FPS 103


I spent the rest of the day lazing about my room at the inn. I wasn’t sure if I felt refreshed after that.

The next day, I visited the Marida Company in the morning to receive my food. In just one month, the labyrinth bento boxes had shown noticeable improvement. They went from a regular box to a beautifully woven bamboo box. For the time being, I asked them to bring the food to the reception room. When the room became less crowded, I deposited it all into a Gift Box.

Conquering the Wolf’s Labyrinth shouldn’t take longer than 4 weeks. However, I ordered that much after taking into account the journey south. A whiff escaped the bento boxes, the delicious aroma led me to believe they took the effort to prepare freshly cooked food for me. I’m going to look forward to mealtime.

They also prepared a variety of tea leaves… But since I couldn’t start a fire in the Labyrinth…

Candles and lanterns were readily available, though, since the residents of this world could easily produce fire with magic, things like flit were rare. As for magic tools, they also saw no need to consume magic stones for cooking, so such a convenient magical tool was never invented.

There was no way I’d use the flamethrower just to boil some water, right…? In that case, perhaps I should just use the kitchen inside the Continental? Speaking of the continental, I wanted to see what would happen if I took out the bed. I planned to use the Dorchester to camp inside the Labyrinth, but unfortunately, it didn’t have a bed.

It was just in case that, if I couldn’t take out the bed, I should still be able to take out the blankets, or maybe the pillows… If the bed inside the continental restored on its own after I take it out… Maybe I should consider opening a mattress business!

Once the purchase was complete, I left for the labyrinth. With it mapped down to the 20th floor, I needed to go through the magic rain and defeat the guardian on the 25th floor.


The officer at the labyrinth’s administration building gave me a strange look. He saw that someone with a mercenary guild card had been granted qualification to enter the labyrinth. Since duplication or manipulation of the card seemed to be a very difficult thing to do, I only had to give a brief explanation of being granted it by Duke Barga. The officer immediately understood.

When I checked if there was anyone else exploring the labyrinth. This was, after all, a rather unpopular labyrinth. I thought some would try to collect some of the magic rain for pocket money, but since a big seller had appeared, the small-timers seemed to be on the decline. That commodity was monopolized by none other than me and the Marida Company! While the magic water remained an important commodity for adventurers, it was still limited even with the presence of a big seller.

I filled out the exploration form while I made small talk with the officer. When he read the form, his smiling face froze.

“This… Shaft… San? Are you really going to explore from the first floor to the 26th floor this time?”

“Is there something wrong?”

“No, I mean, you aren’t in a party. Don’t tell me you’re going to solo it, are you sure?”

“Yes, I am. No worries, if it gets dangerous, then I’ll return. I don’t want to die inside a labyrinth after all.”

“Please do. Since the Duke himself gave you the recommendation, I don’t doubt you have what it takes. But a slight mishap in the labyrinth can spell death.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

I got down to the first floor, then looked around in FLIR mode. After I confirmed that no one was around, I immediately changed my avatar’s outfit from Shaft to Schwartz. I activated my TSS, and unconsciously grinned. It’d been a while since I last saw all my munitions. I took out the FN P90, stroking it lightly. It was a reliable weapon; one I’ve entrusted with my life for a long time.

I didn’t hate Shaft’s tomahawk-throwing battle style. In-game, getting continuous kill streaks with throwing weapons felt tremendously good. However, after being dropped into this world, everything fun in-game had turned into a life-threatening act. Thus, I didn’t have the same exhilaration anymore. On the contrary, I felt my heart grow colder with each throw.

The same thing also happened when I was Schwartz. Each pull of the trigger, bullets flew, and my target died. I didn’t feel joy. Just a coldness in my heart as I made sure I reaped the life of my enemies…

Alright, let’s go. I was doing this for myself anyway, no one else.


I continuously strafe-jumped throughout the first floor down to the fifth. Running through the tunnels, passing everything I could. The sixth to the tenth floor was the zombie zone. So, I switched my main weapon to the flamethrower type 1-1; burning any zombie or skeleton that came my way. It really felt dry and hot as I traveled through these floors. No, it was just that the 1-1’s output was a bit too strong. I’d use it all the time if I could, but obviously, it couldn’t be used once I reached the 21st floor due to the heavy rain.

The 11th – 20th floor was the pseudo open field, mimicking the eastern forest environment that surrounded the labyrinth. The magically made forest was dark and foggy. From there, I switched out the 1-1 for the AA-12 to deal with the larger monsters. Furthermore, with the special FRAG-12 munitions, even the large monsters were reduced to chunks when hit.

In addition to that, I activated the TSS and took out the Kawasaki KLR from the garage. I crossed the stretch of open field with it. Even with the fog hampering my view, I could still see the road and detect monsters with the map and goggles.

I drove the motorcycle with one hand, using the shotgun in the other. The continuous explosions filled the field with thick and heavy bass, suppressing the engine of the bike as I drove full throttle.

When I arrived at the guardian’s room on the 20th floor, it’d been three days since I entered the labyrinth. I’ve been pushing through non-stop so far, thus I took a break in the rest hall. After I got enough rest, I intended to break through the magic water-laden 21st floor. That said, I didn’t mean to be stupid, but…

I took out the continental from the garage. The 12-meter long super motorhome appeared. After inputting my code, the side expanded and the staircase was revealed. When we had rushed back to the capital, Lapitirica-sama and Ashley both used the bedroom. I didn’t have time to use the kitchen, thus I fully intended to do so now.

Well, it was an all-electric kitchen, so even I — who couldn’t even start a fire myself — could cook in it. I’d been worried about how much gas was left when I returned it to the garage back then… But I guess I couldn’t afford to be stingy.

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    1. Is Shwarz going to conquer the dungeon this time around? Looking forward to him discovering new areas and items deeper within the dungeon.
      [Candles and lanterns were readily available, though, since the residents of this world could easily produce fire with magic, things like flit were rare.]
      * flit —> flint


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