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I really wanted to taste the venison we dismantled ourselves. Although it was just an amateur dish, we had a delicious dinner that I never imagined I would ever enjoy in a rest area on top of a mountain. Sharle-san looked with interest at the labelless wine bottle I’d brought out from the cooler inside the Continental. She was also fascinated with the glasses as well. From my perspective, it was just a regular wine glass. But I recalled that most of the world used wooden cups. 

There were also places with glass windows, but overall, the glassworking in this world was underdeveloped. This clear wine glass might be a little out of place I guess?. I’d have to confirm later with Malta-san, along with the wine’s quality. 

Since this wasn’t a bar in a safe town but an outdoor resting area, Sharle-san and I didn’t drink too much this time. When the sun finally set and it was dark out, we moved into the hut. Sharle-san also didn’t forget to say ‘Once we arrive at the mining village, let me drink that wine again’ before we went.

The interior of the hut was properly clean. Although a young girl, Sharle-san was still a C ranked adventurer after all. She knew what she needed to do and did it. Within the hut, there was just a fireplace. Sharle-san ignited a small branch with magic and tossed it into the fireplace. 

There wasn’t much to do since the sun set, and all that was left to do was decide the night watch order; as well as keep the fireplace lit and sleep away the journey’s fatigue. 

The next morning, we left the mountaintop and headed to that mining village at the mountain’s basin, with Sharle-san once again acting as the guide. We proceeded smoothly through the road, with an occasional shortcut here and there using animal trails. We passed by a caravan heading the opposite direction during lunch. Then, the two of us finally reached the Blitora Mining Village two hours before sunset. 

Blitora was at the center of a mining site. Several ores were mined here, including a fire ore vein. Crossing the village gate, we proceeded along the main street. Sharle-san said that the inhabitants were mostly miners with a few blacksmiths who had set up shops. Looking around, countless chimneys stuck out from houses, huffing white smoke and putting out heat. From the back of one, I could hear the hammering of metal. Probably because it doubled as a smithy. 

The street was filled with strong looking people. Most of them being dwarves. It wasn’t the first time I’d seen a dwarf, it was just the first of seeing so many. All the dwarves were short in stature – around 150cm, but despite this, they were muscled; especially in their pectoral and upper arm area. Their faces were wide and wrinkly, and most, if not all, had long beards. Some were even styled. Whether it was braided, or left flowing, all of them gave off the sense they prided themselves in their beards. 

“Schwartz, I’m going to the General Guild branch office to get some information. What’ll you do?”

“I’ll tag along. I want to see if there is any information regarding Amar.”

“Then c’mon.”

Following Sharle-san, we entered a white wood building that felt out of place among the townscape. As I entered, I felt that it reminded me of a law enforcement office from my old world. 

“Welcome to Blitora’s General Guild office, what can I help y— ah? If it isn’t Sharle-san. You’ve finally returned?”

“It’s been a while, Thor. And you’re still around too!”

“Taking into consideration that this is the nearest guild office to my hometown… Anyways, what brings you here today?”

At that point, the many’s attention fell on me. 

“I’m on my way back to Amar, so I wondered if there was any information about that. And about the monster movements nearby.”

“The port city of Amar, huh? Do you already know that pirates are active one again?”

“That’s why I was called back.”

“Of course. Amar’s escort squad has been reorganized for some time now. I think the first team will set sail to subjugate the pirates soon. That was the only piece of information to reach Blitora. The other branch may have more information.”

“Then we won’t be there in time to join the first team. No matter, they’re just a recon team anyway. Then what about the area around Blitora?”

“That’s a problem for me. Some orcs were encountered inside one of the tunnels. The miners managed to defeat these orcs, but we felt that some vigilance is required.”

Orcs… Yet another monster I’ve neve seen before. Listening to the story, it was extremely vicious, and likes to particularly target women. They would kidnap and rape them to conceive their offsprings. Their characteristics were similar to that of a goblin, but they were bigger and stronger. I also heard that the mining district was troubled by their appearance, but I was more concerned with the news on Amar. 

Certainly, there hasn’t been a huge battle yet, but I still had no idea what Ashley’s position was in all of this. Though, it seemed that I’ll make it there just in time. 

“Thor, are you there!?”

Having learned all we could, we decided to leave the office when a dwarf barged. He pushed his way through Sharle-san and I to see Thor-san.

“Thor! Those pigs have routed one of the defense posts!”

“Orcs!? How many and where?”

“I saw up to six. The place is the 8th mining shaft!”

“I’ll alert all the adventurers currently in Blitora. You tell the miners to not go in recklessly.”


The dwarf ran back out and left the office. I watched him leave before I turned to Sharle-san. There was a look of determination, one that was enough to tell me of her intentions. 

“Thor, I’m going. Tell me where this mining shaft is!”

“Much appreciated. I’ll post the appropriate request soon — and, uh, what about that guy over there?”

“Ah, Schwartz He’s a D rank, he’s not qualified to take this request. Schwartz, you should stay here and rest.”

I was expecting her to force me to participate, but it turned out that Sharle-san had no intention to do that. However, I didn’t feel right to just ignore the attack when it was happening right in front of me.

“I’ll take along, Sharle-san.”

“But didn’t you not want to take requests?”

“I don’t want to be tied with a formal request if it’d take a while to complete. However, I can’t ignore it when an urgent issue such as this occurs right before my eyes. I’m not that indifferent of a person.”

“Follow me then. We’ll finish it before sunset, and have more deer for dinner afterward!”

After Thor-san told us where to go, we immediately headed towards it. He also told us that he’d alert the adventurers in town, but he said that they’d probably come later. They also needed to keep a vigil around the town’s perimeter. So, although taking the defense post was a high priority, they still had to find someone to keep up the guard. 

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