.

 I was thinking of ways to hide the flames, but the Kugargue answered quickly.


“You can turn it off?”

 While looking at me, Kugargue flicked his tail to the right.

 Then, the burning red flame disappeared.

“Eh!? You can erase it? You can really erase it?”

 I whispered while shaking. I thought the only time the tail flame disappeared was when Kugargue died.

 However, it looked like Kugargue’s tail flame wasn’t a flame of life. Kugargue shook his tail to the left to resurrect the flame, then swung to the right again and turned it off, saying nothing.

“It’s fine if I make it disappear.”

 Is that so. I was surprised.

 Then, we can be inconspicuous during the trip.

“Now then, please leave it like that.”


“Okay then, let’s go! To the capital!… Oh!”

 The bad Kugarugue didn’t respond to my shout, so I calmed down.

 Kuggalg is still a child and I feel like “I have to protect him if something happens”, so I can’t be as careless as when I’m with Mother or the knights.

 However, my stride was much lighter than before. It’s nice to have a travel partner in addition to the fairy.

 This mission might be a little fun.

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