FPS 118

Kay: I love you, Merry Christmassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.


“Come on now, you alright? We arrived at our room now.” 

“It’s gonna be alright -! We’ll depart in the mo~orning! Fo sho, okay!” 

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll wake you up properly in the morning. Sharle-san, please sleep in your own bed.”

While I stayed at the inn at the foot of the mountain, I had pleasant dinner with Sharle-san. However, for some odd reasons, we ended up agreeing to travel to Amar together. That, and it turned out she was more vulnerable to alcohol than I thought. Thinking back, the threshold to be considered an adult was fifteen in this world. Even then, it was not recommended to drink casually while under twenty. 

I laid the inebriated Sharle-san on the other bed before covering her body with the sheet. I intended to leave town first thing in the morning, since I wanted to get to Amar as soon as possible. The faster the pirates were dealt with, the less chance Ashley was in danger.

I agreed to travel with Sharle-san out of compassion. It was not like I needed her protection, but she could still teach me how to process animals. The last time I tried doing it myself, it became a bloody mess. 

I took a good look at the sleeping girl then sighed. The TSS activated soon after. I didn’t know the details yet, but it seemed that monsters often appeared around the mountain. With that in mind, I decided to adjust my equipment with that in mind should we need to fight. The first aspect to think about was my main weapon. I had kept a P90 strapped to my back on the way here, but I couldn’t exactly let her see it.  

Of course, I’ll still use it if the situation called for it but I still needed to think about the less dire situations. Should I resort to CQC? No, having a projectile weapon was my biggest advantage. In other words, I needed something that could help me in CQC while still being able to fire — I needed to consider all my options, especially not to create a similarity to Shaft.

Taking a seat on one of the two chairs in the room, I picked my companion for this trip from my inventory. The glow came from the converging particles of light. I was worried the girl would see it, though she was sleeping peacefully on her bed. I opened the supply box and brought out a pair of guns. 

A CZ75 SP–01, one of the CZ75 variants developed by Czechoslovakia. In addition to the 18 round magazine, it was modified to be fitted with an 18cm long bayonet. I attached the blade to them. It disabled some of the other attachment points, such as the one for the silencer sadly. If I fired it, I could just pass it off as a magic tool with the form of a pair of daggers.  

It would be less worrisome for other people if they thought it was some sort of magical tool, rather than an actual projectile weapon. And why do you ask?  ‘Cause it’s stylish. Sometimes, even FPS Players tended to go for style over form. In addition, I also replaced my usual leg holster with special holsters that specifically accommodate the bayonets. Normal soldiers wouldn’t travel with a bayonet attached to their gun, rather, they’d keep it somewhere else and attach it before use. 

In VMB, however, that kind of action was bound to be omitted in the name of game flow. That is why in addition to the normal holster, they also provided a holster for when the bayonet was attached. I also took out some spare magazines and the silenced P90, in case I fought a larger enemy. 

By the time I’d finished preparing my loadout, night had arrived with its boundless stars. The lower level had quieted and silence hung over the town. 

“Nn~ – Big sis—” 

As I stared out the window, I heard Sharle-san mumble in her sleep. I turned my gaze to her bed just as she kicked off her sheet. Wouldn’t she feel cold this way…? I went to sleep after covering Sharle-san with her sheet… 

The next morning, as expected, Sharle-san didn’t wake on time. She could not even get out of bed. I walked down to the tavern on the first floor and asked the owner for a wash basin. I returned to the room, placed the heated water in the basin and a clean cloth from the table. 

“Sharle-san, I’ll leave the washbasin and cloth on the table. I’ll wait for 15 minutes. If you don’t come down by then, I will be leaving on my own.”

“Uu~ just hold on a second ~, I’ll get up soon so please wait~” 

“14 minutes.”

After saying so, I left the building and waited outside. Many workers filled the street. Stalls were opening and they were selling their meals to the passerbyers. Eleven minutes left. Perhaps I should just depart now. I was only interested since she said she’d teach me how to process animals – not as her caretaker. No, isn’t she already an adult in the first place? Personally, I felt that a fifteen year old couldn’t be considered an adult yet but I didn’t grow in this world. Seventeen. That’s as old as the daughter of my relatives’ daughter and my sister.

Eight minutes left. 

I guessed she finally managed to get out of bed as I heard the rustling sound in my sensors. By the way, I stopped wearing the goggles since I could access the UI without it. Although its just an accessory you put over her eyes, it wasn’t a common thing here. Why didn’t I notice this faster…? 

The next four minutes, I waited for Sharle-san who I wasn’t sure would make it out in time. I experimented with how much I could manipulate the UI with my thoughts at that time. I was already used to switching between NV and FLIR modes, so this time I tried to magnify the map. I shrunk it, then made it disappear and reappear. The numbers displayed my remaining bullets in both my main and sub weapon, as well as the number of throwables left. 

It made me feel like a cyborg, fortunately, I could disable it. 

During the last few minutes, I heard someone running down the stairs and then towards me. It looked like she made it on time.

“Sorry for making you wait! Okay, let’s go, Zwarfs!”

“It’s Schwartz.”

I turned and inspected her to see if she was truly ready to go.

“There is still some bed hair sticking out there.”

“EH? Where! Where?!”

“Slightly behind, on the right. Ah, it’s right from my view.”

Following my words, she tried to comb her hair with her hand, but it still remained. 

“Excuse me.”

After saying that, I went in to fix her hair by stroking her head. She was half a head shorter than me – probably a bit over 160cm tall.

“Done. Okay, let’s go.”

Having fixed her hair, I urged us to depart. Before us was the sight of the looming mountain. We didn’t actually have to go to the top, but crossing the mountain would still require some climbing. So, I started walking down the street towards the town’s mountain gate. 


Is she not coming? Looking back, I saw Sharle-san standing there in front of the tavern, her face bright red. 

“Sharle-san, I’m leaving now. Your face is red, are you still drunk from yesterday? It’s dangerous to cross the mountain under that condition, you know?

“Ah, ah, ah.”


“All of it is your fault~!” 

About that, I guess I was indeed the one who offered her beer, but is there any need to be angry with a reddened face like that?

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