FPS 131

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The pirate group ‘Kaidou’ finally appeared as I tailed the escort fleet of Amar Port City. I had previously asked the director of the Marida Company’s merchant ship, Bolroy, about naval battles in this world. Aside from the use of oil, the development of gunpowder was slow here with the reason being the widespread usage of magic. From this world’s point of view, gunpowder was a worthless creation that could not even substitute magic. 

If the fleet or the pirates had any fix armaments, it would be their bow ram. Although you could consider their ranged attacks such as bows and arrows, it would be nullified by defensive magic. The means of long-range attacks in maritime combat was nothing but attack magic. And whether it be offensive or defensive magic, it was enhanced in power with magical circles applied to the ships before being boosted with several chanters. 

In that case, what should someone like me, a Manuke without magic, do? 

The answer was this.

The Kaidou pirates circling the fight were close, causing waves that made it hard for the fleet to move while under the combined siege. However, four of the five orbiting ships exploded in flames as the pillars of water shot through them before sinking into the sea. 

It was a torpedo attack from my submarine. 

Four torpedoes were loaded in tubes at the bow for a total of fourteen. Every four shots would cause the tube to reload, causing a cool down timer that made it impossible to rapid fire them. So during this time, I advanced the ship into the fight. 

“What happened?!”

“C-Captain! 2nd to 5th ships have suddenly sunk!” 

“Don’t be stupid! I can see that too! Watch the surroundings! Where did the attacks come from?!”

Chaotic noises could be heard through the periscope. Apparently, there was a man who apparently was the captain of this group on one of the ships circling. What do I do? Should I try and capture him? But how would I capture him from underneath the water? Hey may call himself a captain, but it may just be a single ship and not for the entire group. 

Then… WHile waiting for the loading process, I continued with my plan to suppose the fleet which turned into a melee as the ships locked together. My course is adjusted using the periscope so that a pirate ship attached to one of the fleet ships would be in front of the U-Boat. With a rapid ascent, the submarine broke the water’s surface and made its appearance. 

“Captain! 2’o clock! Something from the sea!”

“Oh, no way…”

The enhanced sound collection function in the submarine allowed me to hear the voices in my surroundings. However, I did not surface just to hear their surprised voices. I operated the window monitor of the TSS and switched to operation mode to use the 88mm gun fixed on the vessel’s upper hull. 

Its 88mm cannon was an anti-tank weapon originally used for ground battles, and its fire rate was high. Moreover, because its rounds were automatically loaded, you didn’t have to stop attacking while you watched for one weapon to reload and just switch to the other. And while this version was different from its land version. Still, its power was more than enough to destroy a wooden ship. 

However, the armor gauges for submarines, including the U-Boat, was considerably low. As soon as they got attacked, they became impossible to sail and would just wait to be sunk. Therefore, my plan was for a hit and run! I aligned my sights with the pirate ship on my monitor and pressed the fire button. A roaring sounded over the water as a shell dashed over it, exploding multiple pirate ships attached to the escort ship. 

It was the first time I used it in the world, so I waited until I could see my target, which was a confirmed impact, shattered, burned and sank. Then when they changed their target to me, I had already disappeared into the sea with a rapid dive.

“What was that just now! Lookout, report!”

“Reizen-sama! There are still enemies on board!”

“I know that, but if the magic doesn’t belong to your alley, then that ship is the cause!” 

I passed underneath the Amar flagship and aimed for the ships fighting on the other side. I checked and confirmed the angle on the sonar and map as not to crash into the feet ship. The 88mm cannon roared once again as I broke the surface. I dove once again and checked the situation through the scope. I found the Kaidou pirates had begun to retreat. 

They pulled from the melee and jumped onto the remaining ship and left the escort fleet. Naturally, the fleet could not allow them to withdraw easily and tried to attack with magic. The area became veiled in thick fog and the fleet lost them.

Apparently, they had been calculating the seawater to generate the fog to use as a smokescreen to escape. From the fleet’s side, angry shouts such as ‘blow the fog away!’, and ‘Catch the pirates in the water!’ could be heard. I didn’t mean to sink them all here. The main goal was to suppress their base on the island. From the fleeing ship, they needed to show me the location of the base which was unknown. The escort fleet may be doing that too. They didn’t force themselves to give chase and instead, arrested the pirates that remained before putting something around their neck.

That is… I think that was the anti-magic collar I saw in the Capital, in Yagoche’s mansion. It disturbed the flow of magic of the wearer and made them unable to use skills and magic. They attached one to a prisoner, tired their hands, and made them kneel. I saw a guy check each of their faces. I thought he was a beast-man, with his stout barrel-like body, elongated head, and short tufts of golden fur; maybe I should say yellow hair and white hanging ears. 

Ah… From its face… A pig nose? Ah… Is that the piggy Reimon that Sharle mentioned?

The fog was cleared away with a magical wind. Once most of it was gone, small boats were lowered to begin repairs. It seemed that none of the ships took any critical damages. But it wasn’t likely that they would begin their pursuit once they finished. 

“What’s that blackship?! And where is your base?!”

“T-that’s not one of us! Rather, that one is your piggy ally, isn’t it!!” 

Are they referring to my U-Boat?

“Look at you guys, I’m not as sweet as Zephanel! If you don’t speak honestly, you won’t be needing that mouth anymore!”

With a sword in hand, Reizen cut the pirate’s head and kicked his body into the sea. Then, he speared the rolling head at his feet with his sword and stuck it out to the next kneeling pirate.

“Now, you next. Tell me where the black ship is and where your base is!”

“Well, wait! I’ll tell you the way! But I really don’t know about the black ship!”

A second body fell into the sea. This is… Even though I would do something similar if I didn’t know where their base was, and there was no reason to spare them, I didn’t like that their deaths were because of my submarine.

“Don’t neglect to watch the surroundings! If you see that black ship, let me know immediately!” 

“Reizen-sama, what are you going to do with that ship? It didn’t seem to be an enemy…”

“Hmm, you can only tell if its an enemy by capturing it. That ship isn’t from the Kurtmerga kingdom. I’ve never seen a ship dive into the sea, but that’s a good thing. I definitely want it.”

That piggy Reizen. The purpose of their interrogation had changed… Since its like this, I can’t show you the U-Boat and I are together… Should I finish everything before Ashley arrived at the relay point? There was no doubt that it was the only way, but Ashley would be joining the second fleet. “I went to their base and finished everything”… Was it okay to end it like that?

No, I’ll decide later what to do in the end. First, let’s head to the Kaidou base, check their strength, and if I could do it alone, finish them. If it’s not possible, wait for the fleet to arrive. I planned my next move while I dove lower before changing course. I followed the marked targets in my AR as I did so.

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