FPS 124

“Thor, I’m back.”

Sharle-san and I returned from our short adventurer into the mine shaft, and when we arrived at the guild, there were several other adventurers there.

“Sharle-san! And Schwartz-san too! What about the 8th mine shaft?”

“We eliminated all six orcs. We asked the miners to clean up. Please adjust the reward later!”

“Understood. I’ll go pick up the skin. Is 6:4 alright?”

“That’s enough. I’ll come again tomorrow morning. Ah, I haven’t investigated the mineshaft quite. Ah, I haven’t investigated the mine shaft quite thoroughly, so I’ll leave the rest to you.”

“Sure, I’m planning to ask those buds to investigate it anyway.”

At the back of the office, there were several other adventurers standing around a simple map. They were discussing what seemed to be a survey route or something of that nature. Meanwhile, Thor-san guided us through the procedure to fill in the form for the emergency request and explained that while we’d completed the request, unlike Sharle-san, my reward could not be handed over on the spot. In this case, I could only claim the reward from the main region office rather than their branch office.

I currently didn’t have any money problems and had no intention to accumulate guild points either. Let us just claim whatever I feel like. Even if I ended up accumulating too many points, I could just not take the promotion exam.

When we left the branch office, it was already dark outside. Before leaving, we didn’t forget to ask Thor-san where we could find a restaurant that would cook the ingredients we brought. We also told him it’d be fairly high-quality venison. Of course, it’d actually be delicious when a chef cooks it… Maybe I should learn to cook after all…?

The next morning, I woke up in the inn where I and Sharle-san had dinner last night.I was able to book a separate room from Sharle-san this time, so I took my time to check my equipment before leaving. The CZ75 SP-01’s bayonet attachment turned out pretty useful in the previous battle. Although, stabbing the target, and then firing the gun was not how it was supposed to be used.

If it were a real gun, the action would cause various problems with the firearm itself. However, such common sense doesn’t apply to my guns as they’re firearms materialized from within VMB. My firearms didn’t give off the smell nor the heat when fired. Even if I summoned a low-cost gun, and hit it hard on a rock, there would be no warping or even a trace of physical damage; it’ll simply disperse into particles of light after a certain amount of damage.

I waited for the blip of light next door to start moving as I handled my out-of-this-world firearms. There was a little time left until it was time to depart, but Sharle-san didn’t seem to be waking anytime soon. Was this girl super lethargic in the morning or something?

In the end, the dot didn’t move even after the appointed time. So, I headed to the next room to wake Sharle-san up.

“Sharle-san, are you awake?”

I knocked on the door, and my sensors managed to collect a few ‘unyuu~’, and ‘funyuu~’ kind of groans.

“I’m going ahead, alright!”

Leaving the sleepyhead behind, I headed to the branch office to get my request completion certificate. Saying hello to Thor-san, who was already super busy with clerical jobs even on this early morning, I received the said certificate. Afterward, I went around the office asking if the adventurers found anything else. It turned out that there were no other orcs found.

However, as long as the magic vein remained, more monsters would inevitably appear again in the future. I asked why there was barely any security, but apparently, the frequency of their appearances put next to the employment costs didn’t balance in their favor. The mayor, who lived west of here along with the town’s inhabitants, would usually file a request with the guild when the time came.

As I was being briefed on the geography around Blitora, I noticed a blip on the radar quickly approaching the office.

“Is Schwartz here–?!”

As expected, it was Sharle-san, kicking the door open with such momentum.

“Good morning, Sharle-san.”

“Schwartz! You haven’t paid the escort and education fee yet, so don’t you dare run away!”

So, she’s more worried about that…?

“But I’ve been waiting here patiently. Right, Thor-san?”

“That’s right, Scharle-san. Schwartz-san has been chilling around here for a while now.”

“Uh, that’s — I’m sorry…”

“Alright, Scharle-san, please finish the reward procedures first. Is the amount we previously agreed on enough?”

“O,of course! Thor! Just prepare the reward already!”

“Sure, sure. Please wait a moment, I’ll be right back.”

Sharle-san already received part of her reward yesterday, which she used to pay for her dinner last night. After receiving the rest of her reward, we decided to leave Blitora. We said our goodbyes to Thor-san and then headed south. Our destination, the Port City of Amar, was just around the corner. Sharle-san said that if we kept using the animal trails, we’d reach the city’s vicinity within two days, which should’ve taken 5 days if we traveled by carriage.

Two days later, as planned, we arrived at the crest of the last mountain before Amar. Even Sharle-san could confidently say that we were almost there now.

“We’re almost there, Schwartz!”

“Even if you say that, isn’t Amar supposed to be a port city? We’re still on top of a mountain.”

Going through the last stretch of the road, we arrived on the other side of the mountain where I was greeted by the sight of a blue sea. What we could see below the mountain was a scene of horses and stairs built into the steep slopes, as well as the sea that stretched out to the horizon. Amazing — Buildings that resembled factories crowded a small batch of land on the coast, with numerous ships sailing along that coast.

“We’ve finally arrived. Welcome to Amar, the port city surrounded by mountains and sea!”

Sharle-san turned around to me while looking so proud that she showed this from the mountain top…

So this was Amar City, where Ashley would risk her life in the fight? Despite the beauty, I couldn’t help but imagine the fierce fight that was yet to come as we went down the mountain.

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