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The assassin from the dark guild Cactus attacked me once again. This time, without its huge horse. Initially, I’d been caught off guard by the horse’s high mobility. But what was more surprising was the sturdiness of the knight’s magical armor ‘Terra Chaos’. A direct hit from my tomahawk, along with a point black explosion from a M67 fragmentation grenade hadn’t nicked it. So, how could I penetrate that defense?

The knight was decked out in full plate armor. If I chose to, I think I could escape if I tried. However, that probably would not be a great option. This time, they fielded a heavy knight like this one. If I escaped, they would still be after me… But if I killed the black knight here and now, they might consider the task impossible and give up on killing me.

Counter Offensive… Counter Offensive, huh…? 

The knight approached step by step, halberd in hand. 

“‘Black Mask Shaft’, lets go.”

His words echoed under the red sky. The halberd was posed to strike and the knight slid in with unnatural speed. This must’ve been due to [Dash]. I also in turn, tossed the tomahawk I had in my hands and followed up with a forward slide-jump. The knight decided to rely on the sturdiness of the armor instead of attempting to evade or block. 

The sound of metal colliding violently sounded out, followed by the sound of air being cut as the halberd was thrusted forward. I evaded without a second though, slide-jumping before jumping over the knight. All while pulling out the Welrod. 

I fired the pistol, aiming for his head, neck, back, and hips while still airborne. The 9x19mm parabellum raced through the air with little sound, but that proved not to be enough to pierce the armor. An expected result and it seemed the knight had expected it as well as he swung his halberd around, then aimed to hit me with the axe head as I landed. 

Before my feet had touched the ground, I had already pressed the button at the base of my left index finger – instantly deploying the CBS. The attack had been blocked but I was still sent flying by the impact. 

“Black Mask shaft… What manner of being at you? I previously thought you were a warrior who fought with light weapons — but your attack just now and that defensive capability, are you a magic warrior?” 

We faced each other in the open road once again. But I didn’t immediately reply to the knight’s question, letting the misunderstanding float about as it may end up being to my benefit.

“No, it was not magic… I could not sense any magical vibrations. A magic tool then—”

I held the welrod like a tonga and a tomahawk on the other hand. The armor’s defense was so high that regular shots wouldn’t do anything regardless of how accurate they were. I needed to try and specifically hit the less armored parts with pinpoint accuracy. 

9x19mm didn’t work, and while the knight had a fairly wide reach, I needed to make some distance — but the knight had already dashed in, closing what little distance at once. I managed to evade the stabbing thrust but the axe head still nicked my side. Once my feet were on the ground, I moved in, hitting the left side of the knight’s helmet with the blunt side of the tomahawk. At the same time, also hitting the right side with the welrod. Metal clang, stunning the black knight — while I lowered myself and kicked the his from behind.


From his perspective, my movements must’ve felt weird. The fighting method in this world consisted of magic or skills and developing power and range over time. As a result, I felt that the CQC quality was left behind. Furthermore, the existence of mealing magic meant that most wounds could be healed, regardless of body structure. This probably diluted people’s inclinations to exploit the structural weaknesses of the human body, like shaking the brain, targeting the joints, the body’s center of gravity. They lacked the awareness of all that in CQC.

Despite the full plate armor and helmet, the knight still fell onto his back. Taking that chance, I swung the tomahawk down on his neck. However, my attack had been hindered by the chainmail underneath the plate, which I hadn’t accounted for until now. While laying on his back, the knight was able to swing his halberd at me. I avoided that attack with a back

“So even the parts that aren’t covered by the armor are protected as well?”

“Kuu… I made a blunder. However, this Terra Chaos is a full set of everything. Including the helmet and the chainmail. Therefore, its protection is solid. Invincible even! The only way to undo its protection is to hit it with an immense amount of magic. 

Certainly, it’s meaningless if you could target an opening in the armor if there was protection as sturdy under the armor… However, the hits to his head still seemed to have transmitted to his head. The knight still appeared to be groggy and wary about his head as he stood back up. 

“That was a move I’ve never seen before, but do not it will work a second time.”

“Fuh, I wonder about that!” 

I tossed another flashbang in front of the black knight. This time, it was closer than before and the armor couldn’t protect him from flashes and loud noises. But contrary to my expectation, the black knight actually dashed forward, approaching it mid-flight —

“I said the same trick would not work a second time!”

The halberd was swung and the knight knocked the flashbang away with the flat of the head. 


The M84 exploded harmlessly in the distance and the knight continued forward – rotating in a flowing manner. That must have been a skill!

“[Revolving Style Slash]!”

The motion liked like a normal rotating slash, but there was something peculiar with the axe’s edge. I didn’t know the effect of the skill, but I’d already activated the CBS to block it. It took the brunt of the hit and flung me sideways. The knight followed with a thrust of his halberd. I managed to block the first thrust with the tomahawk, but the second thrust knocked it away when the welrod on the third thrust. 

No, to be precise, I deliberately let the welrod go without going against the halberd’s momentum. 

I grabbed the knight’s outstretched wrist, put my foot into his pelvis and then rolled along the elbow with my body. Normally, hand to hand combat moves like this wouldn’t have been effective against heavily armored opponents. But it was okay if done at point black when the opponent couldn’t retaliate.

Riding along with the flow of my movements, I pulled out a combat knife from my pocket with my left hand, switched the grip midway, then stabbed into the opening of the knight’s visor. Beyond the opening, of course, was his eye. 


The black knight released the halberd due to the pain. I quickly picked up the weapon and threw it away, I then pulled out the electromagnetic baton hanging at my hip. It was about time to finish up. I pressed the tip of the baton into the collapsed knight’s throat and switched it on. 


The high voltage current that the baton released obviously affected the knight. I kept applying it over and over until the knight barely moved anymore. 

“Guu, you bastard, what did you…”

The knight was still somehow conscious. Perhaps the armor provided some lightning resistance.

“I’ll finish it with the next one.

“Fuh, fuha, do not underestimate the Terra Chaos. Unless this armor is broken apart, the magic imbued into it will heal me back in no time.

Whilst saying that, the knight actually pulled the knight from his eye on his own. Then, with a dull but strong flick of his wrist, the knight flew at me. I backed off to avoid the knife, once again creating distance between us. I had to show off a bit. Bypassing the defense by aiming for openings won’t work. I needed to show them that I had enough firepower to pierce through even the Terra Chaos. 

The sun had completely set and the sky was now filled with stars that illuminated us. Right, a single blow that will dye the sky red once more–

After walking 30ms away, I found that the black knight still couldn’t move yet. I activated the TSS, then got ready to run as fast as I could back towards the knight. The next moment, I jumped as high as I could with the aid of the powersuit – – 10, 20 – I quickly gained altitude before ending up above him. 

A large amount of light particles started to gather around me midair. The tank trailer, Oshkosh M978, emerged! The vehicle fell faster than me due to its weight by far. As the trailer’s center of gravity tipped midair, casing it to fall vertically towards the knight.

Yes, it was the full tank of fuel I’d accidentally bought!

“Eat thaaatt!” 

Using the frontside of the M978 as a springboard, I kicked away from it, creating distance as I went backwards.


The knight raised his hands as if to catch the massive trailer. The earth colored magic stone on his chest glowing, and dark particles once again appeared to converge around the armor. 

Noting this midair, I took out the AS VAl and aimed. The trailer crashed into the knight with a loud roaring sound.I fired on it, causing its armor to hit 0 and fuel began to leak. One of the runs sparked and the fuel ignited, triggering a chain reaction that caused it all to erupt into a fiery inferno. A massive pillar of flames erupted and the sky lit up red once again. 


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