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Kay ; For those wondering about the delay in releases, a TL;DR list will be posted at the bottom.
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Tomorrow, First Fleet would set sail from Amar to chase down and subjugate the pirate group Kaidou. I also have made preparations to track down the fleet. Among the many ships prepared in VMB, I chose the U-Boat VII. I will use this and learn about the naval battles of this world.

I visited the Marida Company in Amar to check the operability and habitability of the u-boat, and to also secure rations for the operation. It was likely to take several weeks.

“Customers, all you need is food. How about water?”

“No, I got it covered with magical tools.”

Actually, the u-boat had a water tank so I planned on using it in exchange for a fuel gauge. Basically, vehicles that appear in VMB were made to perform a little different from their real counterparts for balance. The sea and underwater navigation speed as well, although it could move faster at sea, the speed was unified by its category of ship. So was how torpedoes worked.

Of course, the maximum speed was raised for speed-based ships and many ships had powerful warheads to torpedoes as available.

Together with the captain of the Marida Company ship, I purchased my daily necessities alongside my groceries. All the fees were paid by the company. At first, I refused their offer to do that, but it seemed to have been a strict order from Malta-san. It seemed that it would have been a problem if it became known I had paid myself. Malta-san could manage since they were one of the leading companies in the kingdom precisely because he was strict like this.

After I finished shopping, and while taking a meal together as promised, I listened to the story about my target, Kaidou. I was shown a valuable ocean route map, and when I concentrated on taking screenshots the shutter sound of a camera echoed in my head.

Just as it became possible to change the point of view, and view of UI information without goggles, it seemed I kept the ability to capture what I saw just by thinking about it.

“But customer, are you really going out to sea alone? Actually, the sea is relatively calm this time, storms can suddenly appear. I don’t know what the customer’s ship looks like, but please be careful when sailing.”

“Thank you, The escort fleet will be nearby the whole way, so if I’m in danger I’ll ask for their help.”

After that, I got the minimum knowledge and received advice about living at sea. I left shore that night.

The next morning, I exposed the control tower at sea as I waited for the fleet to leave port. The preparation for the pursuit had already been made and I waited with an open black supply box at my feet.

After being shaken by the waves for a while, I saw a ship’s shadow that seemed to be the convoy fleet on the horizon. There were seven, huh… I don’t know if that’s sufficient or lacking, but they were different from the merchant ships.

Six of them had three masts which were about half the size of my ship, and the total length was less than 30 meters. Only one ship had four masts that were almost twice the size – maybe that was the flagship. While it was there in the distance still, I touched the box at my feet and took out an important item for this subjugation.

It was a RQ-11 Raven that was a small gray unmanned reconnaissance aircraft. This drone was mainly used by the US military and its allies. It had a thin fuselage with a total length of about a meter with a wingspan of the same length and a small electric propeller. It also had a camera attached to the front, and it projected in a small window in the TSS. This allowed me to control it like the U-boat.

When I activated the raven, its propeller made a nice sound and rotated. The raven could rise up to 3xx meters to 4xx meters, although there was a possibility it would be noticed if it flew too close to the fleet. I launched and flew the Raven from the control tower towards the fleet. After I confirmed the Raven rose high into the sky, I immediately used the window to direct the drone towards the fleet.

They were some ways out, but I finished what I should’ve been doing today. There were several reconnaissance aircraft available for VMB, and they could lock onto a target just by touching the target on the display. A square frame is locked on the target, and the frame is projected into AR in the window and in my field of view. In addition, the frame color could be changed. Once the fleet was locked onto, I made their square yellow.

I was done. To put it bluntly, I didn’t know the route to the target area. So I was going to track the fleet and follow them. Although I planned to maintain a close distance I wouldn’t have to worry about getting lost in the vast sea. The raven projected the fleet and would return if I pressed the return button. Since the lock will disappear if the Raven is destroyed, I’ll occasionally bring it back and keep it in my inventory.

I got back into the submarine, changed my controls to it and started the voyage.


A week has passed since I left Amar. I set up the periscope and used the Raven to navigate and observe the fleet. It was faster than I had imagined. It was not due to excellent shipbuilding technology – it was because of magic. Since the ship was driven by the wind, there often would be strong wind that came and increased its speed temporarily. It would eventually slow down and return to using normal wind. The fleet repeated this. There was a ship with a screw at the stern and I think it was rotated with magic to increase its speed, though I wouldn’t know unless I dove underneath it.

Since it seemed to have sped up, I thought they would reach the target area faster. Yet, the fleet frequently reorganized its formation. It appeared to have been combat drills. Long distance spells seemed to be their substitute for cannons. It was a lot of training. On the contrary, what I’ve been doing for the past week was not only watching the fleet but also thinking on how I would intervene in the upcoming battle; what I’d use, what to use, and how far I would go.

Finally, we came near the uninhabited island where the relay point was located.

The escort fleet was moored a short distance off the island, and small boats were dropped with the crew heading to the island. According to Bolroy-san, the island was fairly large with lots of fruit trees, and a waterfall where you could get water. There was also a stone building built there to be used as a campsite, though no one knew who built it. The fleet would use this island as a forward base to determine the size of the pirate group and aim for a total subjugation.

Looking at the small boats heading for the island one after another through the periscope, I was somewhat excited for the naval battle to come.

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Kay – Long TL;DR story of whats been going on.

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  • Moved out of my previous toxic home and into my own apartment.
  • move took an entire week, with actual moving part done in 4 hours of mad dashing back and forth across town to free myself of my situation. The rest of the week was wrangling years of belongings into place along with my family.
  • NO FUCKING INTERNET, BECAUSE MANAGEMENT (ISP and the Apartment management) is FUBAR. I’ve been given a ’22nd’ date of hook up, which was explained that they needed to kick my ticket to construction. Apparently my building had burned down a year or more ago, and new equipment had never been installed. Now management and the ISP are scratching their heads on how to actually hook me up. From an entire operation that requires ripping apart 60ft of common area to my building, to simply rigging a line from the pole 30ft away.
  • Insurance through my S/Os work is taking 500$ from their check every month, leaving us with only 200$ at the end of the month for food, gas, and anything unexpected. They refused to let us cancel them, because apparently Obamacare allows them to refuse our request because we are TECHINCALLY required to insurance. (Resolved)
  • I burned through my hotspot allowance updating my computer, so pages take a minute to load.
  • I’m dealing with real isolation now (I lived in a mutli-gen home filled with nearly 10 pets along with daily visits from my dad’s customers – Old mechanic that is forced to work from home now since he couldn’t afford his shop anymore. )
  • Now I’m dealing with my twisted self all along ‘ W ‘.

2020 was filled with an abusive family – 2021 is gonna be the year I learn how to be an independent person that doesn’t have to sit there and get berated because I didn’t want my child living in the street.

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    I hope good things are awaiting in your life in coming months.
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    PS:take your time with the chapters if you are busy
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