FPS 130

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What should I do? For the time being, I decided to stay on the submarine and wait until the fleet started to investigate the surrounding areas. Even though I was interested in the island at the relay point, I couldn’t do anything except ascend so I could dismount. Currently, I watched from the sea’s surface as the battery-recharge was happening. 

Apparently, they wouldn’t move anymore today. 

While saving my battery, I sailed around the island. The TSS turned the ship on operation mode so this way we could extend the map to its max range of 5 km. Although the submarine has the means to search for enemies such as passive and active sonar, both effects were integrated into VMB. If a ship moved on the surface or underwater, it would display on the map if it was within range and display its icon. 

The sonar had a cooldown time, and it was different between underwater ships and surface sailing ships. The former was longer than the latter, but submarines had a narrower field of detection. While circling the island, I observed through the periscope while also using the sonar to make sure nothing was overlooked. As I did so, I also kept my guard up towards the island. 

The next morning, I saw the small boat return to the fleet. The area that would serve as their base was visible. It seemed they also divided their personnel between construction of their base and investigating the surrounding area. 

Among the seven ships within the fleet, five had begun to move. This included the massive flagship. I submerged and gave chase as the search for the pirate group began. Starting in the morning, they went around another uninhabited island near the relay point; then moved forward for the island that was the pirate’s base, and there seemed to be a reef around these islands.

It was possible for a ship, similar to Filtonia Islands Alliance, to be stranded in this area. The fleet seemed to also be investigating around this area, but avoided going to places like the reef where the flagship could not advance through. From the submarine’s map, it laid out the reeds and clearly showed where the ships would be unlikely to go through. 

When noon passed, I thought it was time to turn back, but something reflected. The pirate group Kaidou. There were a number of light pots on the edge of the extended map mode. At the same time, there was a bell that notified the discovery of enemies coming from the fleet. While maintaining their formation, the fleet steered in the pirate’s direction. I also went to follow from a distance, surfacing the tower. 

The sailors will be focused on the enemy ahead of them, so I sent the Raven and locked the Kaidou ships together. From the command room, I went to the top floor in the tower and opened the upper hatch then stepped out onto the ship. I then opened my inventory. A blacl supply box was summoned and a gray ‘Raven’ was taken out. I immediately switched it out and the propeller turned at a high rate of speed as the motor let out a high-pitched noise. If I flew this directly above them, there was a possibility that someone may notice it…

I thought of a detour through the sky and threw the Raven. Afterward, I immediately closed the hatch and returned to the command room before making the U-boat dive rapidly. Next, I changed the mode to automatic navigation that only made it move forward in a straight line. Then I switched to the Raven. 

Heading in a different direction than the pirates, the raven raised higher into the sky and then corrected course. Thus, the Kaidou were brought into view. There were 20 ships in sight, all of which were locked and targeted with a red frame. This red frame appeared in my AR view. 

Considering the images I saw with the drone`, the pirate ships appeared smaller than the escort fleet. The number of masts were two with small bodies that appeared to be similar to a boat called the Carrack from my previous world. There were a few differences. Like the escort fleet, which left a powerful wake behind them, it was possible to increase speed with magic. The characteristic feature of their appearance was that the bow protruded strangely. Body ramming — so it was probably a ram tactic. 

The speed of the escort fleet increased as their formation remained steady. But the distance between the ships grew and the wake from their stern drew a belt over the sea. The Kaidou moved in groups to block the head of the fleet. The distance between the two parties grew closer and closer, and I could see the fire line being emitted from the fleet’s vanguard. 

A red light-like bullets traced across the sea from the fleet, probably a magical fire-type attack. It wasn’t too clear from the footage if the fleet’s boats were made of wood, but it was clear that the Kaidou boats were made from wood. If you were to attack with magic, it was natural to choose fire which could spread. But here at sea, if the means of attack was magic, then the means of protecting was also magic. 

The waves ahead of the pirate ships rushed up and intercepted the red lights in the form of a wall. I saw the pirate ships accelerate before pushing through the wall of seawater. The ram on the bow appeared to have a large wind film. It flicked left and right so that the wall broke apart without hitting the ship. 

I felt that the flow of battle wasn’t good. Since the pirate ships were smaller than the fleet ships, they outperformed them in speed and maneuverability. The seawater wall that prevented the fleet from attacking was broken apart as the pirates charged. 15 of the pirate ships went in while five orbited the fleet. 

I stopped operating the Raven and pressed the auto-return button. Waiting for its return, the fleet was completely trapped. Looking at the ships’ blips, the flagship had stopped in addition to the others that hadn’t been rammed slowed down. Apparently the five ships orbiting them were doing something to the flow of the waves, and the area in between them looked to be a whirlpool. 

What will you do? The ship-ramming will soon turn into a melee once they begin boarding. Even if I shot a torpedo, it would be meaningless if I hit one of the fleet ships. The same result would accrue with the 88mm gun on the hull’s top… No, there were still the pirate ships turning around.. I set a target and steered the submarine. 

Raising the U-Boat high enough to use the periscope, I prepared a torpedo. Targets painted by the Raven added a guidance function that was normally found in normal torpedoes. Target locks were originally for assisting heavy weapons such as rocket launchers. 

The vessel navigated out to a good distance. Four of the five ships were multi-locked as targets and torpedoes fired continuously from the four bow torpedo tubes…

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