FPS 122

While we stopped at Blitora, a mining town, we were informed that the town’s mine had been invaded by orcs as we were looking for information regarding Amar at the General Guild Branch Office. Having confirmed the location of the 8th mining shaft from Thor-san. But for now, there was only me and Sharle-san helping. 

“Sharle-san, are we going to wait for the others first?”

“No need to wait. There are only six of them, we’ll be fighting them inside the mine shaft, so there’s no way they will be able to evade my magic arrows.”

“Understood. Let’s go reinforce the mine.”

“You’re a dagger user. The orc’s body is big and tough, neither piercing nor slashing it with a short-blade weapon will work, so aim for the joints. Once they’ve stopped moving, it’ll be easier to dispatch them!”

“Got it.”

“Orcs often wield wooden clubs, so please be careful!”

A large number of dwarves had gathered at the entrance of the 8th tunnel, all of them holding large pickaxes. 

“I’ve brought some adventurers with me.”

The dwarf who led us here joined the others. I started to hear whispers, things like ‘just the two of them’, or ‘isn’t she just a little girl?’

“C rank adventurer Sharle-san here, what’s going on inside at the moment?”

“Six pigs suddenly appeared inside the shaft. No one was injured thus far, but none of us want those pigs to make a nest inside. So, please get rid of them immediately!” 

“Leave it to us! Let’s go, Schwartz!” 

The mine shaft was wider than I thought, about the same size as a labyrinth’s tunnel. There was also magic lighting installed on the walls at regular intervals. I took the lead as the melee fighter while Sharle-san took the rear. She already had her bow, which resembled a japanese yumi, drawn. Also pulled out the CZ75 SP-01s from their holsters on my thigh. 

“Those are strange looking daggers, and you can dual wield them?” 

“My daggers are actually magic weapons too, just be prepared to hear some loud noises.”

“Fuhn — For a D rank to carry magic weapons.” 

That was muttered by her, but I could still pick it up loud and clear thanks to my sound sensor. Was she trying to figure me up, or perhaps she had doubts about me? While her apprehensive gaze was directed to my back, I pressed deeper into the mine shaft. My radar system mapped the tunnel, and it was basically a straight tunnel. Some smaller tunnels turned up occasionally on the side of the main shaft with mining tools were left unattended. 

“It’s pretty deep.” 

“Yes, but it seems we’re getting close to their nest.”

I could see several blips on my radar up ahead. In addition to that, my sensor also picked up slow and heavy footsteps. It was different from a human’s footsteps, so it must have been them.

I started running toward the nearest blip on my radar. At the other end of the curving tunnel, I saw a figure that looked like a large barrel. It was mostly naked, with only dirty pants to cover their short legs. Its skin was pinkish, and its huge body seemed mostly fatty rather than muscle. It’s face was also pig-like, indeed.  

It held a large pickaxe in its hand. The size of the pickaxe was a bit too small for its body, so it seemed it had just picked up anything it could use as a weapon. The orc seemed to notice me approaching. Normally, I would have stopped here and started shooting. However, that would’ve beat the decision to use this particular version of the CZ75. To master this type of firearm, I needed to also be capable in CQC, so I charged in without hesitation.

The orc swung its pickaxe horizontally as if to ward off my approach. I parried that attack with the bayonet in my right, dove in, and then struck with the one in my left hand. It stuck into the orc’s right armpit before I pulled the trigger. The dull gunshot was drowned out by the orc’s pained cry. It dropped the pickaxe as I pulled out the bayonet, spun around to its rear. I then slashed at the back of both its knees. The orc begun to fall to its knees as it was no longer able to support itself. By the time it did, I’d stabbed it eight times in its back with both hands alternatively. 

“Move away!”

When the orc finally fell, I heard Sharle-san’s call out. I moved away from the orc. Once I wa clear, the orc’s head was developed in an explosive bright light. 

“You, your rank is seriously a fraud!”

The orc fell backward as I turned toward Sharle-san who’d knocked another arrow – this time, aiming at me.

“The orc is already dead, you know?”

“I can see that, Schwartz. Now that I think about it, there is something I haven’t asked you yet.”

“What is it?”

“You, what are you going to do once you get to Amar?”

“Is it related to why you are pointing your arrow at me right now?”

“Yes, if you’re the kind of thug that’d harm Amar, then I swear on my name that I will end you right now. Answer me, Schwartz! Are you an assassin sent by the branch family? Or are you an assassin hired by the pirates?”

Being interrogated like this by Sharle-san, I considered telling her the truth. However, I didn’t have proof that I was going to help Ashley. No matter what I said, it wouldn’t help if there wasn’t any evidence to back it up. Whilst I kept my eyes on Sharle-san, I put the pistols back in their holsters, and reached for the inner pocket of my field jacket. I took out a letter.

“I’m visiting a merchant ship that belongs to the Mirada Company. This is the letter from the chairman, Malta, for the captain of that ship. I’m heading to Amar to deliver this letter.”

“Show me the back of that letter, there should be a magic seal.”

Magic seal? When I saw Malta-san write the letter, something like a magic circle-like wax that emitted a dull light… Was that it?”

“That is indeed the Marida Company’s magic seal… I’m sorry I got ahead of myself.”

That said, the light of her bow disappeared. At the same time, the tense atmosphere that surrounded her also fell away. This girl, she wasn’t just a mere C rank adventurer, was she? I’ve noticed how taut she was since we left the town at the foot of the mountain. But now she was liked a stretched threat that been loosened. She truly looked like someone her age should look.

“Schwartz, I’m very sorry.” 

“No, I’m aware that my adventurer rank looks like a scam, but let’s put that aside for now. We still have five left. We need to get this over with quickly so that we can enjoy the venison for diner.”

“Yeah — true. Let’s go.” 

We resumed the subjugation and I started to wonder, did she make that orc’s head explode on purpose like that?
– – –
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